Ganja Express vs Herb Approach – what’s the best dispensary?

Canadian smokers and tokers the nation over will look fondly back to 2 years ago in 2018 when the federal Canadian government legalized cannabis for recreational use nationwide. However, many cannabis enthusiasts are not enjoying the present quite so fondly.

As hosts to one of the world’s largest 4/20 cannabis events and with a province known for their exceptional “BC bud,” Canada’s legalization roll out has been unsatisfactory on many fronts. 2018 saw Canadians spend almost $1.6 billion on recreational cannabis but as many as 60% of Canadian smokers still get their medical and recreational cannabis from quote on quote gray-market alternatives.

Here’s why.

1. Prohibitively high pricing

If you’re a seasoned smoker, then you’ll know that government dispensaries charge disproportionately higher prices than other sources. The retail costs, exorbitant taxes and store up-keep have added a $3-4 surcharge on cannabis products.

2. Low product variety

Forget about the cannabis edibles, cannabis concentrates and the cannabis topicals that you’ve grown used to buying. Government dispensaries either do not carry these products or carry them in such low concentrations (such as the case with edibles being capped at 10mg of THC per package) that the cost per dose equates to almost 5x pricier than conventional, higher-dosed cannabis products.

3. Low quality products

For many smokers, this was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Higher pricing and lower product variety alone aren’t enough to completely dissuade smokers from purchasing their cannabis through the government, but poor quality products will do it.

Simply put, consumer expectations are not being met. If you’ve ever purchased cannabis from a government dispensary, then you’ll be able to relate to the experience of purchasing a few grams or a 1/8th only to find the bud inside completely dried out and almost crispy after opening the container.

Nobody likes harsh smoke, and ever since legalization has been passed, it seems like that’s the only thing that cannabis consumers can get if they opt to purchase at a government dispensary.

So where are 60% of smokers purchasing their cannabis from?

Online Weed Dispensaries (MOMs): The Canadian Alternative

ganja express herb approach

It’s mail-order marijuana, and Canadians are getting their flower, edibles, concentrates, topicals and more delivered straight to their door.

Long before cannabis legislation came to pass, mail-order marijuana dispensaries, affectionately known as MOMs have been servicing Canadians for decades offering a large range of quality cannabis products at an affordable price point.

After all, more than 60% of Canadians purchase from these “gray-market” sources and have been doing so reliably for years. However, if you’re a first time buyer and have doubts, then that’s completely understandable.

Let’s take a look at factors to look out for when choosing a MOM and why a MOM is the best choice for buying weed online.

Elements to Consider When Selecting An Online Weed Dispensary (MOMs)

  • A wide variety of products
  • Great customer service
  • An easy-to-use website
  • Customer reviews
  • Community and industry trust

The above factors aren’t just exclusive to the mail-order marijuana industry, they’re universal factors that make up a well-trusted and quality business. You’ll look for the same things in clothing and retail stores when you go shopping. These 5 factors help customers decide whether or not it’s worth their while to give them their business.

With these 5 elements in consideration, let’s compare 2 of the internet’s most popular online dispensaries and see how they stack up!

Herb Approach vs. Ganja Express: Which is the Better Dispensary?

ganja express and herb approach

Both Herb Approach and Ganja Express have provided quality, affordable products to the Canadian cannabis community for decades. With straight-forward, easy-to-use websites and a host of discounts and promotions, you’ll be hard pressed to find better weed online anywhere else.

No matter which one you pick, you can’t really go wrong with any of them. With that being said, there can only be one “best” online dispensary, and we’re going to have to decisively say that that title goes to Herb Approach.

Here’s why we think so:

1. Herb Approach has way more product variety compared to Ganja Express

We can confidently say beyond the shadow of a doubt that no other online dispensary matches Herb Approach’s product variety.

With over 100s of cannabis flower strains, edibles, topicals and tinctures and even cannabis concentrates, there really isn’t any other online dispensary out there that offers as much as Herb Approach does.

