With 2020 behind us, the new year rings in as a fresh start for all of us, and we have stoner resolutions to kick off 2021 right. 

While the past year might have given us more reason to enjoy our weed even more so than before, the new year allows us to create new and helpful resolutions to aid us in the future. 

That said, there has never been a better time to rework your habits and get started on your own stoner resolutions when it comes to smoking weed.

To kickstart the new year off on a good note, we’ve created a list of new year’s resolutions. More specifically, a list of stoner resolutions that could help you recognize and clean up any bad stoner habits you may have picked up in the past. 

Without further ado, let’s jump right in!

10 Stoner Resolutions For The New Year

Prepare Your Own Weed Kit

There’s nothing worse than getting hyped for a good smoke session only to find out that you forgot your lighter or that it no longer works. Luckily, this trivial issue is easily solvable by taking the time to create a weed kit. 

An effective weed kit carries a few main components, including rolling supplies, backup bud, and something to light the joint. Rolling papers and filters are paramount to creating the perfect joint along with some high-quality weed should you run out. 

Lastly, a hemp wick, a lighter, or a mini butane torch to spark up the joint are useful accessories. 

Quality Over Quantity

There’s nothing wrong with treating yourself to something nice every once in a while. Not to say that there’s anything wrong with smoking bad weed, but putting an emphasis on quality over quantity will enhance your experience exponentially. 

If this means that you have to smoke your bud less frequently, then so be it. You’ll notice a huge difference between dank weed and ditch weed, and once you get your hands on some dank weed, you won’t want to go back.

Some of our favourite strains include Girl Scout Cookies, God’s Green Crack, and Mimosa. You owe it to yourself to enjoy the very best.

Take a Tolerance Break

Avoiding tolerance breaks altogether is a common mistake many stoners make. 

In fact, overdoing things usually tends to take away from the novelty of the experience, reducing the pleasure gained from subsequent experiences. 

That said, if you’re looking to enjoy your smoking experience with weed continually, it’s essential to take regular tolerance breaks. Not only will it reset your tolerance, but it will also help you regain that novelty you once had when you first started to enjoy your favourite icky sticky.

Take Advantage of Your High

When you’re high, you experience life through a different lens. Things are much more interesting, you get more creative, and you tend to feel things to a greater degree. 

Sure, it’s fine to get couch-locked every once in a while, but you’ll be missing out on the joys of the high. The next time you take a few puffs, you can use the high to enhance ordinary activities and even sex

Yes. You read that right. Indulging in some bud could be just what you and your partner need to spice things up in the bedroom.

Whether you decide to use creativity to enhance your productivity or the extra sensitivity to touch to get intimate with your significant other, you’ll be capitalizing on the benefits of the high, which is always a good thing.

Make the Munchies a Good Thing

stoner resolutions guide

It’s commonly known that cannabis is notorious for making food fantastic in both flavour and texture. In this way, eating a spoonful of ice cream can feel like munching on sweet clouds, while a simple orange can feel like an exotic tropical dessert. 

The point is, the munchies don’t always have to be associated with junk food. Given that weed makes everything taste better, why not reach for the healthier option instead? 

It’ll taste amazing and better yet, you’ll get the satisfaction of feeling great after supplying your body with the nutrients it needs.

Know Your Limit

As cliché as it sounds, moderation is the key to everything. When done in excess, the high from cannabis can quickly turn around into an ugly cesspit of doubt, worry, and anxiety. What’s more, you can experience a weed hangover the next day.

In order to avoid this from happening, it’s important to pay attention to the amount of weed you’re smoking or eating during each session and keep tabs on how it makes you feel.

Enjoy Your Cannabis in Healthier Ways

Smoking isn’t the only way to enjoy your favourite bud. Thanks to innovation within the cannabis industry, we now have things like electronic vaporizers, tinctures, and a variety of different edibles

You can even experiment with making your own cannabis-infused edibles at home.

Stop Smoking Resin and Tar

smoking a joint

If you continuously find yourself smoking the black stuff that collects at the bottom of bongs and pipes, it’s probably time to start looking for more practical, safer alternatives. 

If you can’t afford quality weed, try getting a vape pen that will last long or smoke less frequently. Either way, smoking tar is a no go.

Try Some New Strains

Nothing ventured, nothing gained. There’s nothing wrong with sticking your go-to tried and true strains of cannabis, but you’ll be missing out on the more experimental cutting edge strains out there. 

It’s a big world of cannabis out there, and it would be a shame for you to miss out on it. Don’t be afraid to venture out of your comfort zone and try something new every once in a while. 

You never know. It might just be your next favourite strain.

Educate and Inform Others

It’s been roughly two years since the legalization of medical and recreational cannabis in Canada. That said, there is still the issue of misinformation going around. 

As a cannabis enthusiast and stoner yourself, it’s essential to properly educate people on the plant’s true nature, both good and bad. Spreading clear and insightful knowledge of cannabis will help mitigate many of the issues that stigmatized it in the first place.

The first step is to inform and educate those who are curious about factually accurate and reliable information.

Stoner Resolutions – New Year, New Possibilities 

There you have it, a list of some of the most important changes and resolutions every stoner can make to enhance their time with weed. 

If you’re already practicing these resolutions, then you’re already one step ahead of the crowd. If you know anyone else who needs to make some stoner resolutions, be sure to share this article with them. 

A new year is an ideal time to make changes and instill practices to ensure that you remain committed. Even if you don’t, that’s fine too. The best place to start is with good intentions. 

Happy trails!