Being criminalized for years, there are a ton of negative myths about marijuana floating around. Although times are changing as many more people now know that marijuana is much healthier than alcohol and others heavy pharmaceutical drugs, it still doesn’t stop the cannabis myths from being perpetuated.

We are here today to clear the air and shine some light on one the most misunderstood plants on Earth. Please sit back and enjoy as we go through and bust these 8 Common Myths about Marijuana.

  1. Marijuana is addictive

is marijuana addictive,

This right here is probably the most common myth surrounding marijuana. The damage caused by it and its prevalence is why we’ve placed it on our list first. Many government websites claim that marijuana is addictive and once you try it once you’ll never be ever to quit. This is demonstrably false. The vast majority of people who smoke cannabis have no problem stopping, as demonstrated by the amount of people who manage to pass their drug test if given enough time in advance. There is zero proof that marijuana fits the traditional model for an addictive substance. It is possible to become comforted by your smoking sessions, but this is only mentally. Recent studies show that only 9% of extremely heavy smokers will become mentally dependent. This is MUCH less than dependency rates for coffee or even fast food!

  1. You can overdose on weed

Anyone who knows anything about marijuana knows that is impossible to overdose on weed. While yes, it is possible to smoke too much weed to the point of feeling uncomfortable, it is in fact totally physically impossible to have a fatal drug overdose on cannabis. It would take 40,000x the regular dose from a smoking section to achieve such a result. If it was even remotely possible, Snoop Dogg and Willie Nelson wouldn’t have lived passed 30, so go ahead and puff away stress free my friends.

  1. Marijuana is a gateway drug

Another prevalent and damaging stereotype surrounding weed is its supposed link to other drugs. In my mind this is a bit of a non-argument. To demonize marijuana simply due to the EXISTENCE of other drugs does not speak any volumes about cannabis itself. In fact, all this argument does is bring into focus how totally ridiculous it is to have cannabis categorized alongside other, much more damaging drugs. Studies show that marijuana use does NOT lead into harder drugs, and in fact many users of harder drugs switch to cannabis in order to ween themselves off of the more damaging substances. If marijuana can be considered a gateway at all, it should be considered a gateway OUT, real talk.

  1. Marijuana use leads to crime
Legal concept of a wooden court gavel next to a green cannabis leaf rendered in 3D over a white background.

This myth could only be considered true due to the fact that marijuana itself is illegal in many countries, and that by possessing it you are committing a crime. Aside from that, there is absolutely zero evidence that smoking a joint will make you a criminal. If anything, smoking pot tends to make you reflect on your choices, think about consequences and overall make you a more peaceful citizen. In addition, recent studies show that marijuana could be helpful in LOWERING the rates of assault and homicide.

  1. Marijuana causes damage to your brain

For people younger than 21, there may be an edge of truth to this myth, and marijuana may cause damage in regards to the development of a child’s brain. However, for those of you who are adults, you can toke with no fear of causing damage to your brain. In addition, there are many studies which suggest that CBD can be beneficial in brain development, helping to defend this part of your body from harm. While you are high certain cognitive functions may slow, making you appear “dumb” to the outside observer, but once the trip is over there is ZERO evidence that smoking cannabis lowers your IQ.

  1. Marijuana causes loss in memory

The fact is, marijuana may actually cause a bit of short-term memory loss, but it is generally confined to the duration of your high, and not permanent. Interestingly, CBD can be used to prevent memory loss, helping to fight catabolic reactions in the brain. Its important to keep in mind that you won’t lose your memories because of smoking a few joints, even if you are super high at the time. The worst thing that’s going to happen is possibly forgetting where you put your keys, or not being able to remember if you ordered Chinese or Indian food. Compared to alcohol blackouts, these effects are extremely minor, and nothing to worry about.

  1. Smoking weed causes lung cancer

This myth is perpetuated by the way in which cannabis is traditionally consumed. There are more deaths resulting from tobacco than HIV/AIDS, suicides, murders, and car crashes combined. However, you can buy smokes in almost every convenience store if you’re above a certain age. Regarding marijuana, there has never been a definitive link between lung cancer and cannabis smoke. Cigarettes contain all sorts of unnatural chemicals in them which help to cause cancer, NONE of which are present in Cannabis. In fact, there are some marijuana derived substances which can be used to fight cancer!

  1. Smoking weed makes you lazy and unsuccessful

People who are against marijuana will often tell you that consuming marijuana makes you lazy, unmotivated and unsuccessful. This depends WAY more on the type of personality rather than the amount of weed smoked. There are countless successful people who partake in cannabis, Joe Rogan, Michael Phelps for example, who can help prove this myth wrong. It is not okay to blame weed for being lazy! It is up to the adult consumer to decide what they’re doing or not doing that day, and what type of stoner you are. If you need to take a break to focus on studies or a specific project, then do so! You are in control of your own life.

Regarding marijuana, there’s a lot of misinformation out there, and you shouldn’t believe everything you read online. Certain political parties and religious organizations will stop at nothing to demonize this plant, resorting to everything from bogus studies to outright lies to further their agenda. I would encourage you to do some research yourself. Check the most up to date studies and form your own conclusions. Only by doing that will the public be well informed to make decisions regarding cannabis and their personal health.