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sex while high

Having Sex While High: Best Strains and Activities for the Bedroom

We already know weed can enhance our senses and our experiences - food tastes better, pain lessens, anxiety fades into the background - but...
420 Friendly

The Most 420 Friendly Cities in the World

As the laws start to loosen, travelers begin to embark on a new reason for travel.  Adventure Travel, Eco Tourism, Sun Destinations, we've heard them all.  Without further ado, we bring you Stoner Tourism!
Toronto First Cannabis HotelToronto First Cannabis Hotel

Toronto’s ‘first-ever’ cannabis hotel is more complicated than it seems

A new hotel seems to have opened up for the discerning cannabis traveller, right in the heart of Toronto. Just don’t expect Grateful Dead posters and...

Universities and colleges across Canada now growing marijuana on campus

Marijuana, long snuck on to college and university campuses for use in bongs and joints, is now being grown legally at several academic institutions...
craft beer

iPhones Are the Real Threat to Craft Beer, Not Weed, Says Brewers Association CEO

The craft beer industry is having some growing pains. According to numbers from the Brewers Association, though the industry continues to grow, that growth has...
Stoner Movies That Will Help You Think Outside Box

12 Stoner Movies That Will Help You Think Outside the Box

The day is yours! Take a puff of that good medical stuff, eat a ferocious gummy bear, or place a drop of that cannabis...
norman reedus, medical cannabis for children, raising money, cannabis children

Norman Reedus Raising Money for Children Using Medical Cannabis

Raffle winners will get autographed Walking Dead memorabilia. Funds will go toward supporting pediatric cancer research.   Norman Reedus, who plays the motorcycle-riding, crossbow-wielding badass Daryl Dixon...
shakespeare, william shakespeare

Was Shakespeare High When he Penned His Plays?

Chemical analyses of residues in early 17th-century clay “tobacco pipes” have confirmed that a diversity of plants was smoked in Europe

Morgan Freeman Shoots Straight: On Legalizing Marijuana and His Escape From New York

You’ve all heard the voice—at once authoritative and passive, weaving every soothing syllable into an epic yarn. It’s guided you through forbidding prisons, alien...

Francis Ford Coppola Goes From Wine To Weed With New Cannabis Lifestyle Company

It’s officially lights, camera, cannabis for legendary filmmaker-turned-winemaker-turned-hotelier Francis Ford Coppola. Following in the footsteps of Constellation Brands, which owns multiple major vineyards in the...