Top 10 Stoner Munchies – Stoner Inspired Foods

Stoner Munchies is a well known fact that weed and food go together marvelously. After a good smoke, stoners will have enhanced sense of taste and smell which ultimately makes them crave for their favorite munchies. With 4/20 around the corner, stoners worldwide are preparing themselves for the big day. While having the perfect variety of flowers and edibles is crucial on this day, equal effort will have to be put into the munchie aftermath. Whether it’s a juicy cheeseburger, a bag of chips, a tub of your favorite ice cream, or a combination of them all, it is vital that you have your munchie pantry stocked up nicely for this momentous day. Here we have compiled the top 10 stoner foods, in no particular order.

10. Ice Cream

Stoner Munchies
Ben and Jerrys

Half Baked Ben & Jerrys ice cream have always been a staple in the freezers of the fully baked. Being one the premier ice cream makers, their half pint size tubs is the perfect dose of the timeless frozen dessert.

9. Gummie Candies

Stoner Munchies
Gummy Candies

If you ever have been to a convienence store while munching out, most likely have came out with a bag full of 5cents candies. Whether you choose the sour or sweet ones, the chewy satisfying sensensation of biting into these cheap candies is second to none.

8. Pizza Pops

Stoner Munchies
Pop Tarts

Too baked to operate an oven to bake your own pizza? However the microwave is easy to operate. Then Pizza Pops is your next best option.  One of the quickest fix when you’ve got the stoner munchies.  With flavours like pepperoni & bacon and poutine, Pizza Pops appeal to stoners worldwide. Just try to not finish the whole box.

7. Oreos

Stoner Munchies
Ice Cream Sandwhich

Oreo has always been milk’s favorite cookie to be dunked in. When it comes to that cookie craving, potheads usually don’t settle for anything else but the classic chocolate cookie witht the white icing in the middle.

6. Instant Noodles

Stoner Munchies
Instant Noodles

More known as the struggle meal for starving students, instant noodles has become a go to snack for potheads. The more creative stoners have been known to add their favorite sauces, condiments and side dishes to these noodles and turning it into a full stoner meal.

5. Fast Food Burgers

Stoner Munchies

Fast food drive thru lineups will usually have at least one person in line that is baked. Whether it would be McDonalds or Burger King, stoners have always relied on the burger and fries to satisfy their cravings.

4. Twinkies

Stoner Munchies

As stoners rejoice that Twinkies are back from discontinuation, these classic cream filled desserts is hard to miss walking through the junk food aisle.

3. Slurpees

Stoner Munchies

This classic refreshing ice slush drink from 7-11 not only will enhance the stoner’s high. It will also leave a colorful mark on the drinkers tongue. With countless flavors at the stoner’s disposal, the combinations of this classic drink are endless.

2. Cheetos

Stoner Munchies

It is always a good time when savouring the crunchy and cheesiness of the Cheetos however its a much better experience when Mary Jane is involved. Just got to be careful with the cheesy orange fingertips after the bag is complete.

1. Munchies

A bag of chips that takes the process of deciding what type of chips you actually want. This munchie contains all of the stoner’s favorite chips in one bag, and it’s appropriately named Munchies. stoner munchies Agree? Disagree? Did we leave something out? Which ones satisfies your cravings? Comment below and let us know!


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