There are many reasons why legalization happened — better health services, more fair laws, more tax revenue, job growth and more. But one MAJOR reason was to end a thriving black market.
So you’d expect that following the day of legalization, black markets would shrink and disappear, right?
Instead, the EXACT opposite has happened. Black and grey market dispensaries continue to be opening and opening like no other. And, one is the Canadian MOM (mail-order-marijuana) BuyMyWeedOnline.
BuyMyWeedOnline is one of the many Canadian MOMs operating today — which bears the questions:
How does BuyMyWeedOnline stand out from the rest, if at all?….
Will BuyMyWeedOnline continue to exist in the near future?….
And can grey and black markets withstand what some see as the impending fist of the legalized industry?
Read further as we breakdown what consumers think of BuyMyWeedOnline, how it stands out against the competition. Along the way, you’ll also find out why black and grey markets will survive legalization. And no, not until tomorrow or in the close future, but ALWAYS.

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Are MOMs like BuyMyWeedOnline All the Same?

Not all Canadian MOMs are the same. Some only provide dry flowers, while others specialize in concentrates. Then, there are those who provide both product categories while coming equipped with excellent customer service. Not to mention, they all differ when it comes to shipping costs and order wait times.
BuyMyWeedOnline falls under the category of providing a wide selection of products. You can find dry flowers, vapes, concentrates, along with information on responsible consumption.
Let’s take a closer look.

BuyMyWeedOnline can do better in providing information

BuyMyWeedOnline’s blog holds 50+ articles, ranging from topics in health to strain reviews. You’ll frequent titles like “Silencing the Stigma of Marijuana Use” to “6 Uses for Indica“, thus indicating that they’re making an effort to provide responsible information. Something that holds extreme importance in today’s digital age.
But, important claims made in each article, although are well-intentioned, lack credible sources. For instance, in the article “6 Uses for Sativa“, there’s this claim on sativa without any sources:
Sativa holds multiple properties that can lead to an increase in mental focus. It has been used medicinally as a replacement for Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).”
Our question is — according to who? And where’s the research? Claims without support, such as these, are everywhere in BuyMyWeedOnline’s blog content.
At Herb Approach News, we recognize how critical the issue of dis-information is today. As a result, we take great pride in providing information that’s scientifically supported.
And it’s not supported, we do our best in informing readers that it’s an opinion or lacking research. BuyMyWeedOnline can do a lot better in this department.
BuyMyWeedOnline seems to be keeping customer happy
BuyMyWeedOnline holds a wide selection of cannabis products and a customer service team. The dispensary also hosts over 700 positive reviews. With this in mind, it doesn’t take a high IQ to see why the dispensary is becoming a major MOM in the space.
For instance, according to Jayrubes on Weedmaps, he says:
“[I’ve] been using BMWO for a while now and it continues to be my go-to website for top quality product.”
LordSos and Eva70 share the same sentiment about BuyMyWeedOnline:
“Order two 3A’s and some morrocan hash and absolutely loved it..”
“It’s a good site to order! Comes fast!”
It’s great to see all the positive sentiment around BuyMyWeedOnline, but, online reviews SHOULD ALWAYS be taken with a grain of salt. These reviews can be fabricated with just a simple email sign-up and comment post. It’s so easy that many companies are applying for fake reviews as a digital marketing strategy. Heck, the fake comments and news industry is thriving to a large extent — think of Russia’s meddling in the Trump presidential election.
With this said, being skeptical and learning through experience is a valuable tool in the digital age. And the only way of truly knowing if BuyMyWeedOnline’s services are for you is by trying it.
With this said, will BuyMyWeedOnline survive the onslaught of licensed dispensaries? If so, how?


Will BuyMyWeedOnline Survive Legalization?

