There’s really something special about a plate full of your favourite food. Whether you’re a vegan or meatetarian nothing comes close to the special bond of Mary Jane and all the delicious food’s. Bon Apetit.

This is how I’d start my day off optimally. And a bit of reefer of course


And with a light sprinkle of powdered sugar, breakfast was complete


A stack of perfection


Yes please


You can’t really have Tuesday without tacos


May the breaded cod flow through you


I never knew Pad Thai fries existed but now I HAVE to get some


This is why our generation is broke apparently? It looks delicious but come on


Growing up in Newfoundland meant lobster for the poor and bologna for the rich. What a place to live


Thank you Italia, for all you’ve brought to the food game


Who needs a bit of garlic knots in their life?


Deep fried macaroni has a special place in my heart next to Basketball, the Simpsons and Charlotte’s web


You have 30 minutes to finish this cinnamon bun, who do you choose to finish it with ya?


Can we all just get along and eat our faces off together?


May the cheese pull be with you


Nom nom nom nom nom nom taco nom nom


I agree with this message


I can’t dunk a basketball but I can dunk a cinnamon fry


It’s hot out there, cool yourself off


Variety is the spice of life


As a cookie dough lover, I support this message