How to Make Cannabutter


How to Make Cannabutter

Do you consider yourself a wizard in the kitchen? Well making Cannabutter is the perfect way to add some magic to anything, and everything you can think of. Cooking with cannabis infused butter lets you make any recipe that calls for butter with a medicated twist.

All you need to do is follow these easy steps and you’ll be on your way cooking up a storm for all of your friends! Use a strain of cannabis you are familiar with to make help make a more “predictable” cannabutter. Higher THC content in the flower will result in a stronger end product. This is How to Make Cannabutter.

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  • 1 stick of butter per Quarter Ounce of Cannabis
  • Cheesecloth x2
  • Heat Resistant Bowl
  • Medium Saucepan
  • Spatula
  • TIME – Approximately 4 hours

Step 1

To make the best product possible we’re going to put our cannabis through a process known as “decarboxylation“. The process includes adding heat to the plant so the THC becomes active. Turn your oven on to 240F and spread your marijuana on a baking sheet. I like to use tin foil as it’s easier to remove the cannabis after. Bake for 40 minutes checking periodically and turning the sheet. After your flower will become dry and crumbly, perfect for our recipe.

Step 2

Grab your medium sauce pan and bring a quart of water to a boil. Don’t be afraid to tinker with the measurements, this is your butter and only you know how you want it to taste. Once the water has boiled place your butter in the pan and watch it melt. I use a stick of butter for every quarter ounce of dried cannabis. Once the butter has melted bring the water mix to a very gentle boil.

Step 3

Now it’s time to add in the cannabis. Once again make sure the temperature has been brought down to a very light simmer. This allows for a slow release of THC without burning the plant or butter. I give the cannabutter 3-4 hours to finish, you can tell it’s time to pull it off the heat when the product looks thick and glossy.

Step 4

Take your cheesecloth and secure it over your heat resistance bowl. You can use elastic bands or tape to make sure it stays in place. This will filter out all the spent plant matter that’s no longer needed in your mix!

Step 5

Strain your cannabutter mix through the cheesecloth slowly and careful as to not spill any. Once your saucepan is empty grab the cheese cloth and “wring” every last bit of butter.

Step 6

Now it’s time to cool of your finished product. Put it in the fridge until the butter has rose to the top and becomes solid. All the medicinal properties of your cannabis has been infused to the butter and is almost ready to be ate!

Step 7

Take a knife around the edges of your container and carefully cut the cannabutter out, placing it upside down on a clean flat surface or cutting board. Scrape off any remaining water that might be left.

Now that you’re a pro at making cannabutter, the world is your oyster.  Grab those cannabutter recipes and make some canna cookies, brownies or anything else your heart (stomach) desires. Check in for more tasty treats and recipes!



cannabutter, how to make cannabutter, making cannabutter, cannabutter recipe, cannabutter cookies



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