While determining the best vape pen outright may be considered a difficult task, some vape pens on the market right now are stand-alone exceptions that are deemed superior to others strictly based on how popular they are.

Vape pens, also known as distillate dab pens, have become widely favoured and admired by novice and experienced cannabis users in recent years due to its portability, discreetness, and convenience for ingesting both e-liquid and dry herb.

Many tokers love them because they are easy to use and one of the best blazing methods for being on the go without having to bring all of your weed accessories, such as a grinder and loose bud (depending on the type of vape pen).

On top of the perks of their ease of use, vape pens are also considered a healthier alternative to other smoking methods such as joints, blunts, or bongs. This fact is because, unlike other smoking methods, vaping does not involve combustion.

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In this way, a vape pen does not technically burn your bud. Instead, the heating method used in vaping heats the plant material, usually between 185 and 210 degrees Celsius, to allow the cannabinoids and terpenes in the weed to be activated without actually burning it.

Since there is no combustion, there is no smoke, just vapour, much safer to inhale than smoke, containing harmful toxins such as tar and carcinogens.

Purchasing a vape pen is also more money savvy as they are reusable, the cartridges interchangeable, and typically use USB charging, which can be used in various wall outlets, portable chargers, and even plugged directly into a laptop or PC.

We can all agree that staying in the green is the way to go in this instance in more ways than one.

Today, we are going to break down some of the best vape pen options currently available and outline their benefits and why they’re popular to help you determine which one’s the best choice for you!

Pyro Extracts Vape Pen

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The THC Distillate Ceramic Vaporizer Kit from Pyro Extracts is a sleek and discreet vape pen kit that is perfect for those seeking an alternative to smoking cannabis.

Since they contain full-ceramic tanks, users don’t need to worry about any traces of cotton, heavy metal, or glue interfering with their vaping experience. Don’t worry – all of the vape pens we carry at Herb Approach, Canada’s best online dispensary – are vetted for quality and safety. It doesn’t hurt to be double-sure, though!

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One of the biggest draws of these vaporizer kits is the premium ceramic distillate cartridges, each with 0.5 grams of potent THC distillate e-liquid that has been reintroduced with strain-specific terpenes.

thc vape pen cartridge

Along with the ceramic mouthpiece, these cartridges allow users to enjoy all of their favourite buds’ righteous and delicious benefits with less of a burnt taste and without sacrificing high-quality taste and flavour profiles.

However, the premium comes at a price, and tokers will likely find a quicker burn through rate because the cartridges only contain 0.5 grams of distillate, which may be a downside for those looking for more long-lasting cartridges.

Fortunately, Pyro Extracts has heard the feedback and is now offering 1 gram THC distillate cartridges with their trademark ceramic mouthpiece!

With variable voltage settings, your vaping experience is entirely customizable, and you can control the temperature yourself, allowing you to taste even more of those tasty terpenes.

It is also relevant to note, for novice blazers, that the vapour produced by these vape kits is thicker than others, so it may hurt your throat a bit if you are experienced!

Top Shelf Vape Pen

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The Top Shelf Glass Vaporizer Kit brings a certain level of enhanced elegance to the vape experience while also possessing the best vape pen qualities we’ve all come to love.

In other words, you will be feeling all sorts of bad and bougie when hitting this sleek vape pen.

What a lot of tokers appreciate about this vape pen kit, in particular, is that the cartridges themselves pack quite a punch, containing 1 gram of high-quality THC distillate with 80% THC level.

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However, this “top shelf” luxury comes with a higher price tag, which is definitely a factor to consider when determining if this vape pen is the right choice for you and your wallet.

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Another factor to consider is that this vape pen does not allow variable temperature adjustment like other vape pens from competitors on the market. So, if customizing and adjusting the temperature is an important feature for you, this may not be the most viable option.

The concentrate used to create the THC distillate e-liquid in the cartridges is created using the whole-plant extraction method. 

This unique process allows it to retain the maximum number of cannabinoids and terpenes – ideal for those looking for a natural, diverse and powerful terpene flavour with a unique experience that can only come from whole-plant extraction.

Top Shelf is also the first to unveil an all-glass cartridge with a ceramic coil to ensure that it is one of the market’s healthiest and most premium options when it comes to vaporizer pens.

First Class All Glass – that’s the Top Shelf way.

Hooti Extracts Vape Pen

hooti extracts best vape pen

Last but certainly not least, on our list of some of the best vape pen options available on the market is two vape pens from Hooti Extracts.

First up, the Hooti THC Distillate Vaporizer Pen Kit. This vape pen kit comes with state of the art premium THC distillate-filled cartridges with delicious reintroduced strain-specific terpenes.

It is perfect for those looking to medicate on the go without sacrificing the tasty, unique terpenes from their favourite bud.

hooti 510 cartridge

Each cartridge has a universal 510 threading, containing 1 gram of Hooti’s Premium THC Distillate.

It is also an ideal choice for those looking for a vaporizer pen with variable temperature control, allowing users to enjoy the rich flavours and delicious terpenes better.

These vape kits are also very affordable, providing great value and a better bang for your buck than other competitors’ vape pens. 

If you’re looking for unique, fruity flavours that can’t be found anywhere else, we would highly recommend giving the Hooti Fruit Pen Starter Kit a try.

hooti fruit thc vape pen

Complete with a distinct blend of terpenes unique only to Hooti, the 1 gram THC Distillate cartridges of this vape pen kit pack a powerful fruity-flavoured punch without losing the taste of the unique Indica and Sativa strain profiles.

hooti fruit pod

Those passionate about only ingesting natural, organic terpenes will love the fact that Hooti stands against using additives and instead only uses terpenes naturally-derived from plants and fruits.

The vape pen form is ideal for taking discreet tokes without drawing attention as you can easily take a hit and casually place it back in your pocket.

While the THC Distillate Vaporizer Pen Kit does offer variable temperature control, the Hooti Fruit Pen Starter Kit does not, which is also something to consider when determining which of the vape pens is the best choice for you.

Best THC Vape Pen – Personal Preference Reigns Supreme

While this article outlined some of the best vape pens available for tokers on the market right now, of course, the choice is ultimately up to you.

Every person has their own individual weed needs, and this is no different when it comes to selecting the best vape pens to suit your particular lifestyle.

With this in mind, we cannot tell you for certain what the number one, overall best vape pen on the market is as personal preference is too much of a factor.

However, we can outline some of the best-performing, most popular products celebrated by fellow blazers to help direct you towards what might best suit your personal needs.

We hope our guide helped even a little bit!

No matter what, it is no secret why vape pens continue to rise as one of the most popular methods of enjoying or favourite icky sticky.

They are portable, discreet, and far safer than other smoking methods, making them ideal for users to toke on the go.

If you’re looking for a viable alternative to smoking your bud and considering switching to something more in line with a healthier way of living, we would 100% recommend giving vaping a try.

With so many different vape pens to choose from, it may take a bit of experimentation to find what you like, but isn’t that part of the fun?

Happy vaping!