Living a stress-free life is possible.

Yes, we get it. Not everything always goes our way. Sometimes we go to pack a bowl after a long day at work, and can’t find a lighter. Or you smoke just before work and the regional manager that wasn’t supposed to be in town till next week is sitting in your office chair. We can just feel the stress from a million miles away.

Keep these tips in mind when optimizing your life and routine. Especially if good old Mary Jane is part of the equation.

12 Tips for Being a Stress-Free Stoner

stress free
  • Grab a pack of pipe cleaners to keep your glass fresh. They work really well at cleaning out all that nasty resin clinging to your gear.
  • Add a piece of velcro or a string attached to a lighter then connect it to your bong. This will make sure you won’t be caught without a lighter for your sesh.
  • Don’t have a weed grinder? No sweat, grab a coin and wash it thoroughly to disinfect it. Drop that coin into an empty pill bottle with your weed and shake.
  • Your stash will lose its potency if you leave it hanging around the light and heat. You can avoid this by making a pot jar yourself. Take a piece of black construction paper and tape it to the inside of a jar. This will keep all the light out and your herb fresh.
  • Learn the differences between sativa and indica. This will help you optimize which type of herb you’d like to smoke at different times.
  • Keep some body spray around in case you have to be somewhere that’s not 420 friendly. Not everyone is as open-minded about Mary Jane quite yet, and getting in trouble for it isn’t worth it.
  • Popping in a mint after smoking will keep your breath fresher than spring daisies. They’ll also help with cotton mouth and tide you over a bit if you’re feeling super hungry.
  • Speaking of being hungry, don’t smoke your face off and not have any munchies lying around. Making 7-11 runs on the reg will empty your wallets pretty fast.
  • If you want to bring some ganja around with you but don’t want to smell like a crop, get a doob tube or a smell-proof bag.
  • Make a pot-smoking playlist you can always go to. Having music that puts you in your special place on call is a must. 8 Tracks has weed smoking and chillout playlists for days!
  • If your joints are always canoeing or running (burning unevenly) add hash oil to them. Not only does it keep your spliff‘s burning much nicer, but they’ll also be stronger and burn much slower.
  • Don’t treat your supply like it’s your gas tank. Fill it up before it’s on empty. You never know when your suppliers aren’t immediately available and your date wants to come back and smoke!

Keeping these in mind when smoking pot will alleviate tons of stress for you in many different ways. Even just taking a few with you may just keep you your job. Or at the very least not have your mother-in-law screaming in your ear about how you’re a degenerate pothead. Again, living a stress-free life is possible.