With a name like God’s Green Crack, you know you’re puffing on something straight from the heavens themselves!

Not content with leaving its legendary parent strains to corner the market on divine dank weed, this indica-dominant hybrid combines its unique lineage to create something entirely its own. A well-rounded hybrid strain, God’s Green Crack has become an almost instant classic among tokers looking to indulge in both physical and mental effects.

That said, anything derived from the ganja gods is bound to be strong. With this in mind, God’s Green Crack can certainly knock even the most seasoned blazer down a few pegs when taken in higher doses.

Today, we’re providing an in-depth review of this blessed bud to supply everything you need to know and what effects to expect.

Without further delay, let’s get into it!

What is God’s Green Crack?

God's Green Crack strain

God’s Green Crack is an indica-dominant hybrid with a ratio of 55% indica to 45% sativa

It’s the product of divine intervention from its parent strains Green Crack and God Bud. Who do we have to thank for its origination? Breeder Jordan of the Islands.

Jordan of the Islands wanted to lighten the heavy effects of God Bud with the high-flying sativa, Green Crack. 

This match made in heaven led to a well-balanced hybrid that delivers an ideal combination of head and body highs that will have your mood soaring to new heights while every muscle in your body relaxes.

Its legendary lineage, combined with its well-balanced effects, is further enhanced by its potent THC levels, ranging from 19 to 25% THC and colourful flowers.

While God’s Green Crack has a unique name, its flowers are indeed worthy of high praise. The buds are medium to large in size. They have a rounded, slightly narrow shape, almost like tiny little pine cones.

Since it is indica-leaning, the plant’s structure itself is characteristically indica. It has narrow leaves that tightly curl inward towards the central stems. God’s Green Crack leaves are, unsurprisingly, a glorious shade of forest green. However, sometimes, they may also contain playful pops of purple due to pigment molecules called anthocyanin, making it a beautiful purple weed strain. Curly orange pistils also poke their way out from the buds.

To cap it all off, God’s Green Crack buds are covered in a translucent layer of white trichomes, which no doubt contribute to its powerful potency. 

If its good looks aren’t enough to draw you in, the God’s Green Crack fragrance and flavour certainly will!

This heavenly hybrid has an unmistakably spicy and pungent aroma paired with earthy undertones. For most tokers, its scent is incredibly refreshing and enticing. At first whiff, the cured flowers will emit a woodsy and slightly herbal aroma, with hints of sage or eucalyptus. Upon closer inspection, you may also detect some sharp citrus notes, as well.

Grinding up or breaking apart the God’s Green Crack buds releases a hashy scent that it may receive from its parent strain God Bud.

In terms of flavour, the good news is that God’s Green Crack delivers on both fronts! Its scent very much carries over to its taste. The additional herbal undertone also serves to enhance the flavour and make it taste more exotic.

When burnt in a pipe or a joint, God’s Green Crack gives off a thick, incense-like smoke that is incredibly easy to inhale. On the exhale, the smoke has a woody and slightly floral flavour.

What is this Cannabis Strain Good For?

Many tokers love God’s Green Crack because of how versatile it is to use. In other words, not only is it a potent recreational strain, but it also has several medicinal uses for medical marijuana patients, as well.

If you’re a fan of indicas, the relaxing body properties of this strain are sure to release any and all tension in your body to leave you in a state of absolute relaxation. 

That said, it isn’t without mental effects, too! This strain supplies a gentler mental high than its parent strain, God Bud, but still remains potent.

As we’ve stated a few times now, God’s Green Crack is an indica-dominant hybrid strain. Indica strains are known for producing a wide range of beneficial qualities, including helping soothe pain and relieve inflammation.

Many medical patients also turn to indica strains for relief from nausea and to help stimulate appetite from treatments such as chemotherapy.

With its balanced, relaxing qualities, this hybrid strain is also helpful for boosting mood and quelling anxieties, making it beneficial for other conditions such as stress, anxiety and depression.

Will God’s Green Crack Get You High?

With THC levels ranging from 19-25%, you best believe that God’s Green Crack will get you sky high!

As if a lightning bolt was sent from the heavens and chucked directly at you, this strain comes on fast after just a couple of tokes of its heavy, aromatic smoke.

The effects will first present as a throbbing-like sensation in the temples. Unlike its parent strain God Bud, God’s Green Crack delivers a gentler head high while remaining potent. After just a couple of minutes, you’ll start to feel any negative feelings fade away.

This strain will replace those negative vibes with blissful happiness that is sure to boost your mood. As the high intensifies, not only will you feel happier, but you’ll also experience a slight burst of energy.

For properly focused and motivated blazers, this energy and enhanced thinking process can encourage productivity or foster creativity, making it a useful strain for working on personal projects. That said, an hour or so into your God’s Green Crack experience, users can expect the indica traits to take over.

In other words, prepare to be relaxed like never before.

This hybrid will eventually make your limbs and eyelids feel heavy, making being particularly active a challenging task. At this stage of the high, you’ll likely be better suited to engage in passive activities like snacking or watching your favourite stoner movies.

With its well-balanced effects that pair uplifting mental effects with sedating physical properties, users of God’s Green Crack are sure to be feeling relaxed for hours.

A Gift from the Ganja Gods

If you’re looking for a strain that will remove your mental and physical stress, this hybrid strain has got you covered!

Beautifully balancing the traits of its parent strains God Bud and Green Crack, this hybrid is sure to have your body feeling excellent while boosting your mood to new heights.

This strain is ideal for unwinding in the afternoon or evening after a long day before vegging out and melting into the couch and letting your mind debrief and declutter. Whether you’re winding down with a good book or binging some TV, God’s Green Crack is right there to provide the relaxation you need.

While it may have ‘God’ in its name, we can guarantee you that God’s Green Crack is one hell of a hybrid!

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