What is a THC vape pen?

We won’t stand here and assume that you aren’t already familiar with vaping, because by this point, well, who isn’t really? The real question is, are you familiar with the differences between each type of cannabis vape pen and pod?

There’s a massive difference between what was first introduced to us as vaping and how we now identify it. 

In the beginning, we thought that vaping meant using an e-cigarette. Technically, e-cigarettes constitute vaping, but that is far from the definition. 

In short, vaping is vaporizing any substance and then inhaling the vapor created with a vape pen, e-cigarette, or oil rig.

Curious about how to use cannabis vape pens and how to differentiate them? Let’s dive into it.

What is a THC Vape Pen?

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As you already know, cannabis is composed of hundreds of different compounds. Each of these compounds has different effects and benefits on the body, and each one can be extracted from the cannabis plant by using a sort of extraction method. 

For instance, you can choose to extract THC or CBD, two of the most famous cannabinoids on the market.

What happens then?

Once you have extracted the cannabinoid of your choice, you can choose to make one of many cannabis sub-products. 

Be those topicals like creams and lotions, tinctures, or oils. 

Or you create THC oil. Simply take the THC extract and dilute it with a carrier oil and boom! There you have it.

For vaping oils, the process skips that last part, since carrier oils may vary for vaping pods and truthfully, each company will have its own particular formula. 

Some cartridge companies will even combine different extracts and provide mixtures of CBD and THC. What they keep the same is that all cartridges come pre-filled, and in some cases, you can refill them yourself.

When discussing THC vape pens, we refer to vape pens with a high content of THC. Meaning, vape pens that will get you high. 

Cartridge and vape pen prices will vary according to brands, battery type, cartridge size, strain type, and whether or not the vape pen you’re buying is disposable.

Disposable vs. Non-Disposable

Brands that carry high-quality vape pens will try to steer away from disposable varieties. 

Not that you can’t find a high-quality disposable vape pen if you search for it well enough.

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It’s just that non-disposable vape pens tend to bring longer battery life, various heat settings and pre-filled cartridges with the option of re-filling them. In some cases, they also offer a choice of vaporizing oils, resins, and even flowers.

Disposable pens are not so flexible, and even though they come pre-filled, you won’t have the option of re-filling the cartridge yourself. 

They usually come with a vape battery and no way to reattach it to a second cartridge, so it’s a one pop deal. You vape, you finish, and then re-purchase an entirely different pen.

On the other hand, a non-disposable weed pen usually comes with a 510 thread vape battery that fits almost every cartridge in the market. Regardless of the cartridge brand, chances are you’ll be able to use different oil brands on a single battery.

Although, there are exceptions to the rule, as some brands only make cartridge products that will fit their vape pen brand. 

Not the best if you don’t want to get married to a single brand. But if it’s a brand you really love and trust, then it’s definitely worth it.

THC Vape Pen vs Smoking Weed

Think of smoking cigarettes and substituting them for nicotine vape pens. It’s pretty much the same thing that happens here, and the only difference is that you’re inhaling vapor instead of smoke.

Both vaping and smoking will get us high. However, how high you get depends on the sort of cannabis strain you’re consuming, what size inhales you’re taking, if you’re mixing your THC flower or oil with CBD or not, and ultimately the total amount of THC you consume.

The true pros of vaping cannabis oil are convenience, consistent quality, and discreteness. Pens tend to be easier to conceal and carry in your pocket than a joint, baggy of weed and rolling papers. With a vape pen, all you have to do is make sure your battery is charged and puff.

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There’s also the quality consistency factor. Flowers can vary in quality if not grown by experts. At the same time, oils tend to be a bit more consistent because pen companies usually buy their raw material from certified growers that can guarantee flower or oil formula consistency. 

The third and final pro of using pens is their discreteness. Vapor is less thick, and because of this tends to hide the smell of weed while also protecting those who may accidentally inhale your smoke from getting high.

Is a THC Vape Pen Right For You?

We’ll go out on a limb and answer that question for you in advance; yes! Pens are something every regular stoner should consider. They provide convenience and reliability for when grinding and rolling is just not an option.

Vape pens are also better for your health. Shifting from smoking flowers to smoking vapes can produce beneficial effects and reduce your exposure to harmful chemicals while also improving your well-being.

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They are also more affordable, especially when buying from an online dispensary. Compared to government-operated ones, you can expect to pay over $48 for a 0.5g vape cartridge, while online dispensaries can offer you a more affordable solution with a price ranging around $35. 

Yes, there are unknowns with vaping and information on what vaping’s long term effects on the body are is still scarce. Because of this, we can’t advise you to substitute cannabis flower for oil entirely, and it’s not something we can recommend doing all day every day.

But it’s definitely a device worth having in the smoking arsenal if you’re serious about your weed needs.

THC Vape Pen – Is It Worth a Try?

THC pens refer to any vape battery that uses a cartridge with THC oil extract. 

There are a few differences between smoking THC and vaping THC oil that have to do with features like smell and taste, but the main difference to take in mind is convenience

Vape pens provide a convenient and flexible way to consume your medical cannabis on the go. So if you are someone who values time and looking for something fast-acting, then vapes are your all-in-one solution.