The Purple Haze strain is an instant classic and one that dates back to the early 60s.

Purple Haze is a pungent strain that delivers sweet, herbaceous aromas that are undercut by a tart berry flavour that delivers cerebral effects. Purple Haze offers its users intense mental stimulation, increased sociability and increased productivity.

We’re going to break down why these purps are worth indulging in, and how the Purple Haze strain has remained the sativa-dominant strain of choice for over 50 years.

What is the Purple Haze Strain?

purple haze

Purple Haze is a sativa-dominant strain with superstar beginnings. Eponymously named for its purple hues and after the 1967 Jimi Hendrix song of the same name, Purple Haze is a pungent strain that delivers sweet, herbaceous aromas that are undercut by tart berry. Although this strain’s lineage is not made clear, many users believe Purple Haze to be an offshoot of Haze and another, unknown purple-coloured indica

As the name would suggest, the buds of the Purple Haze strain are a mix of dark forest green and deep purple. The nugs themselves have a classic sativa shape – medium-sized in length and conical in nature. A thick coating of silver trichomes helps boost this strain’s potency to the next level while also providing a nice, frosted look to Purple Kush’s buds.

when we talk about purple strains such as the Purple Haze strain, a lot of speculation goes into the who, what, where, and why some strains are purple while others remain green.  In cannabis culture, purple weed is often recognized to be superior and of high quality, with many believing the purple weed high to be especially unique and powerful.

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We don’t want to be blowing any hot smoke in the air, but believing in this tidbit of cannabis hearsay might actually hold some merit.

While not all weed strains can be purple, those who can undergo intensive care and attention in order to turn purple. Anthocyanins, a flavonoid responsible for protecting plants against UV and light radiation, is also responsible for giving some plants their deep purple colouration. Anthocyanins have also been found to have anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties.

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But just because a strain can be purple, doesn’t mean it will turn purple. On the contrary, a purple strain needs to experience the right amount of light, temperature, and nutrient control in order to let its purple colour shine. If growing conditions aren’t at their most optimal, even strains that are known to be purple (such as the Purple Haze strain) won’t turn purple at all!

Which explains why purple coloured strains are so highly regarded within the cannabis community – if a strain is purple, it’s a surefire way to tell that that particular bud has been well-taken care of.

Unfortunately, despite what the name might suggest, Purple Haze does not feature any grape flavour or aroma. Instead, the scent of blueberries shines through. Pungent earth and aromatic spice can also one tasted as this cerebral strain delivers its amazing effects.

What is the Purple Haze Strain Good For?

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The purple haze strain experience has been often said to be psychedelic. The cerebral stimulation that t offers, along with its popular, potent mood-lifting effects make it strain worthy of many glowing reviews. Its sweet yet earthy flavour makes it a great contender for a happy, euphoric experience that not only eliminates stress but elevates productivity.

As we’ve mentioned before, the presence of anthocyanins in the Purple Haze strain makes it extremely effective in dealing with inflammation and bodily pain. These effects, paired with its Sativa-dominant energy, mood, and creativity boosting traits afford this strain an elevated position for treating depression and dealing with anxiety. 

A social choice, the Purple Haze strain is also great at increasing sociability. While your thoughts might race, your desire to chat, laugh and enjoy time with your friends quickly overpower any feelings of hesitation. Those who are more experienced with Purple Haze might actually find that this strain increases productivity as well. For a wake-and-bake kind of day, there are few choices better than the Purple Haze strain.

Once these Sativa-dominant effects take hold, Purple Haze’s indica effects start to creep in. As the high continues, the body begins to relax as tension is slowly released throughout. Joint pain, muscle spasms, and cramps are all effectively treated with the Purple Haze strain, with many advocates swearing by its medical applications. 

Does it Get You High?

Purple Haze boasts a THC content of 19-21%, so it’ll definitely get you lifted.

In fact, this Sativa-dominant strain actually has a THC content rivaling that of some Indica strains! This higher-than-average THC content might explain its euphoric, psychedelic effects and its potent, sedating effects.

If you’re looking to put yourself in a ‘haze’ while still remaining productive, social, and anxiety-free, Purple Haze is your go-to.  For inexperienced users, these psychedelic effects might even manifest as mild hallucinations. Care should be taken when it comes to consumption, as this strain’s side effects are seriously no joke.

Tokers suffering from chronic back or joint discomfort will be pleased to know that Purple Haze has profound medical applications. Unlike its Indica counterparts, Purple Haze won’t leave you locked to your couch or in a catatonic state. Experienced THC users might even be able to do a bit of puff-puff-pass before work to take the edge off before clocking in!

Purple Haze Strain Review – The People’s Choice

After reviewing this strain information, it’s no surprise how Purple Haze has remained the people’s choice for sativa-dominant strains well over 40 years.

With a flowering time of 9 weeks, it’s easy to produce and even easier to love.

This potent strain will provide cerebral stimulation like no other, and all you’ll need is just one toke to come to appreciate why Purple Haze is a cult classic.