Any good stoner is only as good as his equipment. That being said, nothing brings people together in the spirit of engineering and togetherness quite like new invigorating ways to get baked! I’ve made bongs and pipes out of everything from apples (the simple classic), to baby carrots and Gatorade bottles. Me and my friends have even drilled holes to smoke out of on large rocks near our special spot on the beach. While these are fun and all, they’re not the recommended full time weed accessories.

For those of you who have limited time and ingenuity on your hands, you’re in luck.Today there’s plenty of pre-fabricated Marijuana accessories to satisfy every type of THC-fueled curiosity. Everything from the classic Bong to the irreplaceable Boveda pack, they’ve got in spades, and maybe have a few things you’ve never heard of!

Weed accessories range between smoking devices and storage containers, stash boxes, grinders and kief catchers. There are literally too many to list here, but I’ll go over some of the more classic items, and a few of my more obscure favorites.


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First, the BONG! Any stoner who doesn’t know what a bong is should probably give their head a shake, because they are either way to blitzed right now or have been living under a rock since 1976. This simple device works by pulling smoke from a bowl, through a down stem and up through water. By having the smoke pulled through water, it gets caught in bubbles and is easier on the lungs, leading to massive tokes and legendary highs.

Make sure to take it slow at first, as a really fat bong rip right off the bat for your first time. You could and most likely will cough up a lung!

Rolling Papers

weed accessories, bong, boveda pack, vaporizer, marijuana accessories

Secondly, papers! Rolling papers have seriously come a long way from the old hand-rolling cigarette days of yore and have flowered into one of the most diversified weed accessory product lines out there. All sizes from the classic pinner Zig-Zag, to my personal favorite the Raw 1 ¼, all the way up to MASSIVE full ounce joints.

The differences don’t end at size, either. Savvy consumers can enjoy a ridiculous variety of flavors from Butterscotch Rum to Pineapple or Cherry. Be sure to lick your lips to receive the full flavor after smoking one of these delicious joints and thank me later!

Stash Box

weed accessories, bong, boveda pack, vaporizer, marijuana accessories

Depending on which country and even which region you live in, culture can vary regarding the social and legal acceptability of Cannabis. For those of you living outside of one of the more acceptable regions, a stash box for your dried flowers may be a good option to consider! One of the most varied marijuana accessories, I’ve seen them as fake Coke bottles, books, hats with secret zippers or even just non-descriptive satchels, but a good stash box should always be two things: large enough to hold your stash, and smell proof enough to conceal it!

Boveda Packs

weed accessories, bong, boveda pack, vaporizer, marijuana accessories

For those who buy in large quantities and want to preserve the shelf life of their cherished Cannabis, there is only one solution: Boveda packs. These sealed, safe little packets monitor and control the moisture around them, leaving the marijuana surrounding them in optimal conditions for storage. Simply slide your new Boveda pack in the same bag or jar as your marijuana and let it work is magic! For those working with large amounts of Cannabis, this is a must have weed accessory.


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A vaporizer may be your best, most efficient and discreet option for consuming Cannabis. It’s not only one of the most flavourful methods of using marijuana, it’s the healthiest for immediate results. The lack of smoke and instant release of THC into the body is perfect for those wanting to medicate on the go! The Hooti Disposable vaporizer is an amazing product made from THC distillate.

Lying atop the throne of the stationary Cannabis Vaping Empire sits one King: The Volcano Vaporizer. This nifty tabletop item vaporizes (not burns) Cannabis at low-temps to fill a large bag with pure, easy hitting Cannabis vapor. Pass it around, or have multiple bags going so each friend can use one! Either way, this marijuana accessory will always delight a crowd, and is a good alternative to the Stone(d) age technology of pipes and bongs.

There are many more items which fall into this category of weed accessory, so expect a follow up piece shortly! Until then, be sure to check out Herb Approach’s Weed accessories section for all sorts of nifty items to get your smoke on.