Last Updated January 8th, 2019. 


Cannabis has shown enormous potential and results in the medical field. And switching to a vaporizer even furthers it’s benefits.

It’s no doubt that cannabis has been growing as an all around wonder plant in the eyes of many. But some of us who grew up with the notion that marijuana was harmful plant may not know where to start when medicating.

The most common way of consuming cannabis is by using combustion, that is, by applying an open flame to the dry flowers via joint, pipe, or a bong.

While this is effective and has been done for thousands of years, research has shown vaporizing your cannabis is a healthier and much more effective option. Let’s take a look at what makes vaping weed beneficial to your health.


1.  Inhaling Less Smoke

vaping weed, vaporizer, vaporizing cannabis, vaporizer your weed

A 2010 study took 20 regular cannabis users that reported having minor lung issues. The participants noted that they were mainly experiencing shortness of breath and phlegm. After just 1 month of using a vaporizer they recorded an improvement in overall respiratory function.

This study reached the conclusion that vaporizers have the potential to minimize respiratory complaints.

And another study shows how. This takes place because cannabis vapor is created in temperatures between 180-220 C, which is in the range where respiratory toxins aren’t activated.

This is slightly below 230 C, the benchmark where smoke and its toxins are created.

In short, here’s what a vaporizer gives you:

  • The same level of active therapeutic chemicals (cannabinoids and terpenes) as smoking cannabis;
  • Produces the exact same biological effect;
  • And allows controlled dosing, but without the toxic compounds in smoke.


2. Variety of Products

vaping weed, vaporizer, vaporizing cannabis, vaporizer your weed

When it comes to flower, there are many different strains that have a wide range of effects. Some specific vaporizers are geared towards dried flower, but most these days are made for concentrates.

In addition to having a wide variety of extractions to select from, plenty are lab tested for quality assurance and potency, creating peace of mind for those who are hesitant on the safety of their cannabis.

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3. Instant Relief

vaping weed, vaporizer, vaporizing cannabis, vaporizer your weed

Using a vaporizer is perfect for those who many need instant and fast-acting relief from pain, anxiety, nausea or any other of the many symptoms cannabis is known to help with.


Vaping weed provides a faster absorption rate than products like pot edibles and oils. This is because cannabinoids reach your bloodstream via your lungs, rather than having to be processed by the digestive system.

Numerous studies, for example, show that vaporizing is one of the most effective methods in taking CBD because of it’s fast-acting results for patients. In this study, CBD was absorbed within 10 minutes with a bioavailability of 34-46%. Bioavailability meaning the degree and rate at which the drug is absorbed by your circulatory system.

In comparison, when ingesting cannabis in the form of an edible, the effects will last longer but can take up to 2 hours to kick in.

For some that just isn’t a viable option. At times instant relief is an absolute must.


4. Stealth Mode Activated

vaping weed, vaporizer, vaporizing cannabis, vaporizer your weed

It’s no secret that marijuana has a very distinct smell. And while most consumers enjoy it, those who don’t partake may not be as inviting to the odor. Whether it’s your work place that has strict policies or out of respect for another, vaping let’s you medicate discreetly.

Vaporizing cannabis is virtually odorless, and with disposable vape pens that fit right in your pocket you can take your medicine on the go without anyone noticing. Unfortunately, many face anxiety of being caught high or smelling like marijuana, so vaporizing cannabis is a solution out of being noticed, and thus, alleviating that anxiety.

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