A very tough question indeed. There are so many different routes BuyMyWeedOnline can take to continue operating. For instance, it can take the route that other grey and black market dispensaries took. See Herbal Dispatch and Buds2go as examples. Both these dispensaries entered the legal mainframe by becoming medical retailers.
Whether BuyMyWeedOnline takes this route or continues as a gray market entity is a question only the operators can answer. Only time will tell, but with their success, we doubt they’d change their business motto. If they do, be sure to revisit this article for an update!
Moving onto the bigger question — why the heck are Canadian MOMS like BuyMyWeedOnline still around after legalization?
Here are 5 reasons why the grey and black markets will always exist.


5 Reasons Why BuyMyWeedOnline and Other Grey Market Dispensaries Will Survive Legalization

Many argue that cannabis legalization has been a horrible effort in clearing out grey and black cannabis markets. And the truth is in plain sight — do a Google search for “weed online” and receive a plethora of different MOMs to choose from (at least 30).
So is this for the moment only? Or will a market like this continue to exist for a long time? Here are 5 reasons why grey and black market sources for cannabis will always exist.

1. Higher quality cannabis comes from black market suppliers

Canadian black markets are not run by organized crime. They are not the ‘boogeyman’ as media outlets portray them out to be. They are mom and pop specialists. They are your neighborhood producers who’ve been practicing the art of cannabis production for decades. They don’t grow in mass production facilities like LPs but focus on smaller, more specialty production. Thus, their quality will always be leagues above ‘new’ and inexperienced licensed producers.
It’s reported that licensed producers use disastrous techniques to make their crops look clean. Techniques that not only kill bugs and bacteria, but also the appearance of mold! Mold reports are too easy to find in the media from LPs.

2. Restriction on selection, potency and more

Concentrates like edibles, shatter, wax and the like, are currently illegal. But this will change in Oct 2019 to a certain extent. The details are still up in the air and it’s likely that there will be many restrictions. If concentrations continue to be illegal, it’s akin to having hard alcohol illegal and beer legal.
Also, limitations in THC and other cannabinoid potency are already underway. This is to the dismay of many as patients need much larger doses of cannabinoids. Not to mention, increasing cannabinoid tolerance levels are REAL and easy to come by for consumers.

3. More selection and higher quality at a cheaper cost

Gray and black market sources don’t adhere to complex regulations that range from product testing to security. Also, these sources are a lot cheaper because they’re not taxed!
According to a recent study performed by StatsCan in April of 2019, legal dispensaries charge up to 50% more than black market sources! Less selection and less quality for a much higher price? Yikes.

4. Cannabis is only legal in theory

The Cannabis Act, which legalized cannabis at the federal level, allows municipalities to govern their own laws. This means certain regions can outlaw retail cannabis and prohibit use if they so choose. And that’s exactly what some big cities have done. Cities like Marham and Richmond Hill in Ontario. Cities like Richmond, Tofino, Abbotsford, West Vancouver, Whistler, Pitt Meadows and North Vancouver in British Columbia.
In these cities, the government approved mail-order-marijuana is the only legal channel. Think the hundreds of thousands who live in these cities will only buy from governments online? Think again.

5. Undersupply or oversupply will not change a thing

So, all the rhetoric about undersupply following legalization turned out to be logistic issues for a newborn industry. Makes sense. But, say, the so-called undersupply of cannabis turns into an oversupply.
In an oversupply situation, which might be the case in a few years time, producers will offload crops and products onto the illegal market to make up for costs and achieve higher profits! Take a look at Washington and Colorado 8 years after legalization. It’s estimated that roughly 25% of all cannabis purchases are still from the black market! or Legal Dispensaries?

When it comes to selecting your cannabis vendor it comes down to a handful of decisions. Do you want to pay exorbitant prices for low-grade cannabis paired with a not so stellar selection, but contribute to taxes? (who really knows how much of the taxes gets passed on for the benefit of citizens). Then what you’re looking for is a Licensed Producer!
But if saving money and consuming high-quality cannabis with a wide selection is a priority, MOMs like BuyMyWeedOnline is the solution. They’re not the only one, though, so experiment and find one that best suits your preferences!