For those who’ve ever had hash and then proceeded to waste it – all is in luck. Because here, we’ll show you how to smoke hash properly, like a real cannabis enthusiast. So whether you have Bubble, Afghani or Moroccan, keep reading!

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how to smoke hash spliff

Pack it in a Pipe or Bong

By far the easiest way is to pack up your pipe with the hash of your choice. Applying heat prior will help the smoking process.

Put your hash on a key or spoon and gently apply a flame. This will make the hash soft and crumble. Add some weed to your pipe if you like and sprinkle the hash on top.


Roll it Up in a Joint or Spliffhow to smoke hash spliff

There’s a few different ways of how you can get this done, depending on how and what you like to smoke. First, bust out the herb and get your rolling papers. Those of you who enjoy a “spliff” can add tobacco to the mix.

At this point you can either apply heat to the hash and spread it over the weed, and then roll. If your hash is very malleable, some prefer to roll the hash into a snake (like the above picture). Get creative! You could even mold your hash into a snake the size of a  joint!


Vaporizinghow to smoke hash spliff

When asking “how to smoke hash“, most don’t think about the other methods of consumption. It’s unfortunate, because the most healthiest alternative to consume cannabis is through edibles and vaporizing. However, using portable vaporizers to vape hash isn’t straightforward, so we’ve detailed a step by step process in this article here. But with a volcano (table top vaporizer) it’s a different story.

Volcano’s are by the far the most well known vaporizers, and are well worth the price. There are alternatives but make sure to do your homework. For instance, you want one that can adjust the temperature properly. The last thing you want is some burnt up cannabis and no high!

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The Classic Glass and Pin

how to smoke hash spliff

You may not see this method used often anymore but it’s been around for years. All you need is a push pin, a glass cup/jar, and a straw.

Start by placing a small piece of hash on the pin. Next, light the hash until you see a little flame then blow it out. Place the glass over the hash and watch the cup as it fills up with delicious smoke. Lift the glass a bit and use your straw to inhale. Creative, isn’t it?


The Right Way Depends On You

Now you know how to smoke hash! Experiment with each to find out which method best suits your preferences. Personally, sprinkling a little crumbs of hash into my pipe is my preference. Nothing wrong with a little bit of hash in the mix!

Interested in adding hash to your repertoire now that you’re a master smoker? Check out our selection of hash here!

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