Top of the morning to y’all! Let’s get the week started right with some Monday Morning Medicine. It’s part of a balanced breakfast as they say 🙂


Some of the best words to live by


It’s always nice to take a look up at the stars to realize how tiny your problems really are


Be grateful, no one likes a snobby little piece of work!


Tell that fear it can get out of here!


Don’t sweat it if your boss doesn’t show you all the love in the world. Do you and be proud of yourself


Being yourself and making your own path is more rewarding then a love potion blunt


Woah, that’s a really deep end


You can’t put out every ones fire, just take care of yours and others will follow


Sometimes the one in the mirror is really at fault


Plant seeds of positivity….. and cannabis


If you give up you never know where you could have gotten


Baby steps towards a greater goal is all that matters


I know we’ve all been there before. A strong indica puts me right out and less worried about my phone


Get away from the mental barriers that can leave you feeling helpless


Keep a big smile and work your way up!


All we have is the moment, let’s enjoy the hell out of it