Monday, May 27, 2019

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tommy chong. lincoln commercial

Tommy Chong’s Hilarious Unaired Lincoln Video Ad

When the name Tommy Chong is mentioned, a whole host of things come to mind. There's his 'Cheech and Chong' legacy in the 70's and...
cannabis cup, cannabis cup winners, high times

History of the Cannabis Cup

The very first Cannabis Cup Winner in 1998 was Skunk #1 from Cultivators Choice. Other winners of note are Jack Herer in 1994, White Widow in 1995...
mike tyson, mike tyson resort, cannabis resort

Mike Tyson to Open His Very Own Cannabis Resort

Over New Year’s, California opened the floodgates to legally sell recreational cannabis, and Mike Tyson celebrated by breaking ground on his new compound, “Tyson Ranch,” a 40-acre multi-purpose farm and resort for all things marijuana.
gas mask bong,

Gas Mask Bong: A Cool Idea, Horrible Experience

The time had finally come, I bucked up and bought myself a nice little gas mask bong. It was your standard black face mask, with a purple bong attached, but it meant so much more to me.

Stoner Games for Everyone!

No need to let the room fall into a silence, let's play some stoner games.

The Lazy Pothead Myth: How Science and Celebrities Prove it’s False

Despite this correlation between cannabis use and conditions that affect motivation, cannabis users are far from the unsuccessful stoners that the media makes them out to be.
cannabis, cannabis users, research, successful, california,

New Study Shows Cannabis Users are More Satisfied and Successful

Debunking myths of low motivation and under-achievement, in California it was found that 20 percent of consumers had graduated with a master’s degree while the figure was 12 percent for those who wouldn’t consider trying cannabis.
alex trebek, weed edibles, edibles, pot brownies, weed brownies

Alex Trebek Tries Edibles and Proceeds to Get K.O.’d

A self proclaimed chocoholic, Alex is never one to turn down a delicious piece of cocoa. What he wasn't expecting was to be floored for a couple days from some edibles.
hunter S. thompson, best weed strains, hunter S. Thompson weed strain

Want to Smoke Hunter S. Thompson’s Stash? Now You Can!

 Now, thanks to Thompson’s widow, Anita Thompson, we finally have the opportunity to honor the Good Doctor of Gonzo journalism by smoking strains of weed recovered from his personal stash.
durham regional police, durham police, herb approach, cannabis dispensary, marijuana dispensary

To Serve and Protect, Not for Durham Regional Police

At one point Phil Edgar was recognized for his work "cleaning the streets", confiscating $530,000 worth of marijuana over 7 stops. This may seem regular for a cop, maybe not the amount seized, but the line of work sure is. Unless of course there may be some conflicts of interest in the ordeal.