I have a confession, I love food. But I don’t just love food, I LOOOOVEEEEE FOOD. The kind of love my mama probably never felt for me…. Just kidding my mom loves me like Italy loves pasta.


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Summertime with @mybestfriendhank 🐷🍉#lovefood

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Baseball is really stepping their game up, tuna nachos at the park


This is what street food dreams are made of


It’s hard to love McDonalds, it’s not hard to love this meme


Now that’s how you do a lobster bisque


mama. bowl of weed, master kush, blueberry kush, marijuana
I pick kebabs over abs


One for me, one for me, one for you, one for me 😀


This was the moment I realized my blood pressure will one day be through the stratosphere


Not unless I start eating like an adult and less like a 6 year old


A sushi smorgasbord is never a bad idea


I could eat a breaded sandwich after every weed bowl. That’s a lot of master kush and food


Get in my bellllllyyyyy


Blue cheese quesadilla anyone?


Nachos are not an option, they are a staple of life


Curly fries have a special place in my heart. Right beside Mila Kunis and Blueberry Kush


Who’s got a pocket full of tater tots right now?


Leave it to America for making hot Cheeto’s wings


If you haven’t got on the Korean BBQ wave, grab your surf board


mama. bowl of weed, master kush, blueberry kush, marijuana


I like my tacos like I like my marijuana, with plenty of variety