Let’s face it, although there are plenty of people who would consider themselves a “lonely stoner”, lots of us prefer to meet with a group of friends and indulge. Do you ever find that without engagement from everybody the room can get a little quiet? No need to let the room fall into a silence, let’s play some stoner games.

All you need for most these games are your lungs and a few good friends to share some laughs with. If you like having fun and smoking weed, then you’ve made it to the right place!



stoner games

Gather all of your friends in a circle, roll up some of your finest, light it up, and take a hit.

After the first person takes a hit, they hold the smoke in and pass it to the next player in the circle.

The objective of the game is to hold the smoke in until the cigar makes it back to you.

If you exhale or cough before it makes it was back to you, then you’re out!

The game goes until there is one player left standing.


Traffic Lights

stoner games

This has got to be one of my favorite stoner games.


Because, Traffic Lights can get out of hand really quickly.

The game is a 1 vs 1 variation of Chicago

The big difference, though, is that with each round you will increase the number of hits you have to take by one, while still holding in your smoke until the joint makes it’s way back to you.

So if it’s round 6 you’re taking 6 drags!


Last Man Standing

Whether you’re a man or woman, you may not be standing after playing this game.

Last Man Standing is best to play on a day when you have absolutely nothing to do.

Be sure that you have at least an ounce of weed or more depending on your tolerance.

All you have to do is smoke until you can’t possibly smoke anymore.

The person who can no longer handle the pot loses.


Green Jack

stoner games

Blackjack, also known as 21, is a super popular card game. I’m sure you’ve played it with your buddies, but if you haven’t, the rules are simple.

You’re playing against the dealer, aiming to reach “21”. Each card has a value. Two through 10 are face value, face cards (jack, queen, king) are worth 10, and an ace is worth one or eleven.

Each player receives two cards to start off. If he’s happy about what he received, he can stay. If he received low cards and wants more, he can “hit”.

Whoever has the higher card total (dealer or player) wins the round. But, if someone busts (goes over 21), it’s an automatic win for the other party.

In order to make it a stoner games, simply have the winner of the round take a bong rip, or smoke a bowl. Rounds go pretty quickly, so you won’t be sitting around for too long. Keep in mind, Blackjack can be a much more complicated game. But, with these rules it’s easy, fun, and a great way to get stoned.



stoner games

This game is an awesome way to really brush up on your world geography.

The rules are simple. Someone starts off by naming something to do with geography. This could be a state, country, city, geographical phenomenon, military base, or street.

Whatever the last letter of the first word is, the next person must name a place starting with that letter.

For example, if I said “Namibia”, the next person would say “Antigua”. The following person would say “Albuquerque”, and so on. The further you get into the game, the harder certain letters will become. If someone doesn’t respond in a “reasonable” amount of time, he must then smoke.

This game is designed more to have fun than to get super stoned. But, if you want to be very sinister, you could suggest it to your non-geography loving friends. Either way, you’ll impress yourself with your world knowledge.

Now that you’ve got some stoner games in your tool case, all you need is some weed. Enter here for all your cannabis needs!