We already know weed can enhance our senses and our experiences – food tastes better, pain lessens, anxiety fades into the background – but what about having sex while high?

You’ve probably heard that sex while high ignites romantic fires and takes your sexual experience to the next level.

And you might have heard that it’s not just saucy rhetoric anymore, but supported by science.

With all this in mind, you’re probably wondering how to go about creating such a weed and sex-filled experience: How do I ask? How do I set the right mood? And what about the best strains for sex?

We’re here to make this process a whole lot easier by providing you with some essential tips, from fore-play activities to the best pot for the ultimate night of bedroom shenanigans. That is an evening of marijuana and sex. 

Why Sex on Weed is Always Better

using weed and sex

Before we dive deep into the topic of how to create a sex while high mood, let’s learn why using cannabis is beneficial in the first place.

Weed Makes you Last Longer

Studies done by Dr. James Halikas showed that marijuana increased the performance time of participants.

Cannabis has an inhibitor for certain nerve receptors in the penis. This allows you to stay in the game longer without losing out on any pleasure.

You Won’t Fight With your Spouse

Marijuana clearly has an effect that brings friends closer together. It looks like couples that toke together, stay together.

A study done by the University of Buffalo took 600 couples and monitored their behaviour after smoking marijuana. The results were somewhat predictable as the couples bonded and fought less.

It goes to show that stoner couples really do have the best relationships! Next Valentine’s day skip the roses and grab some better flowers.

It Helps Women Have Intense Orgasms

While men probably play a part in this, it’s true women have a harder time achieving orgasm. Good thing we can rely on cannabis to help everyone out here.

When we smoke pot certain receptors in our brain get affected. One of them is the CB1 receptor. When your CB1 receptor is activated things start to get hot and heavy.

Don’t be afraid to bring this up with your spouse or friend that you are having issues with orgasming. No one deserves to be left in the dark from such a beautiful experience. 

It Makes for an Out-of-This-World Orgasm

Not only will it help women achieve an orgasm, but it also makes both parties finish with a big bang.

According to Maureen O’Connor of the NY Mag, her research shows that the effects of THC on sex have more benefits than science can put into words yet.

Couples that were studied having sex after smoking marijuana stated that their experience was like nothing before.

The sensation we receive from using cannabis can be explained as blissful. No wonder why combining it with sex heightens the experience for everyone. Who needs oysters when we got a little bit of pot to toke on.

Weed is the New Love Drug

When taken in small amounts THC raises testosterone levels, a major player in men and women’s libido.

Research dating back to the 80’s shows that THC in smaller doses increases testosterone levels. This increase in testosterone leads to a more fulfilling sexual experience.

A lack of testosterone present can ruin your sexual experience but don’t allow it to.

How to Create a Sex While High Mood

Cannabis has been used for many reasons over the past few millennia – one being an incredible aphrodisiac.

Being in the cannabis sensitive state can bring out your vulnerabilities, your innermost thoughts and feelings, and remove self-conscious and anxiety-ridden thoughts, thus freeing both you and your partner(s) to express an innate self rarely expressed.

Nothing is sexier than being real and present while being extra sensitive and in-tune with your romantic partner.

If you’re stuck and need a little boost for how to incorporate marijuana into your romantic endeavours, here are a few things you can try for a memorable marijuana and sex experience. 

Start The Sex While High Mood With

Shotgun Kiss  

This takes place when one of you takes a hit, holds the smoke inside, and then breathes it into the others’ mouth, which then gets inhaled. Quite the move if you want to get close to your partner and ignite a sex while high experience. Sexy, sexy indeed.

Hawaiian Hotbox

Try the shotgun kiss mixed in with the traditional Hawaiian hotbox. Just let the shower run on hot until the mirrors are clouded with steam, then start smoking as you watch the steamy air turn into thick fog, creating an undeniably steamy and stimulating atmosphere, where it’s possible you won’t see clearly all the way across the room. It’s really up to you and your plus one to decide what’s next.


There’s nothing better than getting in the mood with a good ol’ fashioned back massage, especially when your bodies are fully charged and every touch feels heightened. A touch on your skin will feel infinitely more sensual than usual, lips pressed up against your partner’s back might send them dizzy with bliss. It goes without saying that a massage can quickly light the room on fire.

Don’t Forget The Foreplay – Sutra Massage Oil

Express Your Fantasies

Weed intensifies everything, your thoughts, your physical sensations and your sense of openness. When you’re both fully relaxed and talkative, now’s the perfect chance to open up about your naughtiest fantasies and all the things that you’ve always wanted to say to each other.

You’d be surprised at the power of imagination and suggestion. And if you end up doing other things as a result, then our work is done!

With these activities in mind, let’s break down the best strains for a sex while high experience.

Best Strains for Sex While High

weed and sex guide

If you’re looking to increase your sex drive or libido, we recommend going with a strain that is high in the terpene limonene. 

These strains typically produce a warm body high that melts into deep physical relaxation and sensitivity to touch. 

weed and sex

If you’re a long-time marijuana smoker, you might want to consider balancing out and synergizing your normally heavy high with a CBD dominant strain like Harlequin or Charlotte’s Web.

Sometimes ingesting too much THC can make those who partake in marijuana use tired and unmotivated, so throwing in some THC balancing CBD may help you feel more motivated to get down and dirty. 

If you struggle with confidence and need a little push to get out of your comfort zone, we recommend the following strains based on user reviews:

If you need a dose of energy to help you keep up with an overzealous partner, try out these heady, cerebral strains:

For the more adventurous, there’s also the option of cannabis topicals and oils that can be applied externally onto the skin to enhance blood flow to the erogenous zones.

For example, the above pleasure oil is designed to prolong and enhance the female orgasm.

Cannabis Topicals Can Be Used For More Than Just Sex. Check Out How They Can Relieve Localized Pain, Arthritis, and More!

All in all, it’s important to go into this keeping in mind that everyone is different; everyone responds to weed and sex differently, so please don’t get discouraged if smoking weed doesn’t provide the same experience it does others, doesn’t put you in the mood, or give you multiple orgasms.  

Weed And Sex – Worth Trying Together?

Weed and sex, when put together, can create some of the best experiences. However, creating sex while high mood requires a little know-how, along with the best strains suited for the purpose.

In other words, high sex is an art.

But when you have it down to a tee, marijuana and sex will add time-bending and deeply relaxing elements when you’re making love. Each moment will last considerably longer and you’ll be left with questions as to why you didn’t start a long, long time ago.

Now with our weed and sex guide, get out there and get busy!