It’s a common question – “Will I damage my dry herb vaporizer by filling it with sticky hash?”. Or rather, “is vaping hash even possible?”

The art of how to smoke hash has been around for thousands of years, but with vaporizers coming onto the scene thanks to science, many people are uncertain of whether combining the two will work.

And being your friendly, cannabis information providers, we’re here to rip through all this uncertainty to tell you that vaping hash is possible! That is if you follow these 4 steps.

So get ready! and let’s save you from demolishing your luxurious vaporizer by starting the process of how to vape hash.

Note: If you’re wondering why you should vape hash in the first place, check out this article.


Before Getting Started, How’s Your Hash Jar Looking? Tank is on Empty? Fill Up! 

How to Vape Hash in 4 Steps

Step 1: Vaping Hash Needs the Right Dry Herb Vaporizer

Figure 1: Don’t use concentrate and wax vape pens for vaporizing anything other than highly refined concentrates like shatter, live resin, THC distillates and etc.

For vaping hash you’ll need a vaporizer that can vape ground herb. The Hypnos Zero, voted two-time “Best Vaporizer” winner by High Times, has been suggested as one good option for vaping hash.

Another great vape is the Air Vape X or the The DynaVap VapCap “M”.  We (Herb Approach) also carry a selection of dry herb vaporizers from time to time as well.

Why not use a wax or concentrate vape?

These vapes are designed for extremely refined concentrates rather than mildly refined ones like hash and kief, so it’s best to stick with a dry herb vaporizer. Otherwise, there’s a high likelihood you’ll have gunk up your pen.

Step 2: Prepare your Hash

Hopefully, you have full melt hash (like high-grade bubble hash) that are refined to have very little plant matter, since it also reduces the chances of having contaminants in your vape.

When it comes to preparing your hash, break it up into small bits by using a chopping board and knife. If it’s brick-hard, to begin with, you might want it primed to a more soft texture. To do this, place your hash on a metal spoon and gently apply a flame to it until it becomes easier to crumble. You can also use this same tactic when smoking a bowl. If your hash is sticky, repeat these same steps.

Figure 2: Whether your hash is more solid or more paste-like in texture, it still can be vaporized. Just make sure you use degummed hemp fibre.

Once you’re done, use a small quantity, something around 0.1 grams will do. This leaves room for hemp fibre which we’ll discuss next.

Step 3: Use Degummed Hemp Fibre

The big challenge with vaping hash is that it melts, and melted hash clogs up your pen. But we have a solution – a natural solution. YESS!

With degummed hemp fibre, vaping hash becomes not only a reality, but a long life for your vaporizer becomes one too.

To apply it, simply get a hold of degummed hemp fibre and place it anywhere in your vape pen that might be exposed to melted hash. For instance, you can put a layer on top of your concentrate pad and even on top of your hash just to be safe.

Clogging woes take that!

Step 4:  For Vaping Hash, Clean Your Vaporizer Regularly

With your hash prepped and ready, it’s time to vape.

Hash, being a concentrate, it’s a lot richer in cannabinoids than typical flowers, so you can expect a hard-hitting experience, which could be useful if you’re trying to stick to a strict sleeping schedule, among many other things.

After prolonged use, one efficient way to clean your vaporizer is with cotton swabs filled with isopropyl alcohol. Cotton swabs like these.

Final Thoughts on How to Vape Hash

Figure 4: There are alcohol cotton schwabs made specifically for cleaning vaporizers.

There’s little information on vaping hash so be open to experimentation, play with the different types of hash, the amount you use, and the pens you try.  

Be sure to clean your vaporizer regularly to help extend its lifetime value because hash is known to clog atomizers; causing them to fail more quickly.

And finally, be sure to tell those naysayers that vaping hash can be done!

How to vape hash? I’ll tell you how!

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