There are a lot of health and practical benefits of vaping, but to experience them fully, you’ll need to inform yourself on many things – one being the process of how to vape weed correctly.

But where do you start?

There are techniques for dab pens and vape pens. There are even more techniques for concentrate vapes that are conduction and convection types.

Simply, it’s overwhelming.

In this guide, we’ve detailed an easy step-by-step process on vaping dry flower and concentrates the right way to ensure you get the most of your cannabis experience.

So without further ado, here’s everything you need to know about how to vape weed correctly.

How to Vape Weed Correctly with Dry Flowers

Step 1:  Get a quality grinder and grind your bud to a fine consistency with as little coarse product left behind as possible.

Step 2:  Fill the heating chamber.

If you have a convection vaporizer do NOT pack your bowl very full. Convection heating draws hot air through the ground flower so you need plenty of air flow.

For conduction heaters, however, a denser pack is appropriate. Just take care to NEVER pack your equipment very tightly as you risk uneven heating and a poor experience.

Step 3:  Turn on the unit.

This may seem obvious, but no two units are entirely alike. That said, a vast majority of vaporizers and vape pens are activated by clicking the ‘on’ button five times. Clicking five times again will turn it off. We would recommend, of course, reading the instructions or having YouTube handy in the event you encounter an error.

Step 4:  If your unit allows precise temperature control you can adjust your target temperature up or down as the unit heats up.

Step 5: Vape!

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Tips on How to Vape Marijuana Correctly

A common issue when vaping flowers is the potential of having low quality vapor, thereby creating a thin mist with a dull taste and a mediocre experience. There are a number of reasons why you have low quality vapor, here are a few:

  • Low quality vapor could be a result of your flower being too dry. Ensure your cannabis is fresh and moisturized next time around.
  • Low quality vapor can be created through a lack of stirring the chamber. In-between draws, make sure you stir your cannabis inside the chamber so that it’s evenly heated.
  • Instead of having low quality vapor, your mild cannabis experience could be the result of how you inhale. Make sure you start off softly, like sipping your favorite morning tea.

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How to Vape Weed Correctly with Concentrates

Step 1:  If you have a dry herb pen that also accepts concentrates, place the concentrates basket that came with your device into the heating chamber. NEVER put concentrates into the heating chamber without the concentrates basket. If your vape is made for concentrates you can skip this step.

Step 2:  Load your concentrate into your vape. If you are using wax, make sure to use a dabbing tool to transfer the form of cannabis into the chamber. Touching wax with your fingers can degrade the oil. Also, it is often helpful to place a silicone mat under the transfer to catch dropped wax. While it will not stick to the mat, it can make an awfully sticky mess on other surfaces. Other concentrates, like budder and sugar, can be added as well.

How to Vape Weed Correctly with Concentrates

Step 3:  Never fill the chamber more than three-fourths of the way full of concentrates as adding more than that can cause clogging problems. Just experiment. Some units work better with even less, which saves you green on your green (get it!?).

Step 4:  Turn on the device. If you’ve already forgotten how to do that, then do try the five-clicks method (see above) or consult your instruction manual or YouTube.

Step 5:  Vape!

Tips on How to Vape Concentrates Correctly

Take the time to clean the concentrate out of the chamber using a Q-tip and some rubbing alcohol to ensure its preservation

If vaping oil, then do invest in a pen or vaporizer made specifically for pre-filled and reloadable cartridges. You will simply need to screw the cartridge into place and replace it when empty.

Do note, also, that convection vapes will heat your material more evenly, which means a minimal intervention on your part.

Conduction vapes, on the other hand, may require a stir if your draws begin to diminish. You may need to tap the device in order to shift the innermost material outward. Should you find all of your pack now parched (i.e., browned and used), then it may be time to refill.

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How to Use a Desktop Vaporizer

Tabletop units let you vape a much larger amount of product at once and, so, are best suited for larger groups. The loading instructions are the same for portable and tabletop units as delineated above with the main difference being the way the ‘smoke’ is inhaled.

Thus, and depending on your tabletop unit you’ll either use it to fill a plastic bag (many medical users may prefer this method), or balloon with the vaporized product and then inhale from there. Alternatively, you could employ the use of a long, rubber whip to draw vapor off the unit, or both.

How to Vape Weed Correctly: The Best Temperature

Most vapes have a range of temperatures you can choose from and, depending on which setting you elect to use, you may get substantially different results.

Generally speaking, higher temperatures will create larger, denser vapor clouds. This added heat, however, could make them harder to hold, which is again why we encourage you to experiment with temperature settings. 

how to vape weed temperature

If you’re interested in specific cannabinoids, it’s best to vape at different temperatures. Here’s an overview:

  • THC:  This psychoactive cannabinoid vaporizes at 315° F and is as high a temperature as you need to set should you only be after a nice, relaxed mental high
  • CBD:  This more hemp-like cannabinoid vaporizes at 356° F and means you will need to increase your temperature in order to enjoy the mellow benefits of this compound.
  • CBN:  This alternative cannabinoid vaporizes at 365° F and can help with insomnia; just take care as the temperature setting is still higher and, depending on your rig or pen, could mean an unintended transfer of heat to your hand (OUCH!).

In general, the higher the temperature, the more mellow, medicated or zoned out you may feel.

How to Vape Weed Correctly Explained

As you can see, embarking on how to vape weed correctly is straightforward.

With these tips, you’ll be ready to tread the vaping cannabis universe, and as a result, you’ll experience its many health and practical benefits. Just remember, all vapes come with a learning curve, so experiment and don’t settle!

Happy vaping!

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