Craft Cannabis is slowly being recognized as the new standard of quality cannabis. 

Craft beer, slow roast coffee and other artisan products like it are defined by their commitment to quality. As well as, small batch sizes and specialized production techniques that are difficult to replicate at scale. 

Craft Cannabis, like fine wine and artisan pastries, is an art. While anybody can grow weed, it takes passion, dedication and devotion to create a masterpiece. 

As the cannabis industry continues to expand, so too do the demands of its consumers. More and more weed consumers are looking to get more out of their weed products. And while ordinary, mass-cultivated weed is great, it doesn’t hold a candle to Craft Cannabis,

With all that being said, let’s look at whether or not Craft Cannabis is as great as the people who enjoy it say it is, and whether or not Craft Cannabis is better than regular weed or not! 

What is Craft Cannabis?

What is Craft Cannabis?

While Craft Cannabis is known to be some of the best cannabis available, there’s not much information explaining it. 

Generally speaking, Craft Cannabis is defined as weed grown in small batches through special cultivation techniques by a dedicated group of producers. This process produces an exceptional cannabis product that can be considered “boutique” compared to other cannabis flowers. 

While AAA, AAAA and AAAA cannabis grades are useful for categorizing the different qualities of weed, Craft Cannabis is on an entirely different level. 

Unlike regular cannabis plants, Craft Cannabis plants are grown and bred over many generations to maximize the best traits from each strain while minimizing the negative ones. This process produces unique, special strains and phenotypes that can’t be grown on a large, commercial scale. 

Since these strains are grown in small and limited batches using only the highest quality soil, cultivation techniques and growing conditions, Craft Cannabis producers can draw out the strain’s maximum potential. 

Hand trimming and hang-curing is an additional step that these producers undergo to ensure that the final product is of the utmost quality.

Even if you were to take a Craft Cannabis cultivar and grow it in an industrial setting, you would not achieve the same results. Industrial growers would not comprehend the unique needs, growing conditions or qualities of Craft Cannabis phenotypes and would fail to bring out their maximum potential. 

In other words, Craft Cannabis is a specialty product that can only be grown by growers that have mastered the art of cultivating exquisite, quality weed. Craft Cannabis is much more than just weed grown in small batches – it’s cannabis grown in such a way to highlight the care, devotion and dedication to cannabis that craft growers have towards the cannabis plant. 

Benefits of Craft Cannabis

benefits of craft cannabis
benefits of craft cannabis

The differences between craft and non-Craft Cannabis are huge. However, that isn’t to say that one is better than the other. 

Comparing the two would be like comparing French Champagne to sparkling wine. Wagyu beef to skirt steak or Budweiser to Craft Beer. They’re two entirely different categories of products meant to be enjoyed in different ways. 

One is focused on quantity, while the other is focused on quality. 

If quantity is what you’re looking for, then there’s nothing wrong with regular weed. 

But if you’re looking for quality or something that’ll blow you away, there’s no better choice than Craft Cannabis. With that being said, here are some of the benefits that Craft Weed can offer:

Superior Flavour

Craft Cannabis is grown with a focus on quality, not quantity. In addition to smaller batch sizes, craft growers also have to pay special attention to their cannabis plant’s micronutrient levels, its growing conditions and phenotype. 

Different strains and phenotypes need different inputs. Craft growers know exactly what their plants need in order to bring out their full potential. This results in better-tasting weed that’s free of synthetic pesticides and chemicals. 

Additionally, Craft Growers focus on the quality of the plant, not its yield. Instead of focusing on maximizing the harvest of their bud. Craft Growers exclusively work in small batches to ensure that each plant is given the care and attention it needs to thrive. This results in smaller, more expensive harvests. But, the result is phenomenal weed that simply can’t be compared to regular buds. 

Superior Potency

Craft growers pay special attention to each individual plant throughout each stage of its growing cycle. Additionally, each plant is hand-trimmed and hang-cured to preserve the plant’s health and integrity. 

As such, Craft Cannabis is able to retain much more of its trichomes, the part of the cannabis plant responsible for producing cannabinoids such as THC and CBD. 

The more trichomes that are intact, the more potent the flower will be. Craft weed strains will completely eclipse non-craft strains in their potency and effects. 

Superior Genetics

Craft Cannabis isn’t just regular strains grown in an extraordinary way. To cultivate genuine Craft Weed plants, the grower themselves must meticulously grow and breed their strains. This is to maximize their positive traits while minimizing their negative ones. 

Over many generations, this process breeds unique, special strains that can’t be replicated anywhere else. And while regular producers go through the same process for their own strains. It’s important to remember that Craft Growers do this naturally by interbreeding plants over many generations. 

While there’s nothing wrong with gene splicing. The care and attention to keeping cannabis plants as close as possible to its natural form is worth mentioning and appreciating. 

Even with better genetics, non-craft growers won’t invest the same amount of time in getting to know their strains. They’ll use the same, generic fertilizer and nutrient mixes to nourish all of their plants, regardless of the strain. 

On the other hand, Craft growers will know exactly what each strain needs in order to thrive. Each batch will receive micro-managed nutrient mixes and plant-specific care to draw out its natural splendour. 

What’s the point of having superior genetics if extra care and attention aren’t taken to maximize its potential?

Where Can You Buy Craft Cannabis? 

Craft Cannabis is a niche product. Within the cannabis community, there aren’t many dedicated growers remaining that are truly devoted to the craftsmanship of growing excellent, artisan quality weed.

However, Herb Approach has been fortunate enough to be able to partner with many Canadian and American-based Craft Growers. We love Craft Cannabis and the community of quality-first tokers that it attracts. 

We worked closely with these Craft Growers to make their premium strains available for you to enjoy. From the potent, powerful and pungent cultivars like Park Fire OG. To the irresistibly fruity and tasty Cake Crasher, these craft strains have to be enjoyed to be believed. 

Alien Breath

Rainbow Pie

Sangria Slushie

We hope that by reading this article, you’re better equipped to understand and appreciate the work that Craft Growers do to create tasty, potent and unique strains for the cannabis communities that they love. While craft strains may be pricer due to their smaller batch sizes. The superior flavour, potency and genetics that they offer can’t be compared. 

If you want to browse the selection for yourself, just browse our Craft Cannabis selection
So, what are you waiting for? Visit the best online dispensary Canada and shop for the best craft strains today!

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