New technologies have helped to create numerous new cannabis products to meet consumer needs. Understanding their unique qualities and what justifies their prices can be difficult to learn, one of them being THC Diamonds.

Today, we’ll breakdown what  THC Diamonds (also known as THCA diamonds) are and how they differ from other, more conventional concentrates such as shatter, budders and live resin and how this versatile and extremely potent concentrate can be used just about anywhere and anytime and why these THCA rocks are beginning to eclipse the likes of distillate and tinctures.

What are THC Diamonds?

thca diamonds

This product is rather rare currently, so not having heard about it is not surprising. The first thing to know is that they also go by THCA diamonds. This relates to how the product is made, as the diamonds technically are pure THCA. 

These compounds must be exposed to heat, called decarboxylation, to convert into THC and become psychoactive in the human body. If you consume the inactive acidic version of THC, called THC-A, you won’t get high from the product. Some consumers may want the benefits of THCA without the high from THC, so they may consume this product unheated. For the rest of us, we’ll describe how to use this product below so you know exactly what to do.

You may have also heard them described as THC or THCA crystalline. These terms all essentially mean the same product. While their appearance can vary, these products look like small crystals or granulated sugar. Usually only a few millimeters wide, the biggest crystals can be as big as diamonds, hence the name. This article will help you fully understand THCA Diamonds, including what makes them unique. We’ll start by comparing them to some of the other available concentrates to demonstrate how special they are.

THC Diamonds vs other Concentrates

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THC Diamonds are part of the newest wave of concentrates, including live resin, distillates, and more. Where they are unique, is in their incredible purity. These diamonds can be as pure as 99.9% THCA. With purity this high, you may be wondering about terpenes. Since THCA is the focus of extraction, the product can end up being flavorless and scentless. 

This is one of the reasons why Terp Sauce is added to these diamonds, to add that smell and flavor back into the product. You may know Terp Sauce by its more scientific name: High Cannabinoid Full Spectrum Extracts. Inside this Sauce, you’ll usually find up to 60% terpenes and the rest consisting of cannabinoids like THC or CBD. With this potency of cannabinoids and terpenes, you get the most aromatic smoking experience.

The price for diamonds may be higher than other concentrates due to the additional complexity and time needed to make this product. The time and effort are worth it, as they have unmatched potency and purity in the cannabis market. 

As the purest form of cannabis concentrates, these are great for those who want to minimize how much plant matter they smoke and what compounds they inhale. This can have beneficial impacts on the health of your lungs and reduce the side effects of smoking.

Terp Sauce by itself can have around 40% THC. Products like shatter, wax, and budder can have 60-90% THC. Hashish usually has under 65% THC and Hash oil can range from 30-60% THC. Comparing these all to THC Diamonds, none come close to the 99.9% THC purity found inside of these. This percentage is only rivaled by distillates, which use alternative extraction methods to isolate single compounds like THC or CBD.

The History of THC Diamonds

Cannabis extractions and concentrates have seen multiple new waves of products. The speed of these new waves has increased dramatically in the last decade or so. As collective knowledge grows and technologies advance, we’ll continue to see new evolutions of older products. THC Diamonds are an example of a concentrate that basically broke the ceiling on THC potency found in older products.

Crystalline versions of THCA have been around for several years, often topping out at 97% purity. This potency was bested first by Guild Extracts in California. They were the first to create a nearly completely pure product. Using molecular isolation, Guild Extracts created a whole new standard for THC purity. Many consumers haven’t looked back since, switching to THC Diamonds for their unrivaled purity.

How are THC Diamonds Made?

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Making THC Diamonds is a longer process than that use for other concentrates, but the first steps are very similar to others. This extra time is what is needed to produce the crystalline structure that consumers find so appealing. Unlike products like cannabis oils and rosin, THC Diamonds are not suitable for making at home for the average consumer.

THC Diamonds are made using cold extraction techniques, and this is why the product contains the inactive THCA compounds instead of THC. The process is complicated and lengthy. It also requires complex technology, including a chromatography machine. These expensive and advanced technologies require expertise to use safely.

Using Closed Loops

Making THC Diamonds involves similar steps as those used to make other concentrates. For example, butane extraction is often used to begin the process, creating an uncured live resin. Other cold extraction methods include using CO2. A closed-loop system is often used to ensure complete purity and lack of contamination. These set-ups are pricey and are only advisable in laboratories with the appropriate expertise and safety measures.


