Today we are going to be looking at some of the best indica strains on the market. Their genetic lineage, their look and smell, their location of origin, and of course their effects on the mind. We have smoked every single variety mentioned here in this article, and can personally attest to their quality, taste and effects.

It’s no secret – for certain people, only indica will do. Whether it’s the deep appreciation for food, the meditative couch melting quality, or its ability to smash through pain, for many people indica represents the best parts of cannabis.

Let’s get started!

Best Indica Strains


best indica strains nuken

The first strain on our list of best indica strains is a hometown hero, firstborn and bred in British Columbia, Canada. Nuken is the result of cross-breeding Shishkaberry and God Bud.

The first thing you’ll notice about this strain is the look–dense, rounded buds dusted in a pollen-like layer of THC crystals. As your eyes bulge in awe at this miracle strain, the next thing to hit you will probably be the smell. Flowery and earthy, Nuken is notoriously pungent, so if you have to be discrete we would recommend double bagging this one.

Effect wise, expect a hefty body high with notes of cerebral euphoria. While we wouldn’t predict you to get much reading done while high on Nuken, this strain is far from anti-social. Bring a big joint the next time you and your friends go out for Chinese food. We promise you won’t regret it.


Named in honour of the fictional Star Trek race, Romulan is a legendary indica sure to set your phasers to stun. Renowned for its therapeutic qualities, Romulan has a unique flavour and aroma which will entice even the most veteran stoner to the sesh circle.

Beware however, Romulans effects are notoriously heavy, leaving many users couch locked with grins as wide as outer space.

Suffice to say, maybe order the pizza before you smoke.

Pink Kush

While being one of the more common ones on this list of best indica strains, Pink Kush still never fails to knock our socks off. An OG Kush relative, this indica dominant hybrid features an immense body high combined with a flavour that can’t be beaten, which is often described as sweet vanilla.

You’re going to want some scissors for this one because Pink Kush is notoriously sticky, capable of gumming up grinders and leaving fingers sticky from the resin.

Effect wise, because it is technically a hybrid, many people choose to smoke Pink Kush during the day to alleviate a whole host of medical conditions. These range from acute body pain to seizure disorders, appetite loss (especially in cancer patients going through chemotherapy) and even anxiety or depression.

Ideal for medical patients, we cannot recommend this strain enough. Check out our shop section to peep what we have in stock.


Move over Jimmy Page, there’s a new Rockstar in town. Just kidding Jimmy, you two would probably get along famously, given Led Zeppelin’s famous affinity for the “jazz cabbage” of the 1970s.

Derived from Rockbud and Sensi Star, this absolute powerhouse has been smashing through anxiety and mellowing out users for years. Ideal for headaches and pain, this lovely strain alleviates medical conditions all while avoiding unnecessary sedation. This is perfect for tokers who want to feel the effects of a mellow indica all while remaining mentally sharp to accomplish other tasks.

So light up, and prepare to walk up out on that stage, because in about five minutes you’re going to feel like a true Rockstar.

Death Bubba

best indica strains death bubba

Don’t let the name fool you, this dank indica is friendly as hell. First grown in Vancouver, BC by Sea to Sky seeds, Death Bubba is fast becoming the definitive model for what a “purple kush” should look like. Impossibly numerous trichomes stretch over a dense, marble tough bud sure to leave you coughing.

Created by crossing Bubba Kush with Death Star, this heavy reefer will unlock the keys to your stress relief, all while providing a pronounced body buzz and deep appreciation for your couch.

Leave the kids at home for this one, as Death Bubba is a heavy hitter that will have you dispensing laughter and wolfing down blunts like Biggie Smalls on Christmas Eve.

Choosing the Best Indica Strain

With all the varying effects and medicinal benefits of the best indica strains, it’s good to know what results you are going to get from consuming each.

Now that you know what to look out for, check out our incredible selection of cannabis flowers and indica flower at Herb Approach and find something for your medicinal and recreational needs.

Happy trails!