Looking for a Strawberry Cough strain review? We did all the heavy smoking so you won’t have to 

The Strawberry Cough strain isn’t technically a landrace strain, but its origin story kind of makes it one, if being conceived near a strawberry field factors in at all. 

With its rare, red, colouring and juicy, strawberry taste, the Strawberry Cough strain is fan favourite. Strawberry Cough is right up there next to the likes of Master Kush, Sour Diesel, and Northern Lights. It’s a famous strain, and one puff of its sativa-dominant buds is all it takes to show you why. 

Today, we’ll go into detail about what the Strawberry Cough strain is, what it’s typically used whether or not it can get you high, and everything else you need to know about this berry great, farm-fresh strain! 

What is the Strawberry Cough Strain?

strawberry cough strain

Our Strawberry Cough strain review begins with its name and its claim to fame. 

Yes, just like how God’s Green Crack had Snoop Dogg to thank for its elevated street-cred, Strawberry Cough has enjoyed some time in the limelight. 

In the 2003 thriller,’Children of Men,’ the Strawberry Cough strain can be seen starring in a bit of “puff-puff-pass” action. To quote the film directly (1:15 in the video above), this strain is at a “fuck me, that’s strong,” rating and is most well-known for making your coughs taste like, well, strawberries!

In addition to its star-studded performance, the Strawberry Cough strain is an award-winning strain, too. 

In 2003, this very berry strain was named the winner of the Cannabis Cup – no small feat to be sure. 

This sativa-dominant strain also has a berry interesting premise, one that makes us almost want to believe that it could be a variant of some landrace strain. It’s a muddied origin story, but the prevailing theory stipulates that a farmer had accidentally planted a cannabis seed next to a strawberry field. This eventually led to the fruition of a strain called “Strawberry Field.” This strain was ultimately crossed with the haze strain, and thus, the Strawberry Cough strain was born. 


Strawberry Cough has a very berry-like appearance. The buds of this strain are chunky and dense. The nugs are often said to resemble pinecones, despite its bright, forestry green colouring. The most distinctive feature of Strawberry Cough is the appearance of rare, red-orange pistils peaking out through a fine dusting of crystal trichomes. Strawberry Cough’s cerebral, stimulating high has a fast onset and can hit you hard if you’re not prepared. 

Aroma wise, the scent of Strawberry Cough will undoubtedly have you mistake the presence of this strain for a basket of fresh, ripe strawberries. A hint of pepper and spice can be picked up ever so faintly as well. 

strawberry cough strain review

As its name would suggest, Strawberry Cough has a very berry flavour and has a close resemblance to an actual strawberry. On the tongue, Strawberry Cough is rife with fresh strawberry flavour. An incredibly sweet tasting strain, any and all notes of skunk and musk are absent. As the saccharine smoke leaves your mouth, it’ll coat your tongue in its sticky sweetness and linger for a moment before dissipating.

What is it Good For? Does it Get You High?

As a sativa-dominant strain, Strawberry Cough expectedly delivers cerebral-focused effects. Focus becomes sharpened, and energy becomes elevated as your motivation to complete mundane chores, and finish tasks become maximized. Thoughts will become narrow in scope as your consciousness slowly opens to new ideas and possibilities. 

Creativity and sociability are increased as well, opening Strawberry’s Cough availability to be both a daytime strain and a night time one. 

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Strawberry Cough isn’t just a sweet treat, it’s a great medicinal marijuana, too. While the stimulating effects set in immediately, a wave of physical relief and sedation rolls in shortly after.

Euphoria delivered through this strain’s sweet, saccharine smoke quickly eliminates stress and depression. Pain relief and physical sedation follow this unwinding, and you’ll soon close yours and feel like drifting off to a strawberry field of your own!

With a THC rating of 22%, we’ll tell you now before you green out that this strain is best left to those with a pair of seriously green thumbs. Biting off more than you can chew can un-earth a few troubling matters and put you six-feet under! Okay, that’s a lot of farming puns, but hey…it’s in our veins! 

Strawberry Cough Strain – A Very Berry Great Experience

The Strawberry Cough strain is just one of those strains that you just gotta try. I mean, there’s a reason why it’s featured so prominently in film, right?

Did we mention that it won the Cannabis Cup? For those that don’t know, the Cannabis Cup is essentially the Superbowl of weed. Numerous strains and cultivators compete against each other for the Cannabis Cup. It started in 1988 and since then, it’s been held annually each November in Amsterdam. 

Why does Strawberry Cough deliver such a great experience? For starters, the flavour that this strain can offer is not like anything you would have tasted before.

The flavour of deliciously ripe strawberries absolutely dominates and coats your mouth with its saccharine flavour. Even before you smoke it, the buds themselves will smell like their delicious, red counterparts for which they were named for. 

Following up in the flavour department is, of course, its amazing effects and potency. At 22% THC, this strain is no joke. This is the cream-of-the-crop when it comes to sativa-dominant hybrid strains, and you’ll know – and feel – it right away as soon as your stress, pain, and inflammation get eliminated and euphoria, creativity, and sociability get boosted to the max. 

See this strain available to purchase at your local dispensary? Don’t wait and act now before it’s all gone !

As always, happy toking!