Monday, March 25, 2019

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New Study Shows Cannabis Users are More Satisfied and Successful

Debunking myths of low motivation and under-achievement, in California it was found that 20 percent of consumers had graduated with a master’s degree while the figure was 12 percent for those who wouldn’t consider trying cannabis.
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Alex Trebek Tries Edibles and Proceeds to Get K.O.’d

A self proclaimed chocoholic, Alex is never one to turn down a delicious piece of cocoa. What he wasn't expecting was to be floored for a couple days from some edibles.
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Want to Smoke Hunter S. Thompson’s Stash? Now You Can!

 Now, thanks to Thompson’s widow, Anita Thompson, we finally have the opportunity to honor the Good Doctor of Gonzo journalism by smoking strains of weed recovered from his personal stash.
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To Serve and Protect, Not for Durham Regional Police

At one point Phil Edgar was recognized for his work "cleaning the streets", confiscating $530,000 worth of marijuana over 7 stops. This may seem regular for a cop, maybe not the amount seized, but the line of work sure is. Unless of course there may be some conflicts of interest in the ordeal. 
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Want to go to Cannabis College? Get Ready to Register

That means for the time being the program will focus on the production of licensed medical marijuana until recreational marijuana use becomes legal
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Anyone up for Mcdonalds? Recreational Marijuana Says You Are

There's nothing you can really do about getting the munchies, I know after smoking some a fat joint of Island Sweet Skunk I open the fridge and go for whatever I can find.

10 of the Craziest and Most Expensive Bongs in the World

Glass pipes, bubblers, and bongs come and go like the wind. One day you have a beautiful blue bubbler in your hands, making huge smoke clouds and seemingly enjoying the hell out of its life. Next thing you know there's a million pieces of glass on the ground and your cat has that evil look she's so very fondly of throwing in your face.
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Cannabis Helped Former NHL Player Riley Cote Survive Hockey

The emails were entered into court last week as a part of a class-action lawsuit by more than 1,800 former NFL players, titled Evans v. Arizona Cardinals Football Club. 
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Summers Almost Over, Let’s Go on an Adventure!

Grab those hiking boots and joints, we're going on an adventure!
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Leave Your Cannabis Behind When you Hit These Destinations

Better to be safe then sorry