Oh would you check the time, looks like it’s FRIDAY! You know what that means, grab your favourite bong, pipe, or papers and get fried.

Who loves dabs??



I hope everyone had a greeeeaatt breakfast


Science in art form


Leonardo DaVinci’s idea of the perfect brain


Sometimes I just want to fly away


Don’t forget to smoke a blunt with your friends this weekend… or 2!


You already know it


One of the worst feelings known to man


Who’s got a sweet tooth?






when you’re the plug


How much can you smoke this weekend?


Moon on friday


Let’s smoke weed and go on an adventure


Grab a plane, let’s get high


Uhhhhh give me a sec


When you know your dank is the bomb


I would love this on my wall


Boys and girls, if you’re going on a date this weekend you know what to buy