Another term to learn is called winterization. This process is how excess lipids are removed from the product. Liquid methanol can be the solvent used for this step. Isopropyl alcohol is sometimes used for the winterization process. Combining it with marijuana and leaving it in a freezer for 24 hours can get the job done. 

The goal is to reduce the number of plant waxes and chlorophyll from being extracted into the THC Diamonds. This process increases the purity and clean appearance of concentrates by removing these unwanted lipids, waxes, and chlorophyll from the final product.

A roto vape is then often used to gently separate the solvent for removal. A second wash can be completed using pentane, followed by another round of roto vape. This is where a chromatography machine then comes into play. This technology uses further solvents, pressure, and time to delicately isolate the diamonds. The last step is drying the product, which can take 3-11 days depending on the facility.

The Crystalline Method

The biggest difference is in how the solvent is removed and the effects on the final product. Instead of trying to do this step as quickly as possible, making THC Diamonds involves slowing down the process to get the ideal product purity and consistency. Roughly 10-15% of solvents are left inside the product after the first purge. In a process involving supersaturation, the THCA compounds are surrounded by terpenes and the solvent. 

This solvent is then slowly purged using pressure and time to produce the identifiable crystalline structures. This is similar to how rock candy is made. When exposed to the right environment, the THCA will separate from the solution and settle at the bottom of the vessel. These THCA compounds will bond to each other, and this forms the crystalline structure.

Diamond Mining

You may hear the term Diamond Mining used on industry websites. This is a similar process to the one described above. The major difference is that diamonds are harvested from a sauce. 

Crystals form and separate from the terpene-filled sauce. This results in two products, the THC Diamonds, and Terp Sauce. Terp Sauce is a term to describe a liquid mixture with 50% or more Terpene content, along with cannabinoids like THC and CBD. When looking for products, consider whether you just want the alone or doused in Terp Sauce.

How to Use THC Diamonds

how to use thc diamonds

Without further heat, you won’t get high from this product. Adding to food or drink is not advisable for people who want the psychoactivity. THC Diamonds can be smoked, vaped, or dabbed. 

The minimum heat needed is around 350°F or 176°C. Any standard smoking or vaping method that uses heat will work with THC Diamonds. Glassware may be preferred as it allows for better control of dosing the diamonds. Many consumers add in terpenes to the mix for enhanced smell and flavor. You could also purchase THC Diamonds soaked in Terp Sauce to avoid this step yourself.

You can add these diamonds into your joints, bowls, and pipes. This functional product can be adapted to your smoking or vaping preferences. When using THC Diamonds, pay careful attention to dosage. The amount of product needed is many times less than you may be used to due to the high potency.

The Effects of THC Diamonds

Due to the high potency levels of cannabinoids inside THC Diamonds, they can pack quite the punch. The intensity of THC Diamonds can be multiple times more intense than with dried flower. Just looking at THC percentages makes the THCA Diamonds four times stronger than bud, or even more. So it should do without saying that THC Diamonds can get you very high. 

Depending on the strain of cannabis used as the starting material, the effects can be pronounced in the body or in the head. An indica based product can produce a strong sedative body high full that promotes rest and relaxation. If a Sativa strain is used instead, you can expect a more intense head high with a chance of creativity, insight, and feeling extra chatty.

With the potency of THC Diamonds, consumers must be cautious to avoid unwanted side effects as well. All the usual set of side effects that occur with cannabis, including cotton-mouth and dry-eyes, may happen. 

Other side effects of consuming too much include dizziness, nausea, fatigue, and anxiety. Avoid these by starting with a tiny dose and staying within your tolerance level. Mind your set and setting, and be sure to drink lots of water and stay comfortable for the best chance of a good high experience.

Concluding Thoughts on THC Diamonds

Due to the purity and potency of THC Diamonds, you can smoke less product while still getting nice and high. This helps to avoid inhaling burnt plant matter, which is a risk factor for lung health concerns. 

This product is not for beginner consumers, but for those seeking a higher dose than provided by other products. When the appropriate dose is consumed, you can get all the benefits of THC without as many negative impacts on your lungs and throat. For those seeking purity and certainty in their purchases, diamonds provide the high purity you can find on the market. While these products can be pricey due to their advanced manufacturing process and complexity, the final product is usually worth the price.

You can find these products in America, Canada, and elsewhere. Make sure you buy a product made by a reputable lab. One with the needed expertise to make this advanced product. 

You can search online for this concentrated cannabis extract, and order now with shipping to your door. Always buy from laboratories that use the right technology to ensure a high-quality product that is safe for consumption.