There are so many ways to consume cannabis, especially for recreational use, and cannabis wax is just one of them. Over the years, cannabis-derived products have grown increasingly varied, with recent years giving rise to “wax,” one of the most powerful forms of the herb yet. 

Also known as weed wax or marijuana wax, this potent and unique cannabis concentrate is gaining traction as a tasty and novel way to get high. 

What is Cannabis Wax? Marijuana Wax Definition

cannabis wax

Marijuana wax is one of the many cannabis concentrate types.

Weed wax and other BHO concentrates like it has exploded in popularity in recent years, particularly in the recreational market, as it often leads to a more intense high in less time. 

Because of this, many have said that weed wax is one of the strongest types of marijuana concentrates in the cannabis industry. 

BHO Forms

BHO comes in many different forms, the most widespread including 

Wax: Soft and pliable, it’s one of the most common variations on the market. 

Budder: The softest kind of BHO. Known for its soft, butter-like consistency and texture

Crumble: Harder than wax, you can “crumble” these products in your hands. Can sometimes be referred to as wax.

Shatter: The hardest type of BHO. Shatter feels almost like glass, and “shatters” like it too. 

Basically, cannabis wax is a type of BHO concentrate or Butane Hash Oil concentrate. 

BHO cannabis concentrates can come in many different textures and consistencies and wax is just one term to describe BHO with a specific consistency and texture.

The THC levels of this cannabis concentrate can reach up to 80-90%. Of course, because of the stronger high and more robust market demand, cannabis concentrates are more expensive than most other cannabis-derived products. This makes sense, given its dramatically high tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) content.

Still, that doesn’t deter most dabbing enthusiasts.

A recent study showed that most people (66%) who already use marijuana likely consume wax, too.

Plus, as mentioned earlier, areas with a higher prevalence of recreational cannabis use tend to gravitate toward wax products. 

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The team led by Raminta Daniulaityte stated that “[g]reater odds of marijuana concentrate use” was positively correlated with recreational or “medical, less restrictive” policies. Additionally, males consumed cannabis wax more often than females, but young people, in general, were more likely to prefer it. 

Overall, cannabis wax is more strongly associated with the recreational scene. The quick onset of biological effects may be valuable for medicinal applications to some extent, but wax may be too unpredictable to be therapeutic. 

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How is Cannabis Wax Made? 

Marijuana wax is a “cannabis extract” since “extract” and “concentrate” are usually interchangeable. However, when you think about how wax is actually made, it’s pretty clear that these two words aren’t the same. 

Cannabis extracts are a type of concentrate, but not vice versa. So, technically, wax is a type of extract because you have to use a solvent to separate the trichomes from the plant material. 

(The trichomes are hairlike structures where the cannabis plant stores its resin glands. Cannabinoids like cannabidiol, or CBD, and THC are stored in these glands.) 

You can make BHO using various extraction methods. People even make it at home, although this is not recommended due to the volatile solvents and processes used! 

The most essential step is “blasting” the cannabis plant using butane. This dissolves the plant material, leaving a solution behind that is then refined further. Once refined, you’ll have BHO! 

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Commercial wax production uses more sophisticated equipment to heat the BHO under pressure, a process known as “vacuum purging.” 

If you’re just getting into cannabis wax, it’s best to buy from a licensed retailer.

That way, you minimize your chances of getting sick from residual butane and eliminate the risk of an explosion (butane is extremely flammable).

Plus, “dirty butane,” the solution used in lighter refills, only has about 80% butane. The other chemicals could introduce unnecessary risks to your cannabis consumption. 

Let us be clear here – even though you can make cannabis wax at home, the extraction process is extremely dangerous and should not be attempted by amateurs.  Amateur creation has led to explosions, fires and even deaths in residential neighbourhoods.

It’s simply just not worth the risk. Visit our online weed store instead and have it shipped discreetly, quickly, and affordably to your house, instead!

How to Use Marijuana Wax

dabbing marijuana wax

If you want to smoke wax, “dabbing” with a dab rig is the most common way to consume cannabis wax, but it’s far from the only method. Just remember that, if you’re a beginner, be careful. This can be a powerful experience – it’s even sent some newbies to the hospital. 

For this reason, experts recommend that novice users only use enough concentrates that are roughly equal to the size of a grain of rice. Make that your maximum, and you’ll be just fine. Concentrated cannabis products are potent, and less is more when it comes to consumption.

Dab Rigs and Oil Rigs 

Dab rigs may look a little wonky, but don’t worry, they’re pretty easy to use. All you’ll need to get started is: 

  • Dab/oil rig 
  • Dab toil 
  • Torch 
  • Water 
  • Cannabis concentrates 

Dab rigs are pretty much the same as a bong, except they don’t have a bowl, but a nail and dome in its place. 

To get started, fill up the rig with water and get a small dollop of concentrate on your dab tool. Take the dome off the dab nail and grab your torch. Heat the nail with the torch, then wait a minute or so to let the nail cool down a bit. 

Now, you can place the dome back over the nail and pick up your dab tool. Touch the bit of concentrate that you collected on the nail, and inhale through the mouthpiece.

Unlike smoking, dabbing produces vapor instead of smoke. Vaping produces a smoother smoking experience that won’t irritate your lungs when you inhale. If you keep the temperatures low, you can even bring out more of the concentrate’s tasty terpenes in the process.

To learn more about dabbing, be sure to check out our “what is dabbing” guide!

Wax Pens 

Pens are probably the most convenient, straightforward way to consume cannabis wax. These pens – which are a type of vaporizer – come in a self-contained package that needs some assembly before use. 

Usually, you can just screw the top of the pen off to expose the chamber containing the coil. Scoop a bit of concentrate on your dab tool and place it inside the heating chamber, on the coil. Then, you merely hold the button the heat up the coil to get it into an optimal position. After this, you can screw the top back on and take a hit. 

Alternatively, you can purchase distillate vape pens which are easier and more convenient to use. 

cannabis wax pen

Distillate vape pens include a pre-filled glass cartridge that you can screw on to the heating coil. From there, all you have to do is inhale for vapor to automatically be created!

Consider vape pens if you’re looking for a potent way to enjoy THC without having to actually smoke flower.

Twax Joints 

twaxxing with wax

If you’re not good at rolling joints, chances are you won’t like this option. A “twax” joint is just standard cannabis joint with wax incorporated somehow, either coating the outside of the joint, added to the tip, or mixed into the inside. 

Like wax pens, this method is also pretty easy compared to using a dab rig. Still, it can get pretty messy if you’re not careful. Perfecting your joint-rolling skills before jumping to the “twax” alternative might be best. 

To make a wax twax joint, start off by putting down a bed of flower or weed at the bottom of your joint. Then, add a long sliver of wax down the length of your doob before topping it off with more flower before rolling it up.

Alternatively, you can roll a doob like you normally would before rolling a piece of shatter wax into a snake and coiling it around the joint!

For more information on twax joints, including their origins and how you can twax a bowl, read our full guide on “twax joints!”

Marijuana Wax – Wax On Wax Off

Cannabis wax is one of the most popular types of marijuana concentrates on the market. Some say it’s the most potent cannabis product, packing a punch that sets in quicker than almost anything else in the industry. 

While this can be appealing, these traits also warrant extreme caution. Making wax on your own is highly dangerous, and inexperienced consumers may get themselves sick from excessive consumption. 

That said, only buy from trusted sources such as Herb Approach and only smoke with experienced users. In case you need a bit of moral support!