Want to smoke a few puffs from your comfy home without stinking up the whole place? Grab some of those dryer sheets in your laundry room and make yourself a sploof! It will conceal the smell, as long your’e not having a Cheech and Chong smoke out.

What You’ll Need

  • Dryer Sheets, the more you can fit in your apparatus the better.
  • Toilet paper roll or bottle top. The top of a 2L or smaller plastic coke bottle works great
  • Tape or rubber bands
  • Scissors or knife ¬†(be safe!)



1. Cut the bottle top from the body if you have not done so already.


2. Insert as many dryer sheets you can possibly fit in the toilet paper roll or ¬†bottle. More never hurts if you’re trying to be extra careful.


3. Wrap the end of your sploof with another dryer sheet to hold to make your final screen. Take your tape or rubber bands and fasten that filter in tight.


4. Crack a window and smoke your favourite cannabis!

Using your Sploof’s Full Potential

Even tho it does take away most of excess marijuana smell its not 100%. If you’re hot boxing your bathroom it wont make much of a difference unless you have an industrial fan in there.

Use a pipe or bong with a single toke packed in. This will keep your room smelling fresher then spring daisies.