CBD Isolate Information and Uses

cbd isolate, cbd isolate benefits, cbd isolate information

CBD Isolate Information and Uses

A relativity new emergent in the medicinal Cannabis scene, CBD Isolate has become the purest and most crystalline form of the cannibinoid CBD on the market. Because CBD is the only cannabinoid found in this isolate, this method is a very good way to test out CBD for your specific medical purposes. This product can be used to treat everything from inflammation to migraines, PTSD to muscle spasms, anxiety, insomnia, chronic pain and a whole host of other conditions. Also, because it is pure CBD, this product does not result in any kind of psychoactive “high”, or cause any inebriating effects.  In this article, we will examine where it comes from, what it looks like, and finally what benefits it can provide.

Before trying any new medicine, any discerning patient should first ask the right questions. What is CBD Isolate? What are the benefits of using CBD Isolate? Does CBD isolate have any unexpected effects?


What is CBD Isolate?

cbd isolate, cbd isolate benefits, cbd isolate information

To know about any product, you must first look where it comes from. CBD Isolate is collected from cannabis or hemp plants using a number of procedures. The first step is industrial grade hemp, typically grown organically for commercial purposes, this is NOT the type of Cannabis which patients smoke and dry to get “high”. This hemp is grown tall and thick, is generally more stem than flower and is grow to achieve maximum overall volume, not necessarily flower density as you would with THC producing plants.

A CO2 extraction is the most common process when it comes to making CBD Isolate. This separates the resin and oil from the hemp, where after it is put through a process known as “winterization” which further divides the raw plant matter from the pure CBD. The product left over is known as CBD isolate.

There are two categories which divide the physical form of Cannabidiol. Very small grains of CBD are referred to as CBD powder, which is ideal for cooking or otherwise adding CBD to food. The other category is CBD crystals, which are much larger, more obviously crystalline, and are used for smoking or dabbing.

CBD Isolate Benefits

cbd isolate, cbd isolate benefits, cbd isolate information

Now that you know what you’re looking at, lets talk about some of CBD’s benefits. In essence, CBD isolate can be used as a daily supplement to treat many health conditions. It works by naturally reducing inflammation in the body, by interacting with the humans natural endocannabinoid system. For example, Cannabidiol interacts with our TRPV-1 receptors which mediate body temperature and pain perception. This is one of the many ways which CBD helps patients, all while providing zero “high” or inebriating effects. Benefits are still being researched, but very positive initial results paint a strong future for the uses of this compound.

When mixed with coconut oil, CBD isolate can be used as a topical agent to treat skin conditions like eczema or acne. The process of dabbing CBD is similar to dabbing THC. A special water-pipe know as a “Dab Rig” connects to a metal bowl, which is heated using a butane torch. The CBD Isolate is then pressed into the metal bowl where it is pulled and inhaled. Because CBD is non-psychoactive, there are zero side effects or unexpected highs which come from the consumption of CBD.

To summarize, CBD Isolate is one of the purest, most versatile CBD-based concentrates on the market. Its lack of THC high makes it ideal for busy patients who seek relief from their symptoms, but need to stay relatively clear headed.

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