Halloween is a special time of the year. Unlike most holidays, it’s celebrated by kids and adults. Let’s face it, we all know those people who love Christmas, but their enthusiasm isn’t shared by most. 

On the other hand, Halloween is a reason to have fun and act like someone half our age. For this reason, Hallow’s Eve should be a stat holiday, but that’s for another discussion. 

What we’re here for is the magical union between cannabis and Halloween. And specifically why Ghost Train Haze is the perfect strain to accompany you on the day.

Without further adieu, here are the 5 reasons why Ghost Train Haze needs to be part of your Halloween itinerary.

4 Reasons Why Ghost Train Haze is the Best Strain

1) Trick or Treating Stoned is Uber Fun

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Smoking a joint of Ghost Train Haze and trick or treating with your kids is an experience that’s second to none. Watching them storm each house with the tenacity only a child can muster up is special.

Without realizing, you’re running around from house to house, laughing at their tiny expressions as they get their favourite candy. 

Or the look of disgust when they look down and see that they’ve got a pack of raisins – Yuck! 

A fair warning, while sampling the chocolates is all good, don’t be those parents that can’t help themselves and devour the entire bucket. Your kids worked hard for the candy, you’re only there to enjoy the ride…. And maybe a snicker or 2.

2) Fireworks are Amazing 

ghost train haze, halloween sale

Ghost Train with a night filled with fireworks is an event you don’t want to miss out on. 

One of the best parts of Halloween is the overabundance of fireworks displays. Dogs and the age group over 60 may not agree, but for the rest, it’s a time to rejoice.

Thanks to the high THC content, it adds another dimension to the fireworks show. Lights grow in brightness, filling up the night’s sky. Colours shimmer with an intensity unlike you’ve ever seen. And the shockwave from the explosions ripples through your body, helping you feel the experience as well. 

3) Socializing Becomes Second Nature

ghost train haze, halloween sale

Ghost Train Haze is a social lubricant. Within moments, you can feel the comradery grow within the party

If you didn’t know by now, Halloween parties are the best. Everyone dresses up like their favourite Super Hero, cartoons, movie characters and pop culture references. It’s a time to forget about the constructs of being an adult, even if it’s only for 1 night.

The downside is most parties are booze-fueled events. For those who don’t drink, or prefer to only have a couple of beverages, socializing is tough. Some will skip the festivities all together because they don’t want to be the odd one out. 

Say no to missing out on the fun! Smoke a joint of Ghost Train Haze instead.

Even though people are drinking and you may not be, it doesn’t matter, you’ll have a great time regardless.

You might even start chatting up that person in the cute costume you’ve been eyeing all night.

4) Get Baked – Get Creative

ghost train haze, halloween sale

Ghost Train Haze brings out your creative spirit. It’s an important aspect of embracing the day. Sure you could carve a pumpkin, but have you ever carved a pumpkin baked?

To the naked eye, it’s obvious Hallow’s Eve spirit is all about having fun. Decorating houses for Christmas is nice, the lights look great and reindeer hanging out on your roof is pretty cool. But, that doesn’t compare to transforming your house into a haunted mansion that eats the soul of any passers-by.

Hence, bringing out your creative spirit is an important aspect of embracing the day. 

Instead of the usual smiley face with teeth, you’ll find yourself carving an intricate witch, warts and all. As you find yourself lost in the spirit, your house gets a Halloween reboot which makes the neighbours jealous.

Not only that but if you decide to skip the Walmart costume, creating your own is a world of fun. Just like how easy it is to Mcgyver a snack out of random items when stoned, piecing together a costume that’s outside the box is effortless.

Ghost Train Haze – The Best Strain for Halloween

The essence of Halloween is getting into an artistic mood and having fun. With a little bit of Ghost Train Haze, you’re fully immersed in the special holiday.

Roll a joint of Ghost Train Haze, take a few puffs and get ready to embrace the day.

Happy toking!