Praised for their balance of potency and rich flavour profile, moon rocks provide an out-of-this-world experience for the cannabis connoisseur. 

Materializing from cannabis’ deep-rooted relationship with hip hop culture, moon rocks are the cannabis world’s equivalent of an ice cream cone dipped in hot chocolate fudge and then embellished with a wealth of sprinkles. 

Moon rocks are a prime example of something good made great with just a few small additions. If you’re looking to enhance your cannabis experience with moon rocks keep on reading!

What are Moon Rocks?


Moon rocks are what many consider to be the champagne of the weed world. Celebrated for their balance in potency and rich flavour profile, their ability to send even the most veteran of marijuana users flying high is a force to be reckoned with. 

When boiled down to its key components, a moon rock consists of a nug of weed coated in several layers of cannabis concentrate and then generously coated in kief. Aesthetically, they do somewhat take on the appearance of moon rocks, but rather their ability to give users an out-of-this-world experience with their high is where they really shine.

How Strong is a Moon Rock?

Moon rocks are without a doubt potent, and those who have had the luxury of enjoying them can definitely attest. For reference, a typical good harvest of cannabis contains a THC concentration of roughly 20 percent. 

Moon rocks contain a THC concentration of approximately 50 percent depending on the ingredients used. With above double the amount of THC content of your standard strain, moon rocks became a cult favourite and an iconic symbol in both hip hop and cannabis culture.

The Origins of Moon Rocks

moon rocks definition

The inception of moon rocks was said to be a result of the strong bond between hip-hop culture and cannabis culture. It all began when legendary west coast rapper-turned marijuana mogul Kurupt and artist Dr. Zodiak began the production and trademarking of their own marijuana products, the Kurupt Moon Rock. This particular collaboration and launching of their first cannabis branded products propelled them into new heights with great success.

How to Smoke Moon Rocks

Since moon rocks have taken on a solid form and aren’t as malleable as your standard bud, it is highly advised to avoid putting them in grinders as this may not only damage your grinder but may also remove a large amount of kief from the moonrocks.

Use the Right Equipment

Smoking moon rocks is extremely easy to do given that you have the right equipment and knowledge.


The thick and oily texture of moon rocks lends themselves to be smoked using glassware such as a bong or a pipe. Due to the oily texture, moon rocks may require longer exposure to an open flame.


Since moon rocks are not finely ground like your typical bud, rolling them alone in joints is extremely inefficient and will work against providing a smooth burn. Instead, you could opt to roll a moon rocks joint by placing them on top of some ground bud, much like how you would sprinkle kief atop your initial layer of flower.

Note: New users smoking moon rocks for the first time should be extremely cautious as the high will send you to the moon within the first 30 minutes. 

How to Make Your Own Moon Rocks

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The original moon rocks were made with the Girl Scout Cookies strain and hash oil, so if you’re lucky and have that on hand, more power to you. However, if you don’t, no problem at all. In fact, moon rocks can be made with just about any strain out there, just make sure it’s one that you like.

What You Will Need

  • A cannabis strain/flower of your choice
  • A cannabis concentrate/hash oil of your choice (Mix and match the strain and concentrate to customize the moon rocks to your liking)
  • An ample amount of kief
  • Some tongs or a pincer type of tool
  • A liquid dropper (optional but recommended)

Step 1

Get a nug of your choice (the denser the nug, the better it will hold all of the ingredients together) and apply your cannabis concentrate to the whole nug.

  • Ideally, you will want your concentrate or oil to have a more liquid and runny consistency as it will assist in the adherence to your nug. If you find your extract to be too thick, heat it up briefly to create a more runny texture. 

    Once your extract is runny enough to able to roll your flower through it, use your tongs or pincer tool to coat your nug in the oil.
  • In the case that your cannabis concentrate is already at a thin liquid consistency, you have the option to use a liquid dropper to precisely coat your flower without having to dip it directly in your concentrate (keep in mind that the oversaturation of the nug could lead to prolonged drying times and issues with ignition).

Step 2

Though this step is optional, the original moon rocks were created by coating nuts several times in cannabis concentrate. If you are looking to create your moonrock closest to the original, we recommend adding two to three more layers of coating to your nugs.

  • For the best results, ensure that each layer of your previously coated extract has permeated through the nug completely before you get to the next layer. Some methods involve injecting a warmed extract into the center of the nug to ensure proper penetration.

Step 3

Once properly coated in the concentrate of your choosing, using your tongs or pincer tools, get the oily nug covered in some kief. With the proper application of the oil to the nug, the kief should have no issue sticking to the nug and staying in place.

Now that your nug is fully coated with kief, set it aside to dry in a dark, cool place away from any direct light. Once dried, your moonrocks are ready to go! Enjoy!

Safety Tips

Due to their unwavering strength, moon rocks have the potential to be the catalyst for either a great time, or a green out.

As with all highly potent THC products, reckless and irresponsible usage can lead to safety hazards. Ensure that you follow these guidelines when you smoke moon rocks (especially if you’re new):

  • Eat: Not during the actual high, but beforehand to ensure that you maintain consistent blood-sugar levels and to mitigate the harsh effects of high-THC weed such as nausea and paranoia.
  • Drink water: Hydrate yourself with plenty of water as you’ll be predisposed to experiencing cottonmouth with moon rocks.
  • Consume in a safe environment: Due to the potency of moon rocks, it’s best to be at a place where you feel at home. Plan for a place where you can let loose and relax, free from any disturbance or commotion.
  • Start small and take it easy: As mentioned before the psychoactive effects of moon rocks are a force to be reckoned with. The risk for an unwanted green out is especially high with THC products in this range of potency. It’s better to start slow and find your sweet spot.
  • Ensure that all your important tasks are completed: As per the previous tips, you’ll want to ensure that you are responsibility-free for the remainder of the day because the sheer power of these rocks will render you non-productive for as long as they last. Make sure any important responsibilities are off the table before you consume them.

Moon Rocks – Tasty & Potent Concentrate

The cannabis world’s take on the ice cream cone dipped in hot chocolate fudge and garnished with an abundance of sprinkles, moon rocks are best enjoyed in the comfort of your own home. 

We hope this article supplied you with enough information to venture out and experiment with your own moon rocks! Whether you’re lucky enough to find them at your local dispensary or not, we recommend trying moon rocks at least once as it’ll be an experience worth remembering. 

As always, consume responsibly and safely. Enjoy!