It’s almost impossible to find anyone who doesn’t enjoy the delicious chewy flavour of some THC-infused gummy bears or worms. However, what if you could enjoy them almost entirely guilt-free? Enter vegan gummies. 

Vegan gummies deliver the same weed-infused goodness that we all know and love in a familiar but healthier package. In addition to being mouth-watering delicious, and powerfully potent. These gummies are also jam-packed with benefits for your health! 

Still in the dark about vegan gummies and not convinced about their benefits? Here’s what you need to know about these healthier gummy alternatives and how they can benefit your wellness! 

What are Vegan Gummies?

Vegan gummies are infused gummy candies made with entirely vegan ingredients. Typically, regular gummies are made with an animal by-product known as ‘gelatin.’ Gelatin is usually made with the bones, cartilage, hooves and/or skin from various animals, and none of them are vegan, halal or kosher. 

Regular weed gummies aren’t even an option for cannabis users trying to respect dietary or religious restrictions.

On the other hand, vegan gummies are made with vegan ingredients sourced entirely from plants. A popular ingredient used for these gummies is agar-agar powder. a substitute for gelatin that’s wholly derived from red algae or pectin, a type of protein derived from fruit. 

Despite the healthier ingredient substitution, vegan gummies still deliver the same enjoyable chew, delicious flavour and strong potency of their non-vegan alternatives while being a lot healthier! 

Here are some of the other benefits they offer: 

Benefits of Vegan Gummies

vegan gummies

Healthier Alternative

There’s no beating around the bush about this fact – these gummies are simply healthier than their non-vegan counterparts. While this can’t be said about all these gummies. The vast majority of vegan candies only use all-natural ingredients and healthier alternatives to sugar that can help you keep the weight off. 

Improves Focus

In the case of vegan CBD gummies, these little treats might be able to help you stay focused throughout the day to knock off tasks on your to-do list! Recent research has shown that CBD can treat various mental and psychological health issues. 

One study, in particular, has revealed that CBD helped reduce anxiety in participants that had to give a public speech! 

If you’re prone to anxiety before a big event or meeting, keeping a bag of tasty, guilt-free vegan gummies on hand might just be your key to success! 

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Promotes Healthier Sleep

A good night’s sleep is paramount for a healthy life. If you can’t get your full 7 or 8 hours of shuteye every night, you’re likely to suffer from more severe health risks later down the road. 

Daily stress from life, nighttime pain and insomnia can all contribute to missed sleep and a cranky morning after, but vegan cannabis gummies might just be what you need to catch up on your Z’s. 

A case study of patients suffering from arthritis suggests that taking vegan CBD and THC gummies helped lower pain levels while resting. Another study published in The Permanente Journal also found that a small dose of CBD helped lower anxiety from patients suffering from poor sleep and improved sleep in the vast majority of patients. 

So, if you’re suffering from poor sleep or a lack of it, vegan CBD and THC gummies could be your saving grace! 

Rich in Antioxidants and Suppresses Inflammation 

Medical researchers around the world have long understood the anti-inflammatory properties of cannabis. CBD, which has a unique chemical structure, can reduce oxidative stress on the body. In other words, eating a vegan CBD gummy a day can boost your immune system, enabling your system with healthy antioxidants that combat pain, cramps and other physical discomforts! 

THC, while not as effective as CBD, has proven to reduce inflammation and promote pain relief! 

Easy and Accurate to Dose 

Compared to other methods of consumption, these gummies offer users an easy and accurate way to dose both THC and CBD, 

Unlike smoking and vaping, these gummies provide users with a precise. Accurate dosage that won’t leave them overdosing or wondering how much they’ve eaten! 

Vegan Gummies – A Healthier, More Sustainable Choice

Made with completely plant-derived ingredients and offering a healthier alternative for consumers to medicare with THC and CBD. Vegan gummies are the best option for anybody looking to reduce their caloric intake. However, still reaping all the benefits that cannabis edibles have to offer. 

While high-quality vegan gummies are hard to find, especially in Canada, many different varieties and flavours are available for sale at your trusted online dispensary. Browse our selection today to get your hands on some delicious and healthy gummies!