Don’t Go to a Marijuana Dispensary Until You’ve Read This…

Visiting a medical marijuana dispensary can be a challenge for the first time newcomers. Here are some basic tips and information on what you need to know, what you can expect, and how to pick the right marijuana dispensary for you.

Meeting The Requirements

Since the introduction of the ACMPR, it is a lot more simple to get access to medical marijuana. You can purchase marijuana in Canada from any licensed dispensary if you meet the following requirements:

  • You are a Canadian resident
  • You are over 19 years of Age
  • You have a doctor’s recommendation

Once you have been able to check all of these items off, you will be able to visit any dispensary of your choice to get access to medical marijuana. There are lots of unlicensed dispensaries in Canada that do not require a doctor’s recommendation. They are operating like this in awaits for the federal government to decriminalize marijuana for recreational use.

Make Sure You Only Buy From Registered Dispensaries

Although the federal government has made announcements to decriminalize marijuana for recreational use, this has not yet been implemented so there is still the slight possibility you can get in trouble with the law for purchasing from an unregistered marijuana provider.

Getting marijuana from a legal source is probably the safest thing you can do. Vancouver, BC in particular has a list of licensed dispensaries. Legal shops are also recommended because most of them have cannabis connoisseurs around, which can give you sound advice and accurate info. You cannot expect that from the back-alley weed dealer.

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Choose Dispensaries That Give You Exactly What You Need

Just because a dispensary is licensed, doesn’t make it better than one that is not. Try to find a dispensary that can provide you with products that will help your need. There are lots of dispensaries today that are just out there to make money. They may recommend certain items and even upsell you on products that will get you high, but not necessarily help your ailment.

Many places will sell mediocre weed and very often sell them at very high prices. They often put labels such as ‘exotic’ or refer them with mysterious terms, as well as mislabeling their potency and quality. Sometimes, the quality of their cannabis is a big giveaway, as the weed could be moldy, noticeably unfresh or may even have seeds in them. These are clear indications of a poorly operated dispensary.

You should not be pressured to purchase weed, whether for recreational or medicinal purposes. Pay the right price for the quality. If you ever feel pressured, intimidated, or unsure, walk out the door.

Expect Long Line Ups, and Application Forms to Be Filled Out

Buying medical marijuana from a legal brick-and-mortar store takes some time, if you are a new patient you should expect to fill out some sort of paper work. However, do not be intimidated by lengthy forms because it is for your safety.

Popular medical marijuana dispensaries will tend to have line ups. This usually indicates a good sign for a marijuana dispensary. Stores that usually have line ups will have a good selection of flower, and a knowledgeable team of staff that are providing information on product strains and the benefits of them.

It can be a nuisance if you just want to quickly get your medicine and the dispensary of your choice usually has long lines. However if you are a first time patient, it would be recommended to visit a busier dispensary as you can always ask the staff, as well as other medical patients on information regarding benefits of marijuana for your needs.

Ask Questions When you visit a Marijuana Dispensary!

A common mistake for any first time patients is that they do not ask questions. Many patients will often feel intimidated when buying marijuana legally for the first time. The staff at dispensaries are there to HELP YOU (most of the time, anyway).

Many medical patients might be looking for products that can counter the effects of loss of appetite. Or if you have problems sleeping at night, there will be recommended products for that too.   Let’s say you just wanted to find something that will give you a nice head high with an uplifting effect as a day time smoke, All you have to do is ask!

Now that you have read some basic tips on how to choose a medical marijuana dispensary, it’s time to explore! Just remember the few tips that we’ve gone over:

  • Look for line ups
  • Ask Questions
  • Buy from licensed dispensaries
  • Make sure you meet the requirements
  • Bring Cash

If there are any other tips that you would like to leave for other first time users, please feel free to comment below.