Hey there folks. Today we’ll be going over a situation we hope you never have to deal with: the dreaded marijuana drug test. This could be for the workplace or some sort of court proceeding, but either way, when one comes up, you have to possess the knowledge to deal with it and pass a drug test fast.

The propaganda surrounding weed and the workplace has existed for decades. While the times are changing now, we still have to deal with many years of cannabis slander, which has affected the attitudes of employers, many of whom regard cannabis as being something unethical and taboo. That being said, we don’t think drug tests are going to disappear any time soon.

That leaves us with our key question for this week’s article.

How to Pass a Drug Test

how to pass a drug test, how long does weed stay in your system,

Well, the first method is pretty obvious (if a little boring) … Abstain! Depending on your level of use, your urine will be clear of THC anywhere between 8 – 77 days. Drug Test Kits are really accurate, so now, we know what you’re saying: that’s a HUGE window, where to hell do I fall in it? Well don’t worry, we have a little chart you can follow.

–         1-time use: clean in 5-8 days

–         2-4 times a week: 11-18 days

–         5-6 times a week: 33-48 days

–         Daily use: 50-65 days, up to 77

Lots of hot liquids, a healthy diet and exercise will help your body detox speed up.

Now if you’re reading this thinking “Oh wow, I smoke weed every day and the drug test is next week, I’m totally screwed” … Fear not! We have a few methods you can use to beat the drug test!

Www.passyourtest.com has a ton of “detox drinks” you can use to flush your system, keeping you clean for a period of four to six hours. Try to ask other people at your work approximately what time their drug test was to better your odds.

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Desperate Times Calls for Desperate Measures

When drug tests are randomized, you’re going to need something a little more heavy-duty to beat out the authorities. Something like… A fake penis and someone else’s urine. Yes, you read that correctly, a fake penis, and someone else’s urine. Acquire the pee however you can. If you got a cool friend with children, that may be an option for an optimally innocent urine sample, otherwise asking around on local drug forums or even checking craigslist may be your best bet.

Then… pee it through your fake penis, courtesy of www.thewhizzinator.com

While it seems like something out of an American Pie movie, desperate times call for desperate measures. In your time of need, this fake penis and some clean urine may be the only thing between you and the unemployment line. Depending on your own personal situation and drug test deadline, this may be the way to go.

how to pass a drug test, how long does weed stay in your system,

To summarize, our personal recommendation is the detox kits. There are some heavy-duty ones (which are usually a bit more expensive) that claim to completely clear your system in as little as five days, although this will inevitably vary depending on things like metabolism and body weight.

If you know a test is coming up, the best thing you can do is take a break from cannabis. Search online for a detox kit to suit your needs and remember the clean urine for a last-ditch resort.

Now that you know how to pass a drug test, we wish you the best of luck and sincerely hope that the knowledge given to you through this post makes the difference!