Hey smoothie enjoyers! Ready for something delicious and chill? I’ve got just the thing! A CBD Mango Smoothie that’ll make your taste buds dance and help you chill out. It’s super simple, so let’s get started!

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  • 1 ripe mango (the juicier, the better!)
  • 1 banana (for that creamy goodness)
  • 1 cup of coconut milk (or whatever milk you like best)
  • 1 tablespoon of honey (only if you want extra sweetness)
  • 1 teaspoon of CBD oil (adjust to your liking)
  • A handful of ice cubes (to keep it cool)

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  1. Chop and Drop: Peel and chop your mango. Peel your banana. Throw them into your blender.
  2. Add Your Liquid: Pour in the coconut milk. If you like your smoothies thicker, use a bit less milk. Thinner? Add more.
  3. Sweeten the Deal: If you want it sweeter, add the honey. But honestly, the mango and banana might be sweet enough!
  4. CBD Time: Add your CBD oil. If you’re new to CBD, start small and see how it goes.
  5. Ice, Ice Baby: Add a handful of ice cubes to make it refreshingly cold.
  6. Blend It Up: Put the lid on and blend until everything is smooth and delicious. About 30-45 seconds should do it.
  7. Pour and Enjoy: Pour your smoothie into a glass, sip, and enjoy the tropical vibes.

Why This CBD Mango Smoothie is Awesome

Mango Magic: Mangoes are not just tasty; they’re packed with vitamins A and C. Great for your skin and immune system!
Banana Love: Bananas add creaminess and a good dose of potassium, which is fantastic for your muscles and overall health.

CBD Chill: CBD oil can help you relax without the high, perfect for anytime.
Tips and Tricks

Smoothie Bowl Option: Want to make it a smoothie bowl? Use less milk and top it with granola, chia seeds, and fresh fruit.

Mix it Up: Feel free to add other fruits like pineapple or berries. A handful of spinach works too if you’re in the mood for greens.

Protein Boost: Add a scoop of protein powder if you need an extra boost, especially after a workout.

And there you have it—a super tasty, refreshing CBD Mango Smoothie. Perfect for summer or anytime you need a tropical escape. Try it out and let us know what you think!

Stay cool and chill,
The Herb Approach Team