The day is yours! Take a puff of that good medical stuff, eat a ferocious gummy bear, or place a drop of that cannabis tincture under your tongue – whatever the method, stoner movies are usually a great way to spend a THC/CBD filled experience.

But what are you going to watch?

Sure, you could go traditional. Cheech & Chong, Fast Times, Half Baked, Grandma’s Boy – the stereotypical stoner movies, although classics, don’t really provide much food for thought, let alone satisfies that boundless imagination of yours.

So, if your looking for a fresh, profound experience or to transcend the mental cages that conventional society tends to impose on every one of us, here’s the first installment of 12 stoner movies that can aid in doing so (Here’s Part 2). Starting with number 12.

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12. Shutter Island

When you’re in the mood for thought-provoking movies, Shutter Island is as good as they come. This psychological mystery unfolds in a mental asylum perched atop a rocky, windswept island in Boston Harbor. It’s 1954 and two cops, Teddy Daniels (Leonardo DiCaprio) and Chuck Aule (Mark Ruffalo), arrive on the scene to investigate the disappearance of a patient who’s escaped from the asylum.The film’s director is also the legendary Martin Scorsese, behind such films like Goodfellas, Casino and the Wolf of Wall Street.

Get ready for aw inspiring performances and feel yourself drawn into a world of madness and emotional turmoil as you attempt to solve the murder mystery. It’s tense, scary at times, and will have you questioning reality.



11. The Matrix

Do you ever feel like you’re lost in a dream, or like Alice, tumbling down a rabbit hole? A cognitive expansion classic, The Matrix, follows computer hacker Neo (Keanu Reeves), as he makes the discovery that the world as he knows it doesn’t exist. Instead of what’s normally perceived everyday, the human population is controlled by sentient machines, who harvest humans as an energy source, which are further kept alive through being plugged into virtual reality.

You probably know how mind-bending this movie is, but have you seen it on weed?

With Mary Jane’s goggles, you’ll be ready to follow rebel Morpheus (Laurence Fishburne) and leather-clad warrior Trinity (Carrie-Anne Moss) as you find out just how deep the rabbit hole goes.

So which pill will you take, the red or the blue? Or rather, the real question is – will you continue living in a state of illusion or wake up to the reality of things?



10. The 6th Day

Imagine encountering your own clone. In this non-typical stoner movie set in a future timeline, everybody’s favorite muscled action-hero Arnold Schwarzenegger, playing Adam Gibson, comes home for his daughter’s birthday only to discover he’s been replaced by a clone of himself.

This is clearly not your average stoner movie, because you’ll explore deadly conspiracies, virtual holograms, creepy dolls, cloned pets, and even deeper themes of identity and fundamental human rights when it comes to cloning. Issues that we could very well encounter a lot sooner than we think.




 9. The Number 23

 What if you (Jim Carrey) opened a novel and found out it was written about you? What if you then became obsessed with the information inside that book? You’d notice things other people don’t see, like the uncommon prevalence of the number 23. What does it mean and why do you suddenly see that number everywhere you go?

The Latin alphabet has 23 letters. There are 23 pairs of chromosomes in the human genome. When you add up the date of the Titanic sinking – it equals 23. When you take the date of the Hiroshima bombing in Japan and subtract that by one, you get 23.

See where we’re going with this?

The Number 23 is a film that provides a peek into our uncontrollable obsessions of finding patterns and thus attaching meaning to every single one – to the point of at times absolute absurdity.

Nevertheless, the number 23 is a film that’s so ridiculous, that it still provides an enjoyable experience.




 8. Transcendence

Imagine a sentient machine with the full range of human emotion and analytical power greater than the collective intelligence of every person ever known.

Everyday this is becoming more of a reality as computer chips and genetic engineering are becoming more prevalent and accessible to certain niches in the population. In other words, we’re entering a strange new world where man and machine can ‘merge’ into one.

In Transcendence, that’s exactly what happens to controversial AI researcher Will Caster (Johnny Depp).  After being attacked by anti-tech extremists, he’s brought back from the brink of death by wife Evelyn (Rebecca Hall) and colleague Max Waters (Paul Bettany) who upload his consciousness to save him.

Sit back, relax and consider the possibility of consciousness existing as an algorithm running on a computer. What could go wrong when one man gains that much power?




 7. Inception

You can never be quite sure about the relationship between dream and reality, especially if you wake up, but find yourself still inside the dream, and you wake up again, but you’re in another dream. That’s deep, and that’s exactly what makes Inception a great stoner movie.

Make your way through multiple levels of sleep with professional trespasser of the subconscious, Dom Cobb (Leonardo DiCaprio). Cobb and his team including wide-eyed and gifted student Ariadne (Ellen Page), use a concoction of drugs to deep dive into dreams to extract corporate secrets.

When things go wrong for Cobb, he gets an opportunity to redeem himself if he can complete the impossible task of incepting someone’s mind.

Journey through this labyrinth of complex and multi-layered dream sequences until you’re a little like Cobb, and not quite sure where, exactly, you are.



There you have it. The first part, 12 through 7, of stoner movies that aren’t your stereotypical kind. Hope you enjoyed it. And please feel free to comment or suggest any movies that make your list below.

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