Candies, Pizza, Brownies, Tea.. The endless possibilities of cannabis infused foods for the adventurous marijuana enthusiasts.  As you explore deeper into the world of marijuana, you will find yourself wondering what to expect from eating weed edibles.  Perhaps you’ve already tried and wonder why you experience an intense, almost psychedelic high that feels like it won’t end.  Well allow us to break down the differences between the psychoactive snacks vs the traditional inhaled form of cannabis for you to decide if it’s better for you to be eating marijuana edibles, or be up in smoke.

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1. Different levels of THC absorption

Herb Approach THC structure

Marijuana edibles are typically much stronger than smoked or vaporized cannabis is because THC is metabolized by your liver, which will convert it into 11 hydroxy THC.  The active metabolite is effective in crossing the blood to brain barrier, which will result in a more intense high.

When you inhale THC, it will go through a different metabolic process because rather than going through your liver and your stomach, the THC goes directly to your brain.  This is the reason why you will feel the effects of smoking much faster, but will also diminish much quicker too.


2. The Duration and the Effects

Marijuana Edibles
Marijuana Edibles

When eating marijuana edibles, it is important to start small, and be patient.  Because the way edibles are digested, it can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours to kick in, and once it does, the effects can last several hours.  Of course the effects will vary between edibles, but it is generally reported that large doses will result in a stronger body effect and an almost psychedelic head high.  So it is important that you start small and be patient, otherwise it may result in a bad experience.

Although edibles are strong, compared to smoking cannabis it actually delivers a smaller dose of cannabinoids to the blood stream.  Eating edibles introduces 10-20 percent of THC and other cannabinoids to the blood stream, where as inhaled cannabis will be closer to 50-60 percent.  Smoking cannabis will have effects in as little as 10 minutes, and will quickly dissipate over the next hour.


3. Difficulty in Gauging the Dose

Herb Approach correct THC levels

It is not easy to determine the level of THC content in any home made batch of edibles.  It is usually safer to start with a professional distribute as they have tested their THC contents in their advertised products.

Marijuana edibles will have different effects on different people, just as some people may get fuller quicker than others.  The delay between ingestions and the effects might leave consumers eating their whole dose even before feeling the effects.  The problems this may cause is the underestimating the dose may leave users feeling sick and “greened out”.  When smoking cannabis, the effects are instant which will easily allow users to gauge when they’ve had enough, or they may continue their dose as needed.


4. Discrepancies in Advertised Potency

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Even professionals may have a small margin of error on their advertised products.  Keep in mind that your distributor of choice might have a batch that was slightly different from your last one.  This could also be due to your tolerance, so again it is always good that you start slow and work your way up as needed.  Be sure your ease your way into the world of edibles and always look out for accurate labeling of how much THC or CBD content is advertised.


5. Eating Edibles is Generally Healthier than Smoking

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A lot of people may enjoy edibles more than smoking as they don’t enjoy the harsh experience of inhaling cannabis.  When smoking, the effects are felt instantly and may be very strong.  Edibles however will have a longer lasting effect, and if consumed in the proper dosage it will be a very enjoyable and relaxing experience.  Smoking may be harsh on the lungs to some consumers, so vaping is another alternative suggestion for inhaling your cannabis for those who are concerned about their long term health.  Not to mention eating edibles is discreet and odorless, which will allow you to enjoy your cannabis anywhere, anytime.