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How to make and use Cannabis Tinctures - Featured

Cannabis Tinctures – How to Dose and Make Weed Tinctures Guide

Are you wondering if a cannabis tincture is for you? Or are you scouring the internet, looking to upgrade your weed tincture medicating skills? Either...
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Tinctures: Picking the Perfect CBD to THC Ratio

With cannabis, there is no single ratio, or strain or concentrate that’s right for everyone. Each single person’s sensitivity to THC is a key factor in determining the appropriate ratio and dosage for effective usage.
Iced matcha latte with milk pouring from pitcher, horizontal composition

Recipe: How to Make Cannabis Milk (Cannamilk)

Now that we’ve got our delicious chocolate chip cookies, what’s missing? I know, it sounds a little far-fetched, but it might be cannabis-infused milk...
Edibles vs Smoking

Edibles vs Smoking Cannabis Differences for First-Timers

A lot of people may enjoy edibles more than smoking as they don’t enjoy the harsh experience of inhaling cannabis. When smoking, the effects are felt instantly and may be very strong. Edibles however will have a longer lasting effect, and if consumed in the proper dosage it will be a very enjoyable and relaxing experience.

11-Hydroxy-Metabolite: Why Edibles Produce a Different Experience

While edibles are definitely a safe and healthy way to medicate, their effects differ. Let's take a look at what makes eating weed cookies so potent.
Weed Party

How to Throw a Perfect Weed Party

Interested in throwing a bash, a shindig of weed party like proportions? The cannabis paradigm is changing right SMACK in front of our eyes, and...
How to make cannabis gummies

How to Make Cannabis Gummies That Pack a Punch!

Today, we’re leaving snackland and motoring further up the edibles mountain into candy country! In the interests of getting our feet wet, we’re starting...
how to make cbd tincture

How to Make CBD Oil from Isolate and Dry Flowers for Symptom Relief

So you're wondering how to make cbd oil tinctures at home? We get it. CBD's benefits are clearly becoming mainstream and more accepted. Oil tinctures are becoming...
Benefits of Vaping Featured

Advantages and Benefits of Vaping Cannabis Over Smoking

When it comes to the benefits of vaping cannabis, there’s A LOT of rhetoric out there. Budtenders, your closest friends, and, even, your neighborhood...
CBD vs THC featured

CBD vs THC Differences – Is it a Rivalry or Perfect Match?

CBD vs THC, now that's a battle between arguably the strongest compounds in cannabis. But what about the other couple hundred? The MANY that were...