Whether we like it or not, it’s the ‘rona season and purchasing everyday household essentials such as groceries and pet food is already difficult enough, and buying weed safely during COVID-19 is a challenge in and of itself.

While there won’t be (at least we pray there won’t be) a panic over the ganja like we’ve seen for toilet paper, many cannabis consumers are becoming more and more uncomfortable with the idea of visiting dispensaries to buy their weed.

Canada Post won’t do deliveries from government dispensaries and many brick-and-mortar retail stores are closing their doors citing coronavirus fears and low foot traffic.

How then, can one go about buying weed safely during COVID-19? What about smoking safely during COVID-19?

Stay tuned because we’ve got the answers for you. 

Buy Weed Online

Buy Weed Safely During COVID-19

We know, we know – we’ve mentioned above that many government dispensaries are no longer doing online deliveries to customers and their homes and that Canada Post is beginning to refuse orders to deliver.

However, that only applies to government run dispensaries. 

And if you’re a true fan of the herb, then you’ll know that government dispensaries have less product variety, less potent products (low potency edibles, to name a few) and they’re also vastly overpriced.

It only makes sense that government dispensaries also won’t deliver weed to stoners during a time when they need it the most.

The solution?

Buy weed online from a reputable online dispensary Canada.

Not only do you get to maintain your distance, but you’ll also be able to enjoy a plethora of products and strains that government dispensaries simply do not have.

tolerance break cheap weed

Edibles with potencies above 10mg a package, vape cartridges that won’t cost you an arm and a leg to purchase (we have them starting at $35!) and access to topicals, tinctures and your favorite flower strains – all at an unbeatable price! 

Forget about the entire COVID-19 situation for a minute and ask yourself this – why would you want to spend ten, twenty, or thirty minutes driving to a government run dispensary, pay more than you have to for a lower quality product and then drive home when you can buy weed online and have it delivered directly to your door? 

Buy Weed Safely During COVID-19 tips

There’s no doubt that cannabis sales have been extremely popular lately – especially during the pandemic. Retail stores across the country are seeing lines circling around the block and once you get into the store, you’ll be shopping shoulder to shoulder with aggravated customers and an overwhelmed staff that simply cannot answer your questions or help you with your shopping experience.

The crowds and long lines you see at stores and dispensaries are the very things you want to avoid during a pandemic. It’s almost absurd that many Canadian cannabis consumers and patients have to risk their life, waste their time and suffer an inconvenience just to get the medication they need. 

The next time you’re running low on your stash, consider buying weed online.

It’s safe, it’s fast and the quality and selection can’t be beat. 

Plus, new users get a $25 voucher to use on the store! Talk about value! 

Use Edibles, Topicals and Tinctures Instead of Smoking

We know – nothing will ever come close to replacing the time-honored tradition of the sesh. There’s nothing better than meeting with your smoke circle and sharing a few laughs while sharing a joint. It’s one of our favorite past times, too.

But COVID-19 has changed what “normal” means for many of us, and a “normal” smoke sesh might not involve sharing a joint at all. It’s already proven that smoking has negative outcomes for lung health and respiratory function, and this is especially dangerous when it comes to respiratory illnesses such as COVID-19.

While there isn’t any evidence that smoking weed can cause or worsen COVID-19, it can cause coughing, bronchitis and chest pain – all symptoms that you want to picking up during a global pandemic.

Instead of picking up an 1/8th the next time you buy weed online, consider picking up some edibles instead.

Cannabis infused edibles provide a much more potent and intense experience when compared to smoking, and they come in a variety of forms and flavours. 

buy weed safely during coronavirus

Candies and gummies are timeless options that can be enjoyed by many but hey, if you’re not a fan of candies there’s also weed tea and drinks available as well! 

how to buy weed safely during covid-19

Sharing an edible with a few friends may not feel or be the “normal” that we’re accustomed to but it’s better than the alternative! If you’re not a frequent user of edibles, you might just feel inclined to make the switch after finding out how great they are! 

Avoid Sharing Joints, Bongs, & Other Smoking Accessories 

how to buy weed safely during pandemic

This goes hand in hand with our previous section on alternative cannabis consumption methods but with a global pandemic raging, we thought it’ll be a good idea to reiterate this fact.

It’s been proven that COVID-19 can spread through respiratory droplets that are released through the air and land on joints, vapes, pipes and other smoking accessories. No matter how you’re planning on circumventing the rule on not sharing, being in close contact with your friends (like you would with a smoke circle) puts you at risk of spreading the virus. It’s safer for you and all parties involved to have a solo sesh or avoid seshing altogether – at least for now. 

Another reason to avoid sharing smoking accessories is how closely the effects of combusting weed can mimic COVID-19 symptoms. COVID-19 can cause nose, throat, and lung infections and smoking some dank green can cause chest pain, heavy coughing and phlegm production.

Still want to hit the sesh with your buddies but also want to respect social distancing guidelines?

Purchase your own glassware, bring a few outdoor chairs and sit 2 meters apart from each other at a park or comparable outdoor setting. 

Sure, it won’t replicate the feeling of a normal sesh but it comes pretty close!

COVID-19 – Safety with Cannabis

Buying Weed Safely During COVID-19

If you’ve read this far, then you should now be well aware of the pros of buying weed online and the cons of visiting a brick-and-mortar, government run dispensary. 

Why would you inconvenience yourself and wait in line for half an hour or more just to spend more money than you need to on a lower quality product?

It just doesn’t make sense, especially when the decision to buy weed online is so much more convenient, affordable and safe.

Want to buy weed safely during COVID-19? Buy weed online at Herb Approach. We promise you won’t regret it.