Congratulations to everyone that made it alive to another Friday. It takes real guts to get through the whole week with a big smile, I salute you. Enjoy another edition of Fried Daze y’all.


This is what everyone needs in their life every once in a while


If you say so 😀


Best time of the day


Eat up, its good for ya


This is music to my ears


Speaking of AMAZING music


Smile, it’s time to enjoy life


Love is my religion


Would you call this Purple Urkle or Blackberry Kush?


Peace <3


When weed loves you back


Hang 10 fam


Fried, purple urkle, blackberry kush, green stuff, weed
Who wouldn’t want to join this hot box?


I mean we’ve all been there


So sad but it’s the truth


I’m ready to come back to life at any point


This is what I mean by I need a vacation


Blunts full of the green stuff


Killing 3 birds while getting stoned


R.I.P. to a legend


Man it’s a stressful life


Don’t worry it’s the weekend, smoke as much as you like