A prominent figure in the health world these days is juicing vegetables. And with all the health benefits it’s easy to see why. For those who are always looking for a healthy choice to add to their arsenal, juicing cannabis may be for you.

Dr. William Courtney is a leader in the world of juicing cannabis. His studies report that juicing is the healthiest way to consume marijuana. Many of the ailments and illnesses that are treated by marijuana are prevented by juicing the raw plant regularly.

Juicing Cannabis – Abundance of Benefits

juicing cannabis

The fact alone that cannabis is a vegetable chalk full of nutrients like other leafy greens, (lettuce, spinach, bok choy) is a great reason to add it into your routine. Marijuana is packed with cannabinoids that are unique to the cannabis plant, making it a very nutrition-dense vegetable.

A large number of cannabinoids in marijuana help improve cell function and may decline the damage from free radicals. Many cannabinoids have anti-tumor properties that help fight and prevent cancerous cells from growing and multiplying.

Unfortunately, cannabis will lose most of its nutritional properties once it’s been heated or cooked. Heating cannabis changes its cannabinoid profile by converting THCA into THC and CBDA into CBD. The transition into THC allows users to get a high from cannabis. But with THCA you can receive all the medicinal effects without getting a buzz.

Since you don’t get high from juiced cannabis it’s more than alright to consume larger amounts. Years of research have gone to show that large amounts of CBD can stop and recede tumors in cancer patients. The daily intake required is quite high at 600mg, a number that must be worked up to. With juicing you can achieve that amount much quicker.

How to Juice Cannabis

Just like any vegetable or green, the fresher the better. A great way to not waste any herb is only using the freshest. The enzymes that are essential to the nutritional value begin to decay the second vegetables are picked. Having a fresh crop or access to one will greatly increase the value and quality of your juiced products.

Making a cannabis juice is actually really easy, all you need is 15-20 large leaves and two decent size buds in a juicer. Although this doesn’t need to be your most expensive, dank buds it is important to have the product cured properly.

Find what combinations of fruits and vegetables you enjoy most for your juice. Raw cannabis might not be your favourite taste and adding in a little bit of sweeter ingredients will help with the flavour.

It’s recommended to drink the juice in 1 cup portions, 3 times daily. Cannabis juice doesn’t need to be drunk immediately either. Properly stored juice is good for up to 3 days!

Juicing Cannabis – Why Not Start Today

With so many amazing benefits it’s no wonder drones of health enthusiasts are moving to juicing cannabis and adding it into their day to day lives. As marijuana legalization becomes a reality in more countries the science behind its medicinal benefits will only become clearer. In the meantime, there is plenty of evidence to add juiced marijuana into your lifestyle.