Do you know how to use CBD isolate?

In a world obsessed with becoming more health-conscious and aware, a Google search pulls up a million and 1 ways to do so. Have you heard, no more red meat, bread, butter or dairy?

Exercise 5 times, sleep 12 hours and drink 5 gallons of ph balanced water per day. Sifting through the facts is an exhausting and daunting experience. It makes you feel like a healthy life is unattainable.

If you’re tired of getting lost in a matrix of health freaks, we have good news for you.

The recent discovery of the cannabinoid CBD is turning heads everywhere. The non-psychoactive compound is quickly gaining traction as the best anti-anxiety medication. Not only does it reduce anxiety, but also depression, stress, fatigue and fights pain.

Without a healthy mind and body, life becomes much more complicated and tiresome.

CBD comes in many forms, but the most versatile is CBD isolate. The 99 percent cannabidiol extract, it’s ready to replace medications from A to Z.

To get you on the right path, we’re going to go over how to use CBD isolate. Knowledge is power and power is best in the hands of the people.

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How to Use CBD Isolate: The Best Ways to Use It 


The best way to use CBD isolate is a little subjective. It comes down to what you’re looking to treat and which suits your needs. After learning how to use CBD isolate you’ll have a great idea which method is up your alley.

The only right way is, which works best for you!

1. Vaping CBD isolate

Ever wondered how to vape CBD isolate? Growing in popularity, vaping CBD is all the rage and it’s probably crossed your mind at some point. 

Vaping CBD is a safe experience. Being able to medicate in public is an essential perk for many. It takes away the stress of having to hide their medication and makes for a comfortable time.

Vaping CBD is easy. All it requires is a flower vaporizer and a little bit of cannabis. Pack the vape with flowers and lightly sprinkle the CBD isolate on top. Give it a little shake to mix the 2.

Not only is it discreet, vaporizing CBD isolate gives instant relief. Within minutes the effects are realized — this is perfect for when a wave of anxiety or depression is starting to take hold.

2. Smoking CBD isolate

Not everyone has converted to the world of vaping. If you enjoy rolling and smoking a joint, then this option is for you.

Smoking CBD isolate is easy, like vaping it, all you have to do is sprinkle a little bit into the joint and spread it out. Make sure not to clump it, as it will burn unevenly.

If smoking a joint isn’t your cup of tea, but you want to smoke CBD, then a pipe or bong is your best friend. The routine is the same, sprinkle a little bit in the bowl and proceed to smoke.

Smoking CBD isolate makes a great addition to any session. Not only is it easy, but it alleviates any potential anxiety and nausea.

3. Dabbing

If vaporizing CBD isolate is the modern-day method, then dabbing is the future. Dabbing CBD isolate is versatile. You can either mix it with a concentrate or dab it by itself.

Dabbing CBD isolate with a concentrate is straightforward. You may find that certain extracts work better with CBD isolate, but it’s naturally a personal choice.

Use your dab pick and take the desired amount of extract. Use the extract on the pick and then lightly sprinkle or dip the CBD isolate. Proceed to take the dab and enjoy the benefits of CBD and THC together.

CBD balances the effects of THC. Reducing anxiety and paranoia associated with using high levels of THC.

If you need a refresher on how to dab, this article clarifies any questions you have.

Want to dab CBD but without THC concentrates? Then you’re in luck. Dabbing CBD isolate is easy. Heat the rig and drop the desired amount in.

Both of these methods work with dab pens as well. Allowing you to take it anywhere and everywhere!

4. Using CBD e-juice

E-juice vaporizers are everywhere these days. Smokers that are quitting cigarettes will often use a vaporizer to kick the habit. Did you know that you can also use your e-juice vaporizer for CBD isolate?

If you don’t want to make your own, purchase CBD e-juice pre-made. It comes in a wide variety of flavours and strengths. Most are the same flavours you would find in nicotine e-juice.

To save some money and get crafty, you can also make your own CBD e-juice. Warm your favourite flavour of e-juice and add the desired amount of CBD isolate. Warming the mixture allows it to mix better.

Do you usually make your e-juice? Then follow these steps to make your own CBD e-juice from scratch.

Step 1: Most people use a blend of vegetable and propylene glycol (VG and PG). CBD isolate mixes best with VG; we recommend a mixture of 60/40 VG to PG.

Step 2: CBD e-juice comes in a wide range of strengths. A rule of thumb is to keep the ratio to about 500-1500 mg of CBD isolate per 30 ml of e-juice.

Step 3: Add flavouring if desired. Leave the flavour out if you like to keep things as natural as possible.

There you have it, CBD e-juice! Just like vaporizing and dabbing CBD isolate, feel the effects instantly.


5. Tinctures and Cooking With CBD Isolate

Are you struggling with increasing your appetite? You know that you should be eating more, but the hunger isn’t there. Well, you can increase your appetite by vaping CBD 10-15 minutes before you plan to eat.

Ingesting CBD is an excellent option for those that need a more prolonged effect than vaporizing or smoking. Unlike vaporizing, ingesting CBD takes anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour for the results to be realized. While the onset effects are delayed the benefits will last 3-6 hours. Twice as long as vaping!

To get the most out of your isolate, it’s best to mix it with a carrier. Carriers increase the bio-availability of CBD in our bodies so you’re taking more advantage of its effects.

There are many carriers you can use, but we’ll be using MCT oil in this case. 

Step 1: To start, heat a large pot of water and place a small glass container inside. With the glass container suspended, combine the CBD isolate and MCT oil. The dosage is entirely up to you. A standard dosage is 1000mg of CBD to 25 ml of CBD oil. But you can make it however you like.

Step 2: Stir the product at a low temperature until the CBD isolate has adequately mixed. 

Step 3: You now have a final result, a CBD isolate tincture used for cooking or taking orally. Recipes that call for coconut oil, vegetable or olive oil can substitute for the CBD isolate tincture.

But, if you don’t feel like cooking, place a couple of drops under your tongue and let it absorb for a minute. You can swallow the rest after.

The same with CBD isolate powder, but as we mentioned, combining with a carrier such as MCT oil increases the bioavailability, which means you’re taking better advantage of the medicine at hand.

CBD Isolate, Topical and Tinctures All Your Fingertips. Visit Our Selection Today

CBD Isolate – For Any Time and Any Place

Adding CBD to your daily routine is easy and the benefits numerous. The reduction in stress, depression and anxiety is alone to warrant its use. But, the benefits from a possible decrease in blood pressure and fighting diabetes makes it even more essential to add CBD isolate to your life.

The various ways of consumption make it possible to add to everybody’s menus. What’s your reason for not using it yet? If there isn’t any, get yours today and start seeing the benefits right away.