I can’t think of a better way to enjoy being stoned then eating some amazing food. If you agree, roll a joint and enjoy some tasty treats. Mama Said Tuesday’s Food’s Day.


Mmmm banana and  nutella pancakes


Not the healthiest thing you could eat for breakfast, but hey who’s counting


Now this is a tropical breakfast



Who would you share these with?


Waffle fries are a way of life


This is what we all need in our lives <3


Who’s your wing man / wing women?


Either then the fact this would be very pricey, WOW


I’m literally salivating at the chance to dig in


Bless the burrito gods for making this beautiful creation possible


I can imagine her devouring this like a hungry, hungry hippo


Little bit of fried chicken sandwich and a bong rip never hurt anyone


Mary Jane and Oysters are nature’s aphrodisiac’s


That nacho cho’s man


A toast, to the good times


If you can’t tell, I have a serious addiction to cookie dough


Damn I hope this doesn’t melt quick while I¬†smoke my weed