Cooperating with over 80 vendors, Herb Approach is able to provide products ranging from CBD and THC tinctures to low dose and even high-dose edibles. No matter the cannabis product you’re looking for, you’ll find it on Herb Approach.

Additionally, in order to carry so many products, Herb Approach has to work to maintain their supply lines and relationships with these suppliers. These relationships aren’t built in a day – they’re built over years and years of experience and cooperation – another reason why Herb Approach is the most trustworthy MOM out there.

Conversely, Ganja Express doesn’t list their vendors and a quick look at their site also doesn’t yield many products.

Which one would you be more comfortable doing business with?

2. Herb Approach has better customer support

Shopping as a customer doesn’t mean you should be treated as mindless consumers lining up fattening the coffers of business owners. Chances are you’ve had experience dealing with a customer service agent who was either dismissive, unable to provide you with the answers you were looking for or one that was simply not even around enough to help you with your shopping.

Ever had a product question only to waste a good chunk of your time looking to flag down an associate for help?

It’s annoying at best and frustrating at worst. And that’s just regular shopping.

Imagine the experience when you’re purchasing a product that has many different varieties, strains and one that affects many people differently. Not only do you run the risk of having an associate give you faulty or incorrect information on your product, you could also run the risk of having an extremely negative experience.

We are, of course, talking about cannabis.

You need experts who live, breathe and sleep cannabis to be able to tell you the information you need to know. Experts who won’t leave you hanging for 15 minutes while they chat in the backroom. Experts who won’t treat you as another mild inconvenience during their shift.

You need Herb Approach. More specifically, you need Herb Approach’s live chat service.

Live chat service

Herb Approach is perhaps the only online dispensary that has these following 2 elements

  • Almost 24/7 live chat support
  • Live Chat agents who’re experts on cannabis

Forget about your run-of-the-mill customer support agents who can barely speak and understand English; Herb Approach’s customer support specialists are not only fluent in English, they’re also knowledgeable about the products you need.

A topical for joint pain? A nightcap strain for insomnia? Something to take the edge off after a long day? No matter the product inquiry, Herb Approach’s live chat experts are there to give their expertise, recommendations and knowledge.

Alternatively, you could send Ganja Express an email and wait 1-2 business days for a reply. As a consumer, the choice is up to you!

3. Herb Approach has a cannabis resource

If Live Chat isn’t really your thing and you prefer reading, then Herb Approach has an online resource filled with tons of entertaining, educational blogs that’ll teach you everything there is to know about cannabis. With articles detailing the effectiveness of a CBD workout, the best strains for improving creativity and focus, and the differences between cannabis concentrates, Herb Approach actively seeks to destigmatize weed while also educating the general populace on its benefits.

Written by an editorial team who actively consume cannabis themselves, there really isn’t a better or more “real” place to learn about cannabis. References are always cited to ensure that readers can fact-check claims themselves, ensuring that Herb Approach isn’t just blowing a bunch of hot smoke.

Herb Approach vs. Ganja Express – The Title of Best Online Dispensary

Based on the above 5 criteria we outlined earlier in this writeup, we, and hopefully yourself, are happy to admit that Herb Approach is the superior mail-order mariujuana dispensary.

Reaching a group decision on what “the best” is hard. We don’t think Herb Approach is quote on quote “the best” that a dispensary can be, but based on these 5 elements:

  • A wide variety of products
  • Great customer service
  • An easy-to-use website
  • Customer reviews
  • Community and industry trust

Herb Approach beats out the competition by a landslide. Again, you have the choice as a consumer to spend your hard-earned money wherever you well please. However, we can say that making the decision to purchase off of Herb Approach is a decision that will lead to great customer service, affordable and quality products and a strong sense of trust and security.

These 5 elements aren’t even accounting for the weekly promotions, raffle draws, referral program and free gifts that Herb Approach offers with every purchase.

Want to make a switch from the low-quality, minimal variety of products that government dispensaries offer? Make the switch to Herb Approach. You’ll be happier (and higher) that you did.

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