Anyone who’s an avid cannabis consumer has very likely experienced a case of the killer munchies. As those of us who are familiar with this sensation know, when the munchies strike, any food in the house is fair game.

But, unbeknownst to many stoners, there are certain foods that do more than satisfy the gnawing hunger that is the hallmark of the munchies.

There are stoner foods that will get you higher than normal.

Let’s just let that sink in for a minute. There are foods that will actually enhance your high!

In fact, there are a wide variety of foods that are rich in terpenes, cannabinoids and omega-3 fatty acids. Ingesting foods with a significant quantity of these compounds can help a person’s body absorb more THC.

So, the next time you are at the grocery store, be sure to include some of the foods listed below. 

The next time the munchies strike, you’ll not only have munchie foods to satisfy your hunger. You’ll also have foods that will actually make your high more pleasant.

7 Foods That Get You Higher

1. Beer


Most people are well aware that beer contains alcohol and that drinking alcohol will give a person a buzz.

So, it stands to reason that drinking beer while consuming cannabis will result in an enhanced high; but not for the reasons that you might think.

Instead, a study published recently in the Journal of Clinical Chemistry indicates that people who consumed cannabis along with alcohol had significantly higher levels of THC in their blood than those who only consumed cannabis.

If you’re one of those people who enjoy drinking an ice-cold beer while smoking a bowl, then be prepared for a significantly enhanced buzz.

2. Black and Green Teas

Drinking tea while consuming cannabis may seem like an odd way to enhance your high. But the fact is that both black and green teas contain significant quantities of an antioxidant called catechin which can combine with CB1 receptors in a person’s brain.

This combination induces feelings of euphoria while also relieving stress at the same time.

3. Mango and Weed

Are you one of those stoners who happens to enjoy eating fruit? You may find that eating a mango prior to the next time you sit down to catch a buzz is not only a joy for your palate, it can also enhance your high.

In fact, mangos contain large quantities of a terpene called myrcene which is well known to interact with and enhance the effects of THC.

So, eating a mango approximately 30 minutes before you fire up a bowl, blunt, joint, or dab can not only enhance your high. It can cause it to hit you faster and last longer.

4. Chocolate is a Food That Gets you Higher


It should be obvious that consuming alcohol and cannabis together will get a person higher than simply indulging in one or the other.

But most stoners are not aware that consuming chocolate along with your cannabis can actually enhance your high.

Chocolate has long been known to lift a person’s mood and induce feelings of euphoria.

Weird, right? Chocolate contains anandamide, an endocannabinoid that has the same molecular structure as a cannabinoid found in cannabis. It’s responsible for inducing those wonderful feelings of euphoria.

Consequently, consuming chocolate and cannabis together activates certain receptors in a person’s brain to make them feel blissfully baked.

But, consuming cannabis can also cause a person’s blood sugar levels to plummet. 

That’s why many experienced stoners feel that chocolate is the ultimate munchie food! 

Hence, weed chocolate cookies

5. Nuts

Nuts are another favourite munchie food that can significantly enhance a person’s high. In fact, nuts contain high levels of omega-3 fatty acids which combine with THC molecules and aid them in passing through the blood to the brain.

With a concentration of “healthy fats” in their bloodstream, a person can feel the effects of cannabis faster. They’ll also feel the effects for a longer period of time.

6. Herbs

Certain herbs such as thyme, sage and bay contain a terpene called pinene which is a natural bronchodilator. Consuming one or more of these herbs before consuming cannabis can increase THC absorption in a person’s lungs. It does so by opening up their passageways and thus, increasing their surface area.

Other herbs like lemongrass, lemon thyme and lemon basil contain the terpene limonene. This terpene can interact with THC to decrease anxiety.

7. Sweet Potatoes


Last but not least, we have sweet potatoes. In fact, sweet potatoes are known to be one of the best mood-enhancing foods in existence.

They contain high levels of vitamins E and B which help with serotonin production in the brain – serotonin is the ‘happy’ chemical.

Yes, serotonin produces feelings of euphoria in a person’s brain. So, eating sweet potatoes before catching a buzz will be a mood-altering experience.

Concluding Thoughts on Foods That Get Your Higher 

The next time you sit down to partake in one of your favourite strains of cannabis and you get an insatiable case of the munchies, try chocolate-covered peanuts instead of crisps. They combine both chocolate and nuts — not only will they enhance your buzz, but they’ll also maintain your blood sugar level.

Or, for a somewhat less intense taste sensation, mango smoothies are not only a joy to a person’s palate, but they are also an excellent buzz enhancer.

However, if you are one of those people who doesn’t like chocolate or mangos, then try drinking black or green teas. They can be a wonderful way to enhance your high and, when infused with cannabis oil, they can induce a significantly enhanced experience.

Either way, consuming one or more of the foods listed above along with your cannabis is a wonderful way to enhance your high. And satisfy your munchies at the same time! 

If you’d like to really combine cannabis and munchies, exercise your creative flair with many of our cannabis recipes!