They say that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but the Black Diamond strain is likely to win over anyone’s heart.

With its unique shape and coat of sparkling trichomes, it is no secret how this beautiful, bodacious strain of bud got its name and claim to fame. 

Today, we are going to break down all the things that make the Black Diamond strain sparkle, literally and figuratively, and clue you in on its many benefits and powerful, mood-boosting high.

What is the Black Diamond Strain?

black diamond strain definition

The Black Diamond strain, also known as Black Diamond OG, is a nearly balanced hybrid strain with a slight Indica-dominance originating in Northern California. It is a hybrid strain born from the combination of the Blackberry and Diamond OG strains.

The bud of the Black Diamond strain trickles with tantalizing trichomes with a slight purple hue and grape aroma passed on from its parent strain Blackberry with hints of earthy, musky scents, making it smell to some like a deep red wine. 

However, when inspected even more closely, the Black Diamond strain has a highly pungent smell. 

All of this combines beautifully together to pack a punch, with between 18 and 24 percent THC composition. The Black Diamond strain is ideal for tokers looking for an intense, sedative high that provides mental lucidity. 

In this way, it’s an ideal strain for social situations where you want to enjoy a chill bud with friends while still maintaining a conversation.

One factor that sets the Black Diamond strain apart is its medium to large flowers with a long, almost cylinder-like appearance and shape. 

The buds themselves are solid and dense, similar to other indica strains. The bud is perfectly dusted with beautiful, sticky trichomes that make it somewhat difficult to break apart by hand.

We recommend consuming this strain at night because it is Indica-dominant and produces sedative effects. Many patients utilize it to help with conditions such as insomnia and arthritis and relieve symptoms of nausea, anxiety, and pain.

It is also important to note that the Black Diamond strain is well-known for causing a serious case of the munchies, so be sure that you have some choice snacks around for the inevitable snack attack.  

What is it Good for?

Black diamond strain benefits

As we said before, the Black Diamond strain boasts benefits for both medical and recreational users. 

It is ideal for those looking to experience its powerful but calming body high while still being active and social. 

Some blazers note the Black Diamond strain for evoking giggle fits, making it ideal for hanging out at home, with friends, or vegging out and enjoying your favourite TV shows or movies without having to worry about couchlock. 

Its tendency to make users hungry is also great for those with issues surrounding suppressed appetite

While it may bring on the vase of the giggles, it also has the potential to evoke a different kind of feeling that may have you wishing to cozy up with your partner. Many couples actively seek out the Black Diamond strain with its mood-boosting properties to enhance their “together time,” if you catch our drift. 

Since it leans towards being more Indica-dominant, medical marijuana patients will appreciate the Black Diamond Strain for its anti-inflammatory properties as well as provide relief for conditions such as insomnia, chronic pain, anxiety and depression

Does it Get You High?

With a THC composition of up to 24 percent, the Black Diamond strain will absolutely get you high. 

The strain’s effects hit you like a freight train. 

You quickly experience a feeling of calm serenity that transforms into a surprising giddiness that will likely cause you to fall into fits of laughter at seemingly unfunny things, which is part of what makes this high so fun. 

The effects resonate in a powerful body high that will make you want to find somewhere cozy to settle in and let the wonderful waves of goodness wash over you. 

It has an overwhelmingly potent blackberry flavour with hints of burnt toffee and hardwood.

Some users may also experience subtle mental effects, including hallucinations and amplified sounds that may make it appear as though your surroundings are sparkling or shimmering, but this typically only happens when you consume a lot of Black Diamond.

It can be a fun experience so long as you are expecting it. 

If you want to amplify this experience further, we suggest watching TV or listening to immersive music

As we said earlier, the Black Diamond strain can serve as an aphrodisiac due to its mood-boosting properties and stellar body high, making it ideal for couples looking to spice things up before they get it on. 

Towards the end of the high, the Indica traits take over, and a sedative, calming effect will cause you to feel sleepy and may lull you to sleep, which is why we recommend saving this particular strain for nighttime consumption. 

In terms of side-effects, you have the usual culprits: dry mouth and eyes, dizziness, and potential paranoia or anxiety when consumed in high doses.

Black Diamond Strain – A Little Something for Everyone

One of the best things about the Black Diamond Strain is that it has something for everyone, from seasoned tokers to novice blazers looking for a fun, engaging high. 

Its powerful body high combined with its mood-boosting qualities make it an ideal strain for a night in with your favourite show or for hanging out with friends and having entertaining and unintentionally hilarious conversations.

The Black Diamond strain is also perfect for those looking to use it for its medical benefits. Its effects help provide relief for various ailments, including pain, insomnia, and suppressed appetite. 

That said, even if you don’t have any issues with appetite, we highly recommend getting some tasty treats before partaking in this strain because it will give you the munchies. 

As always, it’s best to ensure that you are purchasing your bud from a reliable, online dispensary so that you know you are receiving the best quality product. 

As always, happy toking!