Wondering how to use a vape pen?

It has only been 8 years since Colorado and Washington first legalized recreational marijuana — becoming the first in the United States to do so. Since then, innovation has kept pace with the burgeoning demand and changing tastes of marijuana enthusiasts. 

Cannabis has many benefits, but many today are still being turned off by the idea of smoking and its impact on their lungs. Ripping on bongs and smoking joints just isn’t cutting it with consumers anymore; ingesting edibles, tinctures, and beverages containing THC or CBD, and the use of high-potency THC and CBD concentrates have exploded on the market recently. 

With that, smoking high-potency THC concentrates has also evolved and found its way into the vaping market, becoming popular among veterans and novice users. This is because vaping offers users a smoke-free way to enjoy the mental high that comes with smoking marijuana but without the smoke and smell.  

When it comes to buying the perfect vape pen for you, several factors should be considered before you pull the trigger, even before learning how to use a vape pen. 

While it does appear to the untrained eye that they are all the same, it’s important to keep in mind that not all THC vape pens are created equal. 

To make an educated decision, you must be aware of the different nuances between them so you end up with a product that best suits your unique needs. 

What is a THC Vape Pen?

how to use a vape pen guide

The first step to learning how to use a vape pen is understanding its core components. 

A THC vape pen is a handheld, battery-powered device that houses a cannabis filled cartridge with THC concentrate. Unlike smoking, when using a THC vape pen, the compounds are slowly heated instead of burned — which is why it produces vapor instead of smoke. 

In reality, you can get vape pens filled with a large variety of different cannabinoids and cannabis compounds including CBD, CBN, and terpenes — that are formulated differently from one another.

Distillate, for example, is one of the most common vape extracts used today that uses just one cannabinoid. Full Spectrum Extracts like shatter, live resin, high terpene full-spectrum extracts (HTFSE), and high cannabinoid full-spectrum extract (HCFSE), all contain the full panel of cannabinoids naturally found in marijuana; which provides a different experience than just a distillate would. 

Depending on what type of high you’re looking for will depend on what type of concentrate you’ll want to run with. If you’re wanting a straight-up psychedelic THC laden high — go for a distillate. If you’re wanting the psychoactive effects to be minimized, or rounded out, we recommend a full-spectrum extract. 

This is because the other cannabinoids found in ganja creates a synergistic effect (called the entourage effect) that tapers the mental, and sometimes paranoid feelings associated with consuming too much THC. While most pre-filled vape cartridges are going to be much higher in THC than CBD or other cannabinoids, more and more combinations and ratios are starting to become more commonplace. 

THC Vape Pen vs Smoking Weed

vape pen vs smoking weed

What health benefits does vaping vs smoking weed provide?

As we mentioned earlier, the two main benefits of using a THC vape pen comes down to the smoke and smell it prevents — making it an incredibly discreet and convenient way to enjoy some Mary Jane.

Healthwise, vaping bypasses the need to inhale carcinogenic plant material and harsh smoke, which may be easier on the lungs than smoking marijuana flower. 

Not only that, but using a vape pen eliminates the need to carry around a pipe, lighter, and a stash of weed. You also won’t need to worry about the wind being a factor if you’re outside, and you won’t need to worry about the smell being a factor if you decide to vape inside. But there are several other benefits to using a THC vape pen including: 

A Stronger Flavor Profile 

As we all know, smoke can drastically alter the taste of food by burning it, and the same goes for weed. Sometimes it can be enough to completely overpower or override the natural smell and taste of your favorite strains. Since vaping doesn’t burn but heats cannabis, it allows all the natural flavors to come through — letting you enjoy it the way nature (and weed growers) intended. 

Temperature Control 

Most (not all) THC vape pens have heat settings that allow you to adjust the temperature that works the best for you. Too low and it may not produce enough of a hit, and too high may trigger a coughing fit — it all depends on your tolerance and preferences. 

Easy to Use

Consuming THC concentrates like dabbing requires you to set up the rig, the nail, heat it at the perfect temperature, all for one (albeit potent) hit. Smoking a joint or blunt requires you to grind, skillfully prep, load, roll, and light it before enjoying.

Smoking from a THC vape pen eliminates any confusion and guesswork; simply press a button or just inhale — and you’re good to go until your cartridge or tank runs empty. 


Vape pens are the easiest way to enjoy cannabis on the go. With other methods, you’ll need to bring along your weed or concentrate, a smoking apparatus (a pipe, bong, rig), a lighter, something to clean it with, and something to carry it all in. 

With a THC vape pen, all you need to bring is the pen. Unless you’re overnighting somewhere — you’ll want to bring the charger. They also pack and work nicely when you’re outside at a concert or while camping, and they’re super discreet!  

Easy to Dose

For newbies just hopping on the marijuana bandwagon, finding the perfect dose is essential for having a good experience. The whole point of smoking weed is to have a good time or to feel better physically and mentally. Nobody wants to have a negative experience when they’re trying to enjoy themselves — which is why using a vape pen is highly recommended for amateur and seasoned tokers. 

Unlike smoking a bowl, a joint, or a dab, using pre-filled pens that output controlled doses gives users more control over how much they want to consume at any given time.  

How to Use a Vape Pen

Just picked up a great quality vape pen from an online dispensary Canada and wondering how to use a vape pen? We’ve got the step-by-step run down so you can get started on vaping ASAP.

If you don’t want to read, a quick-start guide video is also available courtesy of Hooti Extracts.  


Understand Vape Pen Anatomy

Generally, they’ll be four main components of a vape pen, including: 

  • A cartridge or tank: This is where the THC concentrate is contained and gets vaporized from. They are usually made of steel, glass, or plastic, and can be pre-filled and disposable, or you can keep refilling it if you opt for one with a tank.
  • Battery: The most common THC vape pens have a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that is activated by either inhaling or by manually pressing a button before inhaling.
  • Atomizer: The actual heating element used to warm and vaporize the THC concentrate. In both tanks and disposable cartridges, the atomizers are built-in, but in tanks, they need to get replaced regularly, whereas a new atomizer comes with each new cartridge you buy with the refillable ones.
  • Mouthpiece: A self-explanatory place where you put your mouth and inhale from. 

A vape pen works automatically by supplying power to the atomizer which in turn heats up the distillate, rosin, oil, or wax that’s held within the cartridge. Once vaporized, the vapour is then inhaled through the mouth piece.

That’s it – that’s all you need to know about how to use a vape pen. 

Pretty straightforward, right? Well we have a couple more tips to keep you on your feet so you can get the most out of your THC vape pen. 

Pick The Right Concentrate

Like we’ve mentioned before, concentrates come in a variety of different flavors. What your friends like might not be what you like, so it’s important to try out a variety of concentrates to find one that best suits you. 

Here are some of our favorites:

Rocky Mountain Rosin

how to use a vape pen rosin

This blend of rosin and distillate is a match made in heaven. Rosin is a solventless cannabis extract that’s famous for retaining its original terpene profile as well as being one of the tastier concentrates out there.

Smoking rosin usually involves a dab rig and some additional equipment but now that you know how to use a vape pen, you can easily purchase a cartridge of rosin and dab away all in the privacy of your own home or on the go!

The taste of the terpenes is what sets rosin apart from other concentrates so if you’re after a full flavoured experience, be sure to try pick up some rosin.

Pyro Extracts – THC Distillate Ceramic Cartridge

pyro vape pen cartridge

While most distillate cartridges will utilize plastic, cotton or metal atomizers or wicks in order to vaporize the contents inside, Pyro Extracts changes it up by utilizing an entirely ceramic cartridge!

This makes it possible to enjoy the wonderful flavours and strains that Pyro Extracts has (such as Blue Dream, Mango, Super Lemon Haze, and Green Crack, among others) without the taste of metal or burnt cotton getting in the way of your experience.

We love this cartridge because Pyro Extracts has gone above and beyond in ensuring that safety and flavor are on equal footing with potency.

how to use a vape pen temperature

Another thing we love? Pyro Extract batteries come with a variable temperature controller so you can tune it for the optimal temperature for vaporizing distillates. An underappreciated feature by far! 

tolerance break cheap weed

Keep it Charged

This one might come as a no-brainer, but you’ll be surprised at how many people just don’t keep their electronics charged! Whether it’s a kindle, their e-cigarettes or yes, even their vape pens, people love to “set and forget” the devices that they use almost every day.

To maintain the integrity of your vape pen’s battery health, you need to ensure that you never overuse your vape pen to the point where it’s completely out of battery. Be sure to routinely charge your vape pen before it completely dies. 

On the flip side, it’s also important that you don’t overcharge it. Doing so might damage the longevity of your battery and lead to problems later down the road!

Worried about battery life? If you’re new to vaping and just want something that works without the frills, you can’t go wrong with Hooti Extracts.

hooti vape cartridges

We’ve been long time advocates for the simplicity, quality, and potency that Hooti Extracts instills in all of their products. For someone just making the switch over from smoking to vaping, Hooti Extracts is one of the best choices you can make.

Final Thoughts on How to Use a Vape Pen 

The fast evolution of ways to consume cannabis is exciting, but like all new technologies, we should proceed with caution because we don’t know the long-term effects yet. 

However, using a THC vape pen instead of smoking the traditional route (a pipe, joint, bong) does provide a slew of benefits that other methods don’t. The smoke and odor that comes with smoking weed are eliminated with vaping, not to mention it’s much easier to cart around town or use it discreetly. 

All we ask is you practice smoking and vaping safety, and to do your research regarding which manufacturers you choose to purchase from. 

Be wary of reviews as many can be fake and paid for by the company. Word of mouth recommendations from people you know and trust is always the best place to start, followed by the budtenders at your local online dispensary.

Happy trails!