As the demand for CBD products continues to grow rapidly, one specific market that has seen huge strides with the use of CBD is the fitness world. A CBD workout is the trend of fitness enthusiasts everywhere, and for good reason. 

With an increase in use from sports ranging from collegiate athletes and everyday gym-goers to NFL players and professional athletes; acceptance and uptake of CBD products as a workout supplement are on the rise.

What makes CBD and exercise so exciting? The key reason is the wealth of health benefits it provides including its effectiveness as a painkiller and as an anti-inflammatory supplement. 

With the benefits of cannabidiol (CBD) clear, we can explore how CBD and its effects can help during exercise as well as before and after a workout.

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Using CBD Before Your Workout


One reason for the use of CBD as a pre-workout tool is for its energy-boosting properties. 

Research indicates that CBD shows promising pharmacological properties as an effective drug for keeping you up and awake. Particularly in the daytime where it interacts with other hormones to promote feeling awake and less drowsy. With the right products, using cannabidiol as a pre-workout could provide an energy boost to keep the body moving more effectively and for a longer duration.

CBD before workout can act as an effective pain reliever due to the proven painkilling properties of CBD. This allows athletes to push themselves harder during their exercises with the effects of muscle pain and fatigue becoming much less noticeable.

The most popular methods of consuming CBD pre-workout are vaping, tinctures and capsules. All have different activation times and potentially different effects depending on the method of consumption. Be sure to time your consumption of CBD to match that with your workout! 

Using CBD During Workout 

Athletes suffering from common muscle pain or conditions such as arthritis find many benefits of using CBD during exercise. Since, it exhibits strong anti-inflammatory effects. This helps to reduce inflammation and pain caused by these conditions and reduces muscle stiffness during a workout to help you relax and exercise more effectively during a CBD workout.

CBD also has been seen to counter the effects of cortisol, which is a hormone released during exercise that can also be triggered by stress. Cortisol is known to deplete muscle tone to help restore glucose levels when the body is put under stress. This makes it difficult to make significant progress during exercise, particularly when looking to gain or tone muscle. CBD helps the body to manage and balance glucose levels during these stress periods.

Many people also find difficulty maintaining motivation during a workout. The lower the level of motivation, the shorter and less effective workouts often are. CBD is an effective mood enhancer. Also used as an anti-anxiety medication, CBD is known to increase general mood to help keep motivation levels high and improve attitudes during workouts.

Using CBD for Post Workout

cbd and exercise

After a workout, many people often experience delayed onset muscle soreness; which is a condition caused by torn muscle fibres that results from strenuous exercise. As the muscles continue to tear and inflame. You start to feel fatigued and this can carry on for up to several days until the muscles recover.

The anti-inflammatory properties of CBD make it an effective supplement to sooth sore muscles post-workout.  CBD reduces inflammation, eases muscle spasms and relieves pain. CBD is often applied topically post-workout to target specific muscles.

In terms of diet, CBD has been observed to help increase appetite and stimulate digestion allowing you to effectively consume rich, protein-heavy meals which aid in muscle growth and recovery.

Rest is a key element of post-workout recovery, but what about CBD for muscle recovery? When you sleep, the body produces melatonin, a hormone that promotes human growth and facilitates muscle recovery. CBD has been seen to improve sleep patterns and has been used as a treatment for people who suffer from sleep conditions.

The most popular methods of consuming CBD post-workout are topical creams, sprays, oral suspensions and capsules.

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Is it Worth it?

Overall, cannabidiol has huge potential for use as a workout supplement. With its proven effects of promoting positive impacts in each stage of the workout process.

The pain-killing effects of CBD are key at each stage. Thus, helping reduce pain and improve the efficiency of muscle recovery by acting as an anti-inflammatory.

CBD post workout leads to the promotion of sleep and helps the body stay relaxed while encouraging muscle growth. 

Appetite control means CBD can help control your nutritional intake whilst maintaining an active lifestyle.

Whilst the anti-anxiety effects help the mind stay focused and motivated to ensure workouts remain efficient and effective. Whether you take CBD before a workout, during your workout or CBD post-workout. It’s effective throughout all stages and can provide you with the boost your workout needs!