Rolling papers, filters, a mini bong – what weed accessories do you have in your kit? If you’re a greenhorn smoker, you’re probably not aware of this facticity of cannabis life but most of your weed-smoking family and friends will, in some capacity or another, have what’s known as a “weed kit” or “stash.” 

It’s a collection of tools, weed accessories and paraphernalia that makes the ritual of smoking weed fast and easy. For those who share joints with friends and without rolling one themselves, it’s the essentials that every stoner carries with them to keep the sesh mobile.

Ready to graduate and make your own weed kit? Let us walk you through all the essential weed accessories you’ll need to make your weed kit one of the best ever.

Weed Accessories – What do You Need? 

While kits may vary amongst tokers based on personal preferences, smoking styles and location, there are a few essentials that every kit has to have to keep the good times rolling. 


weed accessories, bong

First, the bong! Any stoner who doesn’t know what a bong is should probably give their head a shake because they are either way too blitzed right now or have been living under a rock since 1976.

This simple weed accessory works by pulling smoke from a bowl, through a down stem and up through the water. By having the smoke pulled through the water, it gets caught in bubbles and is easier on the lungs, leading to massive tokes and legendary highs.

Make sure to take it slow at first, as a really fat bong rip right off the bat for your first time. You could and most likely will cough up a lung!

Rolling Papers AKA Rollies

weed accessories papers

When it comes to rolling papers, you have A LOT of options. It only makes sense, since this is one of the core components of a joint. 

Here are some of the factors you might have to take into consideration when it comes to rollies

  • Unbleached vs bleached
  • Hemp vs Tobacco vs Rice
  • Natural vs flavoured 
  • Normal vs king-sized

These papers, along with your weed, are ultimately going to end up in your lungs and in your body so it’s important to consider all of your options. Natural rolling papers such as unbleached hemp and rice papers are the healthiest option , but at the same time tend to be more flimsy and difficult to handle while the thicker paper ones are sturdier. 

You also have to take into consideration whether or not you want flavored vs unflavored joints. Flavoured joints such as Juicy Jays provide great flavour while rolling and smoking but they’re not exactly the healthiest for your lungs due to all the additional additives. 

Size matters too – do you want 1-inch, snack sized joints or something more substantial? Keep in mind that the larger the joint, the more cannabis you’ll end up needing to properly fill it up.

Our take? 1 and a ½ inch sized, natural, unbleached hemp rolling papers. 

They’re the perfect size, the healthiest to smoke and the easiest to handle. Of course, this is our own personal opinion. Your own smoking circumstances such as a larger smoke group, might change your preferences.


weed accessories tips

Although not a necessity, they make the overall rolling process a lot more streamlined and rapid. Also known as a “crutch,” filters are firm pieces of paper that can be rolled up and inserted into the joint to separate the cannabis from your mouth. This convenient weed accessory makes the joint easier to hold onto and easier to smoke out of.

Many people will disagree and say that filters are an unnecessary expense, opting instead to use business cards or similar paper lying around to act as a crutch. Our response? Why not spend a dollar or two to make your life easier?

Each packet of filters comes with around 50, so you’re essentially paying pennies for a much smoother smoking experience. Why bother skimping out when the alternative is so readily available and cheap?


weed accessories grinder

Grinders come in many shapes and sizes, and depending on how small or large you want your kit to be, grinder size is often the limiting factor. While most tokers will have a large 3-chamber weed grinder for use at home, it can be cumbersome carrying around such a device when you’re on the go. 

Such grinders are great at gathering kief and providing the ideal grind for rolling cannabis into joints. For mobile applications, a smaller, one-chambered kief might be more ideal. The downside of using a smaller device comes with the coarseness of the grind. As a smaller device, you’re going to have a much more difficult time grinding and handling your weed.

You also won’t have any way to collect and store any kief that might accumulate. 

Alternatively, you could just pre-grind your cannabis at home and bring it with you in a tube or container instead, but this comes with its own host of limitations. 

What if there’s a friend who brings their own green? You’ll have no way to properly grind it. 

Our take? It’s a mobile kit, so it’s best to go for a small single-chambered grinder for convenience. If you’re planning on storing it in your car or vehicle, then there’s no problem at all with going with a larger grinder.

Stash Box

stash box

Depending on which country and even which region you live in, culture can vary regarding the social and legal acceptability of cannabis.

For those of you living outside of one of the more acceptable regions, a stash box for your dried flowers may be a good option to consider!

One of the most varied weed accessories, we’ve seen them as fake Coke bottles, books, hats with secret zippers or even just non-descriptive satchels, but a good stash box should always be two things: large enough to hold your stash, and smell proof enough to conceal it!

Boveda Packs

boveda pack

For those who buy in large quantities and want to preserve the shelf life of their cherished cannabis, there is only one solution: Boveda packs.

These sealed, safe little packets monitor and control the moisture around them, leaving the marijuana surrounding them in optimal conditions for storage. Simply slide your new Boveda pack in the same bag or jar as your marijuana and let it work its magic! For those working with large amounts of cannabis, this is a must-have weed accessory.


A vaporizer may be your best, most efficient and discreet option for consuming cannabis. It’s not only one of the most flavourful methods of using marijuana, it’s the healthiest for immediate results. The lack of smoke and instant release of THC into the body is perfect for those wanting to medicate on the go!

The Hooti Disposable vaporizer is an amazing product made with Hooti’s state-of-the-art premium THC distillate and reintroduced strain-specific terpenes.

This weed accessory will always delight a crowd, and is a good alternative to the stone(d) age technology of pipes and bongs.

Final Thoughts on Weed Accessories

If you were ever stuck pondering what kind of weed accessories you should include in your own weed kit, we hope that this article was successful in shedding some light on some of the essentials that you’ll need to make your own.

This is by no means a fully comprehensive guide so while you’re in the process of making your own weed kit, feel free to customize it and modify it to your liking. Want to add in a rolling tray? A roach clip? A pack of gum to hide the scent once the sesh is done? It’s all up to you. Just don’t forget the basics!

Happy